Voloco MOD APK 8.15.3 (Premium Unlocked)

Voloco MOD APK 8.15.3 (Premium Unlocked)

April 6, 2024

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To start with, for those of you who’re looking for a way to refine and tune your recorded audio tracks, it often takes your bulky computers with all of its software and features to complete the job. And while this allows you to have access to many useful options, it does make the job a lot more inconvenient. Thus, making the entire editing process somewhat undesirable.

That’s said, for those of you who’re interested in a more portable sound editing experience, you can totally make uses of your Android devices and access the Android editor apps. And among those, Voloco: Vocal Recording Studio, Beats, & Effects is surely a nice app that offers all the important features that you would want. Plus, with well-optimized features, it’s undoubtedly the best sound editor app that you can have your mobile devices.

Find out more about this amazing app from RESONANT CAVITY with our reviews.

What does it do?

For those of you who’re interested in the brilliant songs, soundtracks, and audio in general, having access to the endless options of sound customizations is definitely what you would love and enjoy. That’s said, with Voloco, Android users can all become a professional sound directors and create your own unique pieces of audio with the tuning program.

And more importantly, you can even record your own voices and have them properly tuned using the provided tools and options. With Voloco, it’s totally possible for Android users to freely tune, refine, and enhance your recorded songs, making them a lot more enjoyable. Or just to simply refine certain recorded sounds to make them clearer and more realistic.

Having said that, Android users can use their Voloco app as the absolute portable audio tuning tool for your recorded sounds and music. Feel free to change how you hear these certain sounds with Voloco as you progress through the in-app options.


To use the app, there are little requirements with your mobile system other than having a working mobile device with decent record capabilities. With this, and your favorite playlist ready, you can start singing your heart out. Voloco will do you the rest of the job by providing the extreme editing options and auto-corrections. Pick up your refined pieces of record with incredible sounds afterward. Have the app working on most of your Android devices without running to any problems.

Awesome features

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Easy to use and extremely capable audio editor

To start with, Android users in Voloco can easily make uses of the intuitive audio editor, which would allow them to easily customize and edit the certain sound experiences. This applies to both your audio tracks and videos, and can be easily performed on most of your Android devices with ease. That’s said, together with many available editing options, Voloco allows all Android users to become their own professional sound directors and customize your audio pieces to how you wanted.

Quick and effectively edit your sounds

To make the editing easier, Android users can have their records properly tuned and edited thanks to the autotune options in Voloco. That’s said, the app allows users to have their singings perfectly tuned, the moment when they were first recorded. The smart tuning features will determine how your singing should sound like depending on the songs. Thus, allowing you to sing like a professional thanks to the flawless records.

And with a huge collection of different vocal effects, users in Voloco can easily tune their voices to the preferred sound effects. Feel free to make uses of the available eight vocal presets and many customizable options in the app as you create your finest pieces of records. Discover different and unique ways of listening to music with the app.

Multiple effects, mix, and EQ options

On top of that, for your recorded videos and audio tracks, you can totally make uses of the edit options to create your finest pieces of audio. That’s said, along with multiple in-app features including audio effects, mix options, sound EQ, and more, you’re free to customize your tracks in various ways. Feel free to try out unique mixes of your soundtracks and enjoy becoming a professional sound director in your world of audio.

A great beat library to sing over

And as mentioned, the app allows Android users to create their perfect pieces of records with the available song library. Here, you can freely sing along your favorite songs, the app will record your singings and create the perfect records with its auto-tune feature. That’s said, with a huge library featuring thousands of songs, you can easily find your favorite songs and sing like a professional.

Quickly export your refined pieces of audio

Moreover, as you progress through the app and have all your audio properly edited, Voloco offers quick and effective export options so that you can easily introduce your refined pieces of music to the world. Choose your preferred audio definition and quality as you turn your singing into the top-notch records of your favorite songs. Feel free to make uses of the in-app editor to enjoy the best audio experiences.

Share your audio and video with ease

And to make things even more interesting, you can totally enjoy your online media funs by sharing your recorded to the famous social media. That’s said, with your exported songs ready, you can easily share them online via the sharing options. Show your friends your incredible singing that was properly tuned with this app.

Feel free to check out incredible works from others

Moreover, Android users can also access the exciting online Voloco community, in which, they’re allowed to check out others’ brilliant records. Listen to their singings and customized sound effects as you enjoy beautiful audio tracks. Discover unique and interesting variations of your favorite songs that were sung and edited by other users from all over the world. This would make the app the absolute best tool for finding unique and exciting records that were hidden from the world.

And at the same time, you can now share your work with others by sharing them via Voloco. Have your songs featured in the Top Tracks section of Voloco and become an internet sensation with your singings. And who knows, you may have yourself a new fan base in the app and become super famous. Having Voloco installed should be your first step toward your singing career.

Free to use

Despite having all those amazing features, Android users are allowed to make uses of their Voloco app for absolutely free with just a few limitations. That being said, you can easily locate and download the app from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Enjoy unlimited features with our mod

And to make the app more interesting and useful, Android users can also enjoy Voloco with our modified version of the app, which offers even more amazing features. Here, you can enjoy the full version of Voloco with all of its premium features for absolutely free. And all it takes is for you to download and install the Voloco Pro Mod APK from our website. Follow the provided instructions and you should have it ready in minutes.


Lack the convenient playback option

The only thing that you could complain about the app is the fact that it doesn’t have a playback option. That’s said, with no built-in features, you’ll have to open your main music app or look for the exported tracks on your file manager. This can be quite annoying and make your entire experience less consistent. We hope they have it fixed in the future.

Final verdicts

With all those amazing features for recording and editing sounds, it’s quite natural to find Voloco among the top Android app for music and audio. That’s said, for any of you who’re interested in the art of sing and recording, this should definitely make you satisfy. Plus, with the app being completely free and unlocked on our website, you can now enjoy its full potential. Have fun with the amazing and portable audio tuning experiences wherever and whenever you want.

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