Mr Autofire MOD APK 3.0.0 (Unlimited Money)

Mr Autofire MOD APK 3.0.0 (Unlimited Money)

March 5, 2024


Additional Information
Lightheart Entertainment
175.34 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

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Mr Autofire is a fun action game in a traditional 2D graphic style. The game offers a classic horizontal shooting experience. The plot of the game is very simple. You play the hero, and help the earth from being attacked by aliens. You choose one of the powerful heroes, and use the automatic flaming gun to fight. You quickly move to great locations, and can fight a lot of monsters, powerful bosses with huge amounts of health. After engaging in tough battles, you collect better weapons to improve combat efficiency, and eliminate villains.

About Gameplay

Mr Autofire talks about a dangerous world, and you become a powerful hero to save the world from alien invasion. You get the maximum equipment for yourself, and embark on a dangerous adventure with the aliens. You shoot enemies, improve your shooting skills, upgrade skills, buy new weapons, unlock new locations, and fight the strongest enemies. Take full advantage of the advantages and special skills to defeat the enemy. The game offers a great sci-fi action experience, and is full of engaging elements. You pass tricky levels, and shoot the alien scum. You collect loot to get bigger weapons. Get ready to carry your biggest gun and become a powerful guard.

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Mr Autofire offers an exciting sense of action, you can kill everyone, and use your absolute power to win trophies, like bigger weapons. You control the character to climb the stairs, kill all enemies and become the only hero of the game. You must be ready to face a large number of enemies, and some of the most dangerous ground beasts. You must defeat all tough opponents. Of course, your character will shoot the enemy on his own, and all you need to do is move accurately to eliminate evil. You fight a variety of monsters such as harmless blind rabbits, single-eyed monsters that fly with ruthlessness. The difficult bosses will make you think about how to get through the next exciting levels. You destroy evil, improve your hero and discover new, awesome weapons. You can start with a regular pistol, and upgrade into a powerful tornado. You can destroy a large number of enemies at once using the powerful shotgun. The game offers a diverse arsenal, and you can do many things to stop the alien invasion. The powerful weapons that help you destroy your opponents quickly, and all are left in your short-term memory, and glorious feats.

Mr Autofire gives freedom to fight. Because the character will shoot on its own, and you no longer have to face complicated aiming missions. You only need to focus on movement to dodge opponents, and destroy enemies that are particularly agile. The game has simple gameplay, but all is not easy, as you will face many enemies and powerful bosses. However, you can still fight the number of enemies, the difficult bosses through weapon upgrades, skills. You create the optimal strategy to easily destroy any number of enemies. You observe the terrain to find yourself a good shelter, destroy all enemies, and break all the game’s records.

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Mr Autofire has simple controls. You quickly move around to create a safe distance, keep distance from multiple opponents, and think of further combat actions like move / dodge. The more you fight successfully, the more you value, and the more bonuses you will harvest. From here, you can easily improve equipment, and improve your combat skills. The skill upgrade will greatly increase your chances of winning in tough battles with the attacking aliens. In general, the control system is quite simple. You just need to control the character’s movement by finger on the screen. You help the character escape hundreds or thousands of alien enemies. All the character’s movement controls are done with swipes.

Mr Autofire screen 1

Graphics and sound

Mr Autofire has a cute and attractive 2D graphic background. The game has a simple structure, and you won’t have access to a heavy, high-end graphics platform. The game is simple, and the 2D graphics are well designed. The game has a beautiful graphic style, and is capable of evoking good emotions from the visual composition. The enemies and background scenes in the level are all well-designed. Everything on the screen is soothing, and this can make you smile. The sound is vibrant, fun, and leaves a good experience. You can hear different tracks. Most of the music is soothing, and relaxing. This helps you get through tough and stressful combat moments.

A similar game suggestion is “Endurance: infection in space“. The game is an action shooter, and takes place in space with a compelling story. The game offers a classic action experience with a dungeon setting. You remember the action feeling of the great 8-bit games of the old days. The game brings tons of interesting weapons in the classic action atmosphere. You enjoy extreme game through great mystery story. 2d pixel graphics with nostalgic experiences, with interesting spatial music. The game has lots of maze levels to explore, and conquer.

Mr Autofire screen 2


Mr Autofire is a great action game with simple gameplay. You play as a powerful warrior, moving quickly around, and shooting down a crowd of tough aliens. Become a real hero, ready to destroy all alien invaders, and save the world from alien infection. The game offers an impressive arsenal of weapons and enemies, interesting and memorable gameplay. You are always excited when fighting the enemy, and always ready for the next level. Cute 2D graphics, and immersive music help you increase your awesome action experience.

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