Music Editor MOD APK 5.9.4 (Premium Unlocked)

Music Editor MOD APK 5.9.4 (Premium Unlocked)

February 19, 2024

Music & Audio

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Premium Unlocked

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For those of you who’re interested, you can now make full uses of your Android device to perform various audio editing applications, all thanks to the interesting mobile app of Music Editor. Find yourself enjoy the powerful and convenient audio editor app on your Android devices, as you make uses of it to edit any of your music files and records to create interesting ringtones or unique sound effects.

Have fun converting your audio files into a more useful and accessible file format. Cut, trim, and edit the selected files to varied sizes with different durations. Merge your different audio files together, giving them unique sound effects, and more. The app is your ultimate toolbox for managing and customizing audio files on your Android devices.

Find out more about the awesome mobile app of Music Editor with our complete reviews.

What does it do?

To effectively manage all the different audio files on your Android system, Music Editor is undoubtedly a great app for organizing and customization your file collections. As a result, it offers intuitive and accessible features that allow you to make whatever changes that they want to certain audio files. From adjusting the audio effects and experiences to customizing the certain files in detail.

And at the same time, to offer high-quality pieces of recording, Android users will still find themselves enjoying the in-depth and intuitive recorder application of Music Editor on their mobile devices. Here, you can attempt to record your studio-quality audio, using your mobile devices and many helpful features in Music Editor.

Also, feel free to use the app as your universal music player with complete supports for various file formats. Have all your audio and music files properly categorized to enjoy convenient uses of the app.


For those of you who’re interested you can easily have the app ready on your mobile devices with its free pricing on the Google Play Store. Feel free to enjoy the main features of Music Editor without having to pay anything, and make full uses of it to customize your audio files. On the other hand, you can also go for the fully-featured application of Music Editor, which will require you to pay for its in-app purchases. This will cost you real money to unlock.

Also, to enjoy the stable mobile app, you’ll need to have your Android firmware version 4.1 or above installed. And make sure to provide the app with its complete permissions for accessing your storage, internet, and your microphone. These are crucial to have the app function properly.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Complete compatibility with different file formats

To start with, Android users in Music Editor will find themselves making uses of the intuitive mobile app to fully engage themselves in the experiences. Quickly navigate yourself through the available options, thanks to the intuitive UI. And the complete support for different file formats will allow you to fully engage in the file editing experiences and music customization in Music Editor, with whichever features that you have selected.

Make uses of the intuitive Music Cutter

For those of you who’re interested, you can make uses of Music Editor to simply cut, trim, and edit whichever parts of the audio files on your Android devices. Feel free to select the best part of your certain audio files to create your favorite pieces of ringtones. Make uses of the included Music Cutter to create useful parts of audio with any of your selected files. The waveform audio with accurate timing will also make the editing jobs a lot easier.

Quickly scan audio files and organize them

To quickly organize the messy music files that you’re having on your Android system, mobile users can make uses of Music Editor to scan their system. Load up audio files that are currently available on your device and have them listed in intuitive alphabetical order.

Simply make uses of the provided folder browser for inspecting all your audio files. Here, you can see folders that consist of audio files and can easily access them using the provided in-app features. Use the intuitive drag slider to quickly navigate to your desired songs. And it’s possible for you to choose multiple songs at the same time.

Merge audio files with MP3 Merger

For those of you who’re interested, you can now attempt to merge your different audio files into a single file. This makes the app extremely useful for creating playlists for your favorite pieces of songs. Or simply merge the partial sound files on your system that required to be properly merged and edited. Also, you’ll be able to listen to the audio files before merging, making the job extremely simple and intuitive.

Convert your audio files into various formats

Also, to make the overall editing experiences more intuitive, Android users in Music Editor can now easily convert their selected audio files into whichever formats that are needed. Feel free to create turn your audio files into MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, and more. With powerful features and useful applications, the app will make it a lot easier for you to manage your audio files.

Simple and intuitive sharing options

With the finished edits and customizations, you can also attempt to share your audio files with others using the intuitive sharing options in Music Editor. Feel free to introduce your recorded files and ringtones to friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, email, and other platforms.

Enjoy your music with the built-in player

Also, thanks to the built-in player, you can now use the app as your useful music player with a variety of interesting options and features. Freely play and pause the selected songs, rewind, and shuffle your songs with simple button controls. With intuitive features and useful applications, you’ll certainly find the built-in player a lot more useful than your regular player.

Make full uses of the effective MP3 Recorder

To create high-quality pieces of audio using the Android devices, Music Editor also offers its built-in recorder application, which comes with a variety of interesting settings and features that you can make uses of. Enjoy stunning pieces of record with the high-quality MP3 format, 128 kbs, 44100Hz for the standard audio experiences. Fast processing and rendering experiences will allow users to quickly create their professional audio records.

Enjoy the premium app for free on our website

Also, to allow Android users to enjoy their premium application for free, we also offer the modified app of Music Editor on our website. Just simply download the Music Editor Mod APK, follow the provided instructions and you’ll be good to go. Feel free to enjoy the ad-free experiences, along with a much more capable and useful music app.

Enjoy a much better level of customizations as you attempt to change the title, artist name, albums of any selected songs, and music files, making the sorting and organizing extremely easy. Enjoy a higher quality of your recorded music files. Make better changes of any selected audio files with the included reverse, speed customization, volume enhancements, and more interesting features.

Also, feel free to explore the music mixer, which will allow you to effectively mix the audio of your two songs together and create the brilliant remixes. Choose to make many changes and customizations to the audio with simple editing options. At the same time, the included audio effects will certainly make your audio files extremely interesting.

And last but not least, the premium version will let you enjoy the impressive feature of converting video to music files. This is extremely useful when creating your favorite audio files from online MVs.

Final verdicts

For those of you who’re in need of a capable music recording and editing app, but still feature simple and accessible applications, then Music Editor is undoubtedly a great option for you to enjoy. Together with the powerful and complete features in WavePad Master’s Edition, you can now enjoy the convenient and capable music editing experiences with the two apps. And most importantly, with both of them being available for free and fully unlocked on our website, you’ll have all the reasons to enjoy the app.

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