NewPipe APK + MOD v0.25.2 (Lightweight Youtube)

NewPipe APK + MOD v0.25.2 (Lightweight Youtube)

February 11, 2023


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If you enjoy watching videos on YouTube and want to use an application that is more powerful, intuitive, feature-rich, and privacy-friendly than the original software, NEWPIPE (Lightweight Youtube) is a great choice.

NEWPIPE offers an excellent video experience on smartphones, and you won’t be bothered by bad ads. Of course, you also avoid the collection of user data from third parties. NEWPIPE uses open source code, and you can check out the app at GitHub.

Great YouTube experience on smartphones

NEWPIPE is not the only alternative to Youtube, but NEWPIPE is becoming the number one choice for the world’s largest video community. Of course, you can also refer to many other alternatives on the phone. However, other applications are not free and have a large capacity.

Therefore, if you want to look for a suitable replacement then you can use NEWPIPE. NEWPIPE is one of the top alternative apps for Youtube. You can download NEWPIPE easily online, and install it quickly on your Android phone. Surely, you can believe that NEWPIPE is a suitable alternative.

Bring a free and modern experience

NEWPIPE is a free app for Android devices and also an open-source media player. In addition, NEWPIPE is an unofficial YouTube client. You can find the app in the F-Droid software or the official GitHub website. According to many reviewers, NEWPIPE is a perfect solution for the official YouTube app.

NEWPIPE has similar functionality to many video apps from YouTube. But the app has a nice, intuitive, and very modern design. You can use NEWPIPE as a client to watch online videos easily.

NEWPIPE has a powerful and integrated search engine. Therefore, you can search, watch and download any video on the internet. Of course, you can also watch and download the world’s trending videos. Everything is great and completely free!

A great alternative to the original Youtube

NEWPIPE is a Youtube client. Therefore, the application does not use any content libraries from Google or the Youtube API. The application only analyzes the videos from YouTube and collects the necessary information. Therefore, you can use the application on a variety of devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets), and even devices that do not have Google Services installed.

NEWPIPE allows configuration options according to user preferences. Therefore, you can choose your preferred resolution like 720p or 1080p (360p by default). However, you need a good connection to watch videos of high quality. In addition, the application can also link an external video or audio player to play the video. In particular, the application allows users to use all traffic through Tor.

Download videos for free and listen in the background

NEWPIPE does not use the official YouTube API. As a result, the app deletes data about videos and things like likes, dislikes, and views. This reduces the amount of data downloading and the amount of data shared with Google. You can also watch videos with low internet connections.

NEWPIPE also impresses users with its small size. The application also supports many good features such as listening to videos in the background, downloading videos simply to the phone. Alternatively, you can choose to download high-quality video or just audio. The application supports downloading videos in formats such as MPEG, WebM, and 3GP. In addition, you can choose different video qualities as desired.

NEWPIPE allows adding videos to your playlist. The application can open any content in a pop-up window. You can check all the information about the video, and choose from various custom themes.

Support many different services

NEWPIPE supports many different video services. Of course, the app supports the YouTube channel – one of the most popular videos and streaming platforms. You can find great videos in many modes such as music, news, games, and many other interesting things.

NEWPIPE also supports other portals like PeerTube (a decentralized video platform), SoundCloud (a streaming platform for music), Bandcamp Bandcamp (an artist-friendly platform for sharing music) ), and (the German hacker group’s live streaming and video hosting platform).

Friendly interface with the attractive red theme

NEWPIPE is a powerful and user-friendly application. The app has a great design with dark red and gray tones. Function icons are well presented. Therefore, users can easily choose the necessary features during the use of the application. You can download your favorite videos to play offline.

The app is divided into three tabs: Trends, Subscriptions, and Bookmarks. The three bars at the top left are the main menu of the app. You can also find your history and downloads. Of course, you can also make a lot of adjustments like choosing your preferred video quality level or changing the design.

You can download the original app “Youtube” to enjoy the best video social network in the world. The application allows users to share/download/watch and share videos. You can explore a variety of content such as personal videos, music videos, movies, short original videos, and educational videos.


In short, NEWPIPE is a great app and perfect alternative to YouTube. You can download your favorite Youtube videos, stream music in the background, and ensure your privacy. Therefore, if you want to use a suitable app to download videos for free, then you should download “NEWPIPE”.

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