Mu Origin 2 APK 8.1.1

Mu Origin 2 APK 8.1.1

Webzen Inc.

The legendary MMORPG title has made its return on the Android platform. Now, players are able to experience epic gameplay, in which you’ll take down all kinds of enemies from tiny minions to giant bosses. Finish your quests and missions, upgrade your equipment, power up your characters as you enjoy this amazing game of MU Origin 2. Find out more about it with our detailed reviews.


In the world of MU origin, human live in harmony with other creatures, all join forces to create a prosperous and peaceful world. However, this isn’t always the case as the evils have been laying their eyes on the resourceful lands inhabited by us.

This time, the demon king has sent his best forces to corrupt and invade the kingdoms of man. It’s your duty as a hero to embark your missions and put a stop to the enemies’ advances.

Explore the vast world of MU Origin, complete missions and quest to gain valuable rewards and experiences, slowly unveil the secrets behind the enemies’ attacks. Enjoy all the actions and stories in this latest installment of MU from the famous WEBZEN.


As you immerse yourself into the world of MU Origin 2, you’ll have your chances to experience all the exciting gameplay on your mobile devices. Check out all the amazing features in the game here:

Simple and friendly control

Right at the beginning, gamers will be introduced to a fairly simple control system featuring intuitive command panels. Here you’ll find all the available options which allow you to comfortably control your hero, make quick movements, release powerful skills to the enemies, and avoid their attacks. On top of that, you’ll have quick access to all the available panel right from the beginning scene. This allows for smooth and convenient gameplay.

Different hero classes to start with

And like any other RPG games, players are also able to start their game with different hero classes, each with its own sets of powers and abilities. Currently, you can choose between 3 hero classes, which are swordsman, mage, and archer. Depending on your fighting styles, you can choose the right ones for you.

Being a swordsman means that players are equipped with both powerful defense and offense capability. However, your fighting range will be greatly reduced. Hence, heroes at this class are perfect for throwing themselves into the enemies’ lines to slow them down, sustaining the damages, and dealing devastating blows to the enemies. Still, keep in mind that you’re not entirely invulnerable, so make sure you withdraw on time.

The mages are the best heroes when it comes to ranged attacks. Not only that they can deal damages to multiple enemies, but these are also devastating attacks that can completely wipe out the whole group of monsters. However, they’re vulnerable in melee and can easily die if being approached by the enemies. In addition, it also takes a certain amount of time for Mage heroes’ skills to cool down. Hence, they’ll need to constantly stay in range and are well guarded by tank units.

While the archers aren’t capable of dealing massive and wide-range damages like the mages, they possess a good attack range and can deal constant damages to the enemies. They’re also less vulnerable to melee attacks than the mages, making them a great unit to work along and cause mayhems to the enemies.

Explore the online RPG world with millions of players

In the world of MU Origin 2, players will have their chances to interact with millions of online players from all over the world. Compete with each other as you fight for the title of the world best MU hero. With lots of active players, you can easily meet up with cool people, whom you find extremely friendly and comfortable with. You can make friends and form parties with them to go hunting giant bosses.

In addition, MU Origin 2 also introduces the Guild system which you can join or create your own. Complete missions and challenges to promote your Guild as well as earning new rewards. And every once in a while, together with your friends, you can participate in epic Guild battles, in which the members of two Guilds clash to see which is the better Guild.

Get your pet to help you with your journey

Apart from killing monsters and enemies’ bosses, you’ll also be allowed to tame or purchase pets to help you with your adventure. That being said, here in MU Origin, there are 2 main types of pets which are the Fighting type and the Mounting type. The first one is extremely helpful when you’re in battles. It can provide multiple buffs to your characters as well as fight well against the enemies. On the other hand, if you need to quickly travel between different locations, having a mount would certainly be a good help.

Lots of items to explore

With deep gameplay, players will be introduced to varied equipment and items throughout their adventure. Here you’ll have different items for certain purposes, you can have new weapons for boosted attacks, armors for enhanced defense, new shoes for better speed, and many other multipurpose items.

Sometimes, you can even encounter special items that are only available for certain classes of heroes. These are usually valuable weapons so make sure you give them good attention. It’s great if your character can use it, but if you can’t, you can still sell it for a fairly good amount of money.

That speaking of trading, the live auction and trade system is perfect for players who want to sell their products to the right people and gain a good amount of money from it. If you’re dedicated, you can even make a fortune out of doing trades.

Power up your characters

To make your characters even more powerful, you can power them up by upgrading their equipment. This can be done quite easily, all you’ll need is a certain gem and equipment with available upgrading slots. Forge the gem into the weapon and you’ll have a more powerful one.

In addition, players can also become more powerful by gaining experiences and leveling up. Once you do, you’ll have a certain amount of skill points which can be used to upgrade your skills and abilities. This makes your characters more capable in battles.

Allow you to do auto fights and auto path

A great feature for anyone who’s aiming to do some hardcore gaming. With the auto fight and auto path features, players can spend their time do something else while having their characters running around the game doing the missions on their own.

Just make sure that you can check your in-game progress every once in a while and make some changes as well as improvements to your characters. On top of that, don’t be reckless and through yourself into difficult missions with tough monsters. The auto fight feature isn’t good enough to place your trust though.

Take on other gamers with solo and team battles

Apart from fighting the monsters, players can challenge each other in an exciting online matchup. Take down your opponents and show them who’s the boss. In addition, you can join your team in epic team battles where you’ll be free to do anything you want to win.

Complete missions and challenges for valuable prizes

To quickly gain experiences as well as rewarding prizes, players can participate in missions and challenges. Here you’ll find epic prizes that can help you power up your characters and advance in the game.

Visit daily for epic prizes

Along with the prizes and loots you get from doing missions or killing the enemies, you can also receive awesome rewards just by logging in the game daily. Doing this frequently and you’ll get even more epic monthly rewards. It’s a quick way to play your game if you don’t have time.

Free to play

The game is free for players from all over the world to enjoy. You can quickly access the Google Play Store and get it at no costs. Download and install the game immediately so that you can start enjoying it.

Visual and sound quality


The epic and gorgeous graphics in MU Origin 2 is the least that you could expect from the famous Webzen. With this game, players can experience PC and console graphics right on their mobile devices in smooth and satisfying fashions.

On top of that, you’re also allowed to adjust the visual quality to match your device’s hardware. That being said, even with the low-end Android devices, this game is still extremely smooth with little lags and stutters being recorded.

In addition, the impressive and accurate visual effects would greatly enhance your experiences, allowing you to be truly immersed in the epic world of MU Origin.


This is one of the few online games for mobile that feature voiced dialogues. Here in MU Origin 2, each and every of your conversation with the NPCs would have voiced dialogues, allowing for a more immersive experience.

In addition, as you take on the battles and fight the enemies, the powerful sound effects coming from your skills and abilities would definitely be a great enjoyment.

Final verdicts

For those MMORPG fans, MU Origin 2 is definitely a great treat. Now you can truly enjoy portable gaming experiences with no limitation. In addition, with lots of planned updates in the future, the game would definitely live long. That being said, if you’re interested in RPG games, MU Origin 2 is, without a doubt, your must-have.

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