My Oasis MOD APK 2.54.1 (Unlimited Money)

My Oasis MOD APK 2.54.1 (Unlimited Money)

April 11, 2024


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Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
95.94 MB
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Unlimited Money

My Oasis Season 2 poster

My Oasis is a mobile game designed for people who need time to rest and want to escape the chaos. My Oasis does not include complicated content and challenging rules to make you stress. The island in My Oasis will expand and create many new lives, such as trees, flowers, and animals to create a wonderful virtual retreat garden. In the game, you can build your oasis and choose your favorite music. Just tap the screen to upgrade the oasis and the game will play without you having to do anything. Just relax and enjoy it!

My Oasis is a gentle game because it focuses on the purpose of helping players relax. It will provide you with a virtual island to change, build according to your preferences, with a variety of options such as plants, fruits, and animals. Every time you upgrade the island, you will unlock more decorations. Even the tracks used in My Oasis are very chill and can reduce stress for players.

General Information

My Oasis is a fun option for those looking for an idle game to relieve stress because soothing music will relax you after a long day. And beautiful images with soothing colors let you calm down and relax and have a peaceful sleep after relaxing in a private oasis. Download My Oasis and play the gentle melodies to interact with the surroundings. Deep music can control the weather and time on the island while also helping you sleep better. Enjoy the Idle Clicker style game to ease your mind and work more efficiently.

My Oasis is an idle touch screen game for those looking for a relaxing game to relieve stress after a hard-working day. It is difficult to relax your mind when you have so much to do and little time for yourself. My Oasis is a simulation game for those who need time to rest and want to escape the chaotic life. It does not include the content and the rules of the game that cause you a headache. My Oasis is an idle screen hit game, with no stressful tasks, easy to play, and a comfortable environment.

The peaceful sound and deep music will put players in a state of calm in the world of My Oasis. The Island Builder feature allows the oasis to expand as you interact with your surroundings in a pleasant atmosphere. With simple touch screen gestures, your mind will gradually become relaxed and comfortable.

My Oasis Season 2 screen 2

How to Play My Oasis?

My Oasis is a casual game of creation and development. Players can get love by simply clicking on the screen. Love is the foundation of all creation in the game. Besides, click the round button in the lower right corner to get a small amount of love in a short time.

Click the menu button in the upper left corner to open the creation interface, where you can increase the level of the oasis by consuming a certain amount of love. It displays the total number of hearts on the top of the screen. Then, you can reach a certain level and unlock some animals and plants, making the oasis richer.

There are many other options in the menu bar. Unfortunately, it is probably some products that decorate the oasis. After unlocking new plants and animals, click on the text bubbles on their heads to get some game information or events. And that music note will start with a short piece of music after clicking it. However, we have not figured out what is the specific use.

The above is a brief introduction to the gameplay brought to you this time, and other more detailed editors are still under study. In short, the quality of the game is very good, and the gameplay is a bit interesting.

My Oasis Season 2 screen 1

Overall Assessments

My Oasis is a business simulation game developed by Buff Studio. The gameplay is very similar to other park management games. It allows players to build a dream paradise in a barren oasis floating in the sky through nutrition. This game has a fresh and refined visual performance, coupled with a rather innovative music operation design. It gives people both visual and auditory relief. The player’s initial oasis is only a small piece of an oasis. You can get love energy by tapping the screen and then upgrade the oasis to make it more and more vibrant.

The player clicks on the screen to get very little love energy at the beginning, so you must open the upper left function bar, and then upgrade the Oasis first. Besides speeding up the accumulation of love energy, animals will appear in the oasis. Besides, Dandelion can also be upgraded to speed up the accumulation of love energy. We recommend that players first upgrade the oasis to level 30 before upgrading Dandelion so that the love energy collection speed will be faster. Besides, the training in the game also increases the speed of love collection. Even if the game is not playing, it will automatically replenish the love energy. And players must remember to upgrade.

My Oasis Season 2 screen 3

Besides the healing of visual images, My Oasis can also bring satisfaction to players. The music in the game is very soothing light music, matching the game screen can make people relax. The notes at the top of the screen can switch music and will present different visual effects according to the music situation. We recommend that players can turn on the music when playing games to make it feel better to play. There is a staff at the bottom of the screen. Players can turn on the weather symbol at the top right to call out the playing notes. And then press the letters of the notes in order on the staff at the bottom. There will be different musical performances.

Another interesting aspect of My Oasis is that the oasis comes back to life. There will be more animals. Some animals will have music on their heads when they are pressed. And we will send them when a dialogue symbol is pressed. Greetings and cares full of positive energy are very in line with the spirit of the game and bring healing and satisfaction to the player’s body, mind, and soul. And My Oasis is also Buddha-inspired. A lot of upgrade energy in the game can be obtained by watching reward advertisements. It will not always require players to spend money to consume. It is refreshing and healing.

My Oasis Season 2 screen 4

At the beginning of Fishing and Life, a guy is in the middle of pressure from work. He came home after a bad day, sitting on the bed with his head. Suddenly he saw a picture placed on the cupboard. It is a picture of him and his father fishing together as a child. The guy threw away everything about a fishing country.

The scene was peaceful, and the sound made people even more comfortable. Soft background music with simple sounds makes people think of an early morning at sea. Occasionally interjecting is the echoing of birds from a distance, the sound of fish taking the bait, and the sound of waves crashing. All help players have a genuine experience of relaxing fishing.

Final Words

Lebanese poet Gibran, who ranks among the world’s top three best-selling poets alongside British Shakespeare and Chinese Laozi, once said that faith is an oasis in the heart. Under the pressure of a busy life, everyone is tired and eager for that oasis in their hearts. Perhaps the healing mobile game My Oasis MOD APK can lead players to find the long-lost touch.

The player’s island will expand on its own and create many new lives such as plants, flowers, and animals. It is your virtual retreat garden. You will build your oasis and choose the music you love and tap the screen to upgrade the oasis. Players will control by touching the screen continuously.

The game plays on its own without you doing anything. Just relax and enjoy helping relieve stress! Soothing music helps players relax after a long day. Beautiful images with soothing colors also help calm you down and relax. My Oasis helps players have a peaceful sleep after relaxing in a private oasis.

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