NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball MOD APK 8.3.02 (Mod Menu)

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball MOD APK 8.3.02 (Mod Menu)

May 17, 2024


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NBA fans rejoice, as the world’s best basketball series on your mobile phone is back with its newest version. Get ready to dive into awesome and exciting basketball matchups with friends and gamers from all over the world. Have fun playing as your favorite basketball legends as you build your own team and advance through a series of exciting in-game challenges.

Explore and experience the ultimate basketball experiences on your mobile devices as you dive into the in-depth basketball gameplay. Build up your team by featuring the top stars in the NBA. Take on different league competitions with friends and online gamers. Participate in exciting events throughout the years. Enjoy many interesting game modes, and more.

Find out more about this amazing game of NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball with our reviews.


In the game, Android gamers will find themselves being able to create your own ultimate basketball team with your own favorite team players. Start from the bottom as you take part in low-level competitions, you can then dive into exciting adventures in NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball by working your way up to the top.

Take on a series of interesting in-game challenges and overcome some of the toughest opponents through many stages and levels. And most importantly, the game also features exciting online gameplay, which would allow gamers to enjoy their play with friends and online gamers across the world. Enjoy and discover exciting gameplay as you fully immerse in your ultimate basketball experiences.

Collect the top stars and legendary players to your team, level them up, choose your best tactics, and head into the game with great confidence. The addictive and amazing gameplay of basketball would certainly make the game a lot more fun and exciting for Android gamers to explore. Have yourself a console-grade title right on your mobile devices and enjoy portable gaming experiences to the fullest.


Here you’ll find all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Build your team and aim for the victory

To start with, Android gamers in NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball are allowed to create their own team, choose their players, and aim for the ultimate competitions. That’s said, the game offers a completely renewed team-building experiences, in which you can choose your team from various options.

In addition, each team will consist of a superstar that you can choose to lead your team to victory. The player will be based on your ranking in the previous season and would come with a certain set of interesting powers. And at the same time, a set of supporting players will also be available for you to finish your team.

And on your way to power, gamers can also pick up new and more amazing legendary players with special abilities to further assist the team. Feel free to compete in exciting competitions and win against your opponents as you climb further on the ladder of glory.

A variety of actual NBA players to pick

And speaking of which, in the latest updates of NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball, gamers now have access to the new list of actual NBA players who’re currently active in the sport. At the same time, legendary superstars will also be available as epic rewards for dedicated players. Here, you can collect all your favorite star players and put them in your team any time you want. Make uses of their special abilities and traits as you make them your core players.

Lead your team to victory with many interesting competitions

To make the game even more interesting, Android gamers in NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball can enjoy themselves through a variety of exciting competitions. Dive into epic matchups with the toughest opponents as you take on a series of exciting in-game challenges. And most importantly, the online matchup feature will now be available for Android gamers to enjoy with friends and online gamers from all over the world. Feel free to take on the exciting basketball gameplay whenever you want.

Play your matches in iconic street courts

Moreover, to avoid boring matchups where you’re forced to play in the same stadium, again and again, NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball also introduces exciting street courts, in which, gamers can fully immerse themselves into the actions. Explore and experience completely different feels when you step on these unique and iconic street courts.

Exciting matches with intuitive control

Plus, as you dive into the exciting matchups, the game also introduces Android gamers to the intuitive touch controls which would make it a lot easier for you to fully immerse in the actions. That’s said, you can enjoy exciting matches with comfortable controls whenever you’re in NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball. Make uses of the touch and gesture controls to effectively navigate your players as well as making accurate shots.

Compete in the ultimate ranking matchups

And to make the game more interesting, gamers are also introduced to the exciting online ranking matchups. Here, you can register your team and have them compete with the top players from all over the world. Win each match to earn your precious ranking points. Climb the ladder of glory and aim for the top positions on the leaderboards as you enjoy your amazing rewards.

Customize your team kits and uniforms

Plus, since you’re playing online with other gamers, it’s always nice to have your characters properly dressed and equipped with amazing kits. That’s said, the game also features multiple uniforms, accessories, and other customizations that you can try on your team. Make yourself stand out from others whenever you join the exciting online matchups.

Enjoy the game with live events throughout the year

And last but not least, throughout the year, NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball gamers will also find themselves having access to a variety of different in-game events, each of them boasting a variety of interesting gameplay and rewards. Feel free to compete in these live events that are based on real-life events whenever you play NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball.

Compete in the year-long campaign in NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball with interesting stories, content, and challenges. With new updates, new gameplay will also be available for you to enjoy and experience.

Free to play

And for those of you who’re interested, you can also find the game on the Google Play Store for absolutely free. That’s said, it’s totally possible for gamers to enjoy their NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball gameplay without having to pay anything.

Have fun with unlimited gameplay of basketball on our mod

Moreover, to allow gamers to enjoy their fullest experiences with NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball, we also introduce our own modified version of the game which offers the completely unlocked content for you to enjoy. All it takes is for you to download and install the NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Mod APK on our website. Enjoy and have fun with removed ads, unlimited in-game purchases, and more.

Visual and sound quality


With new updates, NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball introduces Android gamers to a completely mind-blowing experience in terms of graphics. That’s said, the game features realistic 3D graphics with real-life players and basketball experiences. Smooth and accurate physics also make each and every action during the matches extremely enjoyable. All in all, it’s the best console-grade basketball gameplay that you can have on your mobile devices. You can easily put it on top with the likes of Basketball Stars and Real Basketball.


On the other hand, together with powerful and impressive graphics, the game also allows gamers to enjoy their basketball gameplay to the fullest with amazing audio experiences. That’s said, from the live commentary, the screaming audiences, to the accurate sound effects on the courts, the game lets you feel like you’re actually playing a real basketball match.

Final thoughts

Basketball fans will certainly find themselves enjoying this new mobile title of NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball. Enjoy awesome basketball matches with real players, have fun with addictive and in-depth gameplay, explore interesting events and challenges. But most importantly, always find yourself entertained with our modified version of the game, which is also free for you to enjoy.

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