Murder Hornet MOD APK 1.2.0 (Unlimited Money)

Murder Hornet MOD APK 1.2.0 (Unlimited Money)

February 29, 2024


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Lion Studios
141.06 MB
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Unlimited Money

Murder Hornet poster

While we expect the killer wasps to show up in 2020, they are still not out. Now, you can experience the thrill of growing your hive and conquering the world. Hunting down targets and giving them a shot is what you do in this unique Lion Studios game, Murder Hornet.

General Information

Murder Hornet was a Hornet for the protagonist to build a leisure adventure class mobile games. In the game, the player will play as an oversized bumblebee. You need to use your tail spikes to stab humans, attack and attract enough bumblebees to help you fight. Keep getting stronger and become the king of the wasps.

Background Story

Here are the reasons that the games are simple but very successful in the world of hyper-casual games. The games in the line of hyper-casual games have very simple gameplay but are making a storm in the current game market. Games of this genre are dominating the charts, beating other complex games.

What are the hyper-casual games?

In common sense, hyper-casual games are simple, easy-to-play, and often free games. We usually play these games while multitasking, as they require very little playing time and concentration. These games are available when users need to kill their spare time.

It is the reason they have an extremely minimal user interface, intuitive controls, and easy to learn. Reminiscent of simple arcade games from the 70s. Most of these games have 2D graphics with simple color schemes that increase simplicity and appeal. All these factors make the game highly addictive. It is why they have dominated the top rankings of the game stores.

Contrary to complex games that require players to invest time to learn and play, hyper-casual games offer instant gratification. You can play them right after downloading without having to read any instructions. They often have an infinite loop mechanism that seems easy to master at first. But with each stage, the game becomes more complicated. The nature of hyper-casual games makes them easily playable and cause players to spend hours playing them. It makes them an addictive pastime.

Latest statistics on companies producing hyper-casual games

The success of a game is always clear in numbers. The highest number of downloads last year belonged to Paris-based startup, Voodoo company. You have probably heard of this company, especially if you are a fan of mobile gaming. Voodoo is the company behind games like Helix Jump,, and Founded in 2013, the company has 3.7 billion app downloads with over one billion players. It is truly a miracle, considering a saturated gaming industry today.

However, do not be confused that hyper-casual games are just a temporary trend and will become outdated. The exact opposite is clear in the acquisition of Rollic Games, an Istanbul-based company, by Zynga for $168 million. Rollic Games is a company that develops hyper-casual games with over 250 million downloads.

The fast game production process

The key to the success of hyper-casual games is not the quality, but the quantity – the sheer quantity these games hit the market every week. Instead, the games go through testing, refining, and tweaking which costs money and time. Companies will optimize costs by assigning 2-3 developers per game. Since these games do not have complex graphics, and the gameplay is simple, a development life cycle of just a few weeks is sufficient.

Speaking about the production process of these games, expert Stephane Kurgan (former CEO of Candy Crush) said that they have made Candy Crush do what PC games have done. This has a low cost but high efficiency. It makes the game market even more fierce.

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Quality and quantity

It is important to note here that game developers do not expect users to play their games year after year. Gamers quickly get discouraged and remove them when attraction and novelty wear off. Of course, game developers know this too. It is why they do not use up their resources to maximize the quality of the game. Instead, they aim to put one title after another for the game to maximize profits through downloads.

How ads attract downloads

We have analyzed some ads on hyper-casual games through SocialPeta (one of the best advertising tools). With a vast database, SocialPeta holds data on over 980 million ads from 73 publishing networks. We summarize the results as:

True to the simple nature of the hyper-casual game series, advertising on these games is simple but easy to understand and effective.

The best way to advertise and engage players is to give them a glimpse of what this game offers. Hyper casual game ads have made this even simpler by using the game screen recording as the promotional video.

Instead of using fancy and complex image advertising tactics to attract viewers’ attention. Videos promoting games of this genre often show directly how the game is played.

Ads for hyper-casual games to help players see how easy the game is. Therefore, making players think that this game is straightforward to play and makes them feel satisfied. It inspires users to download the game.

How to Play Murder Hornet

Murder Bumblebee game is a very popular casual mobile game, with new interface functions, original game modes, learn more about gameplay, and achieve your goals through continuous adventure exploration, so there will be opportunities to unlock more novel and interesting content.

Features of Murder Bumblebee vary. From the perspective of a bumblebee, you will face a variety of unique humans and attack in a guided manner. Control the direction by swinging left and right, upgrade your swarm after each attack. From the perspective of a bumblebee, you will face a variety of unique humans with guided attacks.

You will control the direction by swinging left and right, upgrade your swarm after each attack. Faced with different enemies, it is necessary to operate flexibly and make a reasonable attack to defeat the enemy. Learning more skills can help you deal with more dangerous situations and become a professional wilderness explorer. The operation does not require too many skills. And it is mainly proficiency to avoid various attacks and protect yourself. After upgrading, you will have more skills and more powerful attributes to help you attack the enemies.

Under different map play methods, there will be various challenges, and a more exciting experience will be more fun. Of course, the enemy will be very powerful, and there will be some ways to deal with and attack later.

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Final Words

Murder Hornet is a mobile game featuring fun and magical gameplay. Better enjoy the fun, attack humans by manipulating the bee colony, and have a lot of targets. We believe you cannot wait, what are you waiting for, your heart is not as good as action. Hurry and try Murder Hornet now!

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