Ninja’s Creed MOD APK 4.6.3 (Unlimited Money)

Ninja’s Creed MOD APK 4.6.3 (Unlimited Money)

March 29, 2024


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707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
453.08 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

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The 707 Interactive development team has perfectly combined many factors such as ninja assassins, action shooters, and Ninja’s Creed unique archery action game. The game is straightforward to play, using effective technology to slow down the flying arrow and stab the enemy. It gives you a great, varied combat experience. Ninja’s Creed is the first-person archery game you’ve been waiting for.

Like a ninja with great marksmanship, you not only need super shooting skills but also have powerful weapons to improve your strength. Ninja’s Creed has many weapons, except for guns. Choose the right weapon in each of the different missions to help you complete the mission faster.

Ninja’s Creed has a stealth action style similar to Assassin’s Creed. In this playground, gamers must conceal their identity, perform tasks such as secretly eliminating criminal gangs, damaging underground transactions, or assassinate the supreme leader of the criminal force. Aim and become the king of the region in Ninja’s Creed now.

General Information

Ninja’s Creed is a royal gunner-style archery game with stunning graphics for Android. In Ninja’s Creed, players will become a professional assassin with the job of going to the areas entrusted by the superiors and destroying the pointed objects. Not only guns or melee weapons, but also arrows and modern bows can defeat anyone with just one fatal blow. Show off your marksmanship and win attractive rewards. Thanks to the money you earn, you can upgrade parts on your bow to make it even stronger.

Highlights of the game Ninja’s Creed include nice graphics and sharp 3D characters. The game comes with pointed archery gameplay and a real assassin. The supply system is diverse and can be unlocked easily. Players will complete challenging missions to earn enormous amounts of money. The game supports automatic data saving with an intuitive and friendly interface.

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How to Play Ninja’s Creed?

How to save money to buy better weapons?

When you start the game, a quest will greet you. In the tutorial, your tutor will tell you you have to complete three missions to unlock Armory. It is the place where you can buy your weapon. However, what they do not mention is that you need quite a lot of money or Diamonds to buy them. So, the best solution is to save as soon as you play the game. You will start with one of the cheapest weapons in the Oak Bow. It is fine for Area 1. But once you get to Area 2, you will have enough savings to buy the Birch Bow.

Another alternative is to invest in Fury Twin-Crossbows. They have good damage and a better price. So, the thing to keep in mind is to look at all the weapons and decide which one you like best. Then, save every penny to buy it. But it will be pretty tricky. Luckily, you have a Bounty mode that allows you to save cash easily.

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Complete all the missions

Completing the right missions is your goal in the game. Whenever you complete a mission successfully, you can move on to the next. In this way, you will get a lot of rewards to help you advance faster in the game. You should complete each task one by one and make the best progress with the current equipment with no upgrades.

When you cannot improve any more, check how much money you have and decide what you want to do with them. Do you want to upgrade your existing weapon or do you want to invest in a new one? Also, keep in mind that if you can complete the quest with up to three stars. Then you will be okay. If you cannot complete the mission with the perfect score at first, just move on to the next mission and come back after you have upgraded your weapon. With an upgraded weapon, completing quests with the perfect score will be a lot easier.

Patience helps you to complete the task

Every time you spot an enemy, take your time, and find the best angle to shoot. When you lock the target, your goal is not 100% stable. It means your hand will move slightly while also changing the target position. You should always take your time and re-aim and reposition your target. Therefore, it is very important to be patient. However, if you are not 100% sure of your target, you should not shoot. It is best to cancel footage rather than miss and draw unwanted attention.

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Aim for weak points to win easily

When trying to shoot your target, you must always aim at their weakest points of head and chest. The head is usually a lot harder to hit because it is the control center. All arrows shot in the head instantly kill the target. So, it is the best place to shoot. But if you cannot hit your head easily, we recommend you aim for the next best thing, the chest. Never aim for a leg or arm because these shots will not destroy the target. The parts are also quite small, so it is better to aim at the chest.

Upgrade your weapons regularly.

A great way to increase damage, aim accuracy, stability, and more is to upgrade your weapon. Each weapon has a default stat (blue bar) but you can upgrade them multiple times with the number of green bars allowed. Each upgrade will upgrade that weapon slightly. So, you will need to do some upgrades to maximize them. When buying a new weapon, always look for the green, not the blue indicator.

  • Arrow Rest: Upgrading Arrow Rest will increase damage and range.
  • Arrows: Upgrading Arrow will increase damage and reload speed.
  • Bow-Grip: Upgrading the Bow Grip will increase damage, range, and stability.
  • Bow String: Upgrading the bowstring will increase stability and reload speed.
  • Mechanical: Upgrading the Mechanical parts will increase accuracy.
  • Quiver: Upgrading Quiver will increase Quiver Size and Reload Speed.

Do not waste arrows!

You will have a few arrows. And it will increase when you upgrade your Quiver. What is better than firing random arrows into the air is trying to keep them for your target? If you do not complete the mission with the number of arrows, it will fail and you will have to try again.

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With the skills of a Ninja, you will play the role of Arashi on the way to rescue his son. Ninja Arashi comes with a series of men who swear by Orochi and many dangerous traps along the way. Will Arashi be able to save her son? Join Ninja Arashi, you will play as a talented ninja alone on the way to save his son, who was kidnapped by the devil Orochi.

With simple gameplay with swiping left and right to move, you can click to perform acrobatics and launch darts or slash enemies. But it will not be easy when playing Ninja Arashi because there are many in the game. Traps and dangerous enemies are waiting for you.

Final Words

Ninja’s Creed is a game that possesses surreal 3D graphics. The game offers the experience of becoming a Japanese hobbyist and doing secret guild quests. Players will join an assassin guild with high assassination skills and perform the most impossible missions in Ninja’s Creed.

With a bow specifically designed for the client-side missions, players will be fully immersed in Ninja’s Creed when the game uses a first-person perspective to play. Besides, players can also use darts or bow arrows to create surprise breakthroughs. With a bow specifically designed for the client-side missions, players will be fully immersed in Ninja’s Creed when the game uses a first-person perspective to play. Besides, players can also use darts or bow arrows to create surprise breakthroughs.

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