Nitro Nation Experiment MOD APK 6.4.8 (Unlimited Money)

Nitro Nation Experiment MOD APK 6.4.8 (Unlimited Money)

February 10, 2020


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Creative Mobile
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Unlimited Money

The smartphone touchscreen is undoubtedly the best platform for racing games. That being said, the combination of touch control and tilt functionality makes racing games a lot exciting and intuitive for speed fans.
And with the latest title from Creative Mobile, Nitro Nation Experiment, you’ll be having a lot of fun. Find out all about this amazing racing game for Android devices with our review.


In this game, you’ll be taking a role as a novice driver who wants to advance into the elite ranks. To do that you must take your driving skills to the extreme by participating in amazing race tournaments and missions. Complete them and you’ll earn your place.

The game allows you to sit behind the wheels of the most incredible cars on the planet. In additions, you’ll be cruising through a whole lot of different famous cities, towns, and other locations from all over the world. That being said, you’ll be driving through many terrains and tracks, which require good skills.

In Nitro Nation Experiment, you’ll also learn about the upgrade options which allows you to learn a lot about cars and their components.


Featuring an impressive gameplay with accurate physics and mechanics, players are able to experience a captivating racing experience like no other. Find out all about Nitro Nation Experiment’s amazing features here:

Enjoy hundreds of incredible cars

We all know that you really love cars, especially those high-end sports cars. Which is why in this version of Nitro Nation Experiment, you’ll have access to hundreds of different vehicles, each with their own characteristics. The collection of cars is enough to satisfy even the most skeptical fans.

That being said, regardless of your preferences, whether you’re into supercars, exotic vehicles, the Classics or the Moderns, street racing or any other styles, you’ll definitely happy with the incredible cars in Nitro Nation Experiment.

Apart from the fictional vehicles, you’re also introduced to over 100 real cars from the world’s most famous manufacturers, such as Nissan, Chevrolet, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and so on. Now, you can experience the amazing cars that you’ve always dreamt of.

Completely fair and just

To make the game fair and just, players are offered no in-app purchases, no premium packages or whatsoever. You won’t need to “refuel” every once in a while if you’ve been playing too much. And if you’re looking to make some upgrades to your cars, you won’t be bothered by the “upgrading time”.

Hence, all players are equal in Nitro Nation Experiment. It all comes down to skills and determinations that decide whether you could become a successful racer.

Join real racing teams with actual racers

If you’re thinking about joining a real racing team with actual racers, Nitro Nation Experiment offers a list of real-life racing teams with real racers. Hence, you can experience the amazing sensation of driving alongside your favorite racers and receive tech support from your favorite teams.

On the other hand, if you want to create a team of your own, that’s fine too. The game allows players to build their own team, recruit racers and technical crews, challenges other team and in the tournaments. Slowly take your team to the world-best ranking.

That being said, you and your team can take on multiplayer challenges which allow you to match with online players from all over the world. Whenever you’re ready, there will always an online opponent readied to challenge you. You can select different racing tracks as well as the distances from only 1/8 miles to a full-mile track.

In additions, those who love racing with other players can participate in the Live Multiplayer mode which allows players to match up with players from all over the world. Take your skills and abilities to the test while earning incredible rewards. Moreover, there will be tournaments being held weekly and monthly to select the best drivers worldwide. Those who’ve made it to the final round will be facing each other in the Worldwide Gold Elite Racing division.

Experiment with awesome upgrades

The art of racing also involves the study of cars and their components. You’ll need to understand how these components work to be able to work well with them once you’re in the race. That being said, in Nitro Nation Experiment, players are introduced to 33 unique components of their cars.

Hence, you’ll need to learn a lot if you want to make awesome upgrades to your rides. In additions, each equipment will come in 3 tiers which are labeled with aftermarket blueprints. You’ll have the options to choose the suitable upgrades to optimize your car without breaking your budget.

With this feature, you can even build any cars from separate components. Make it the best car ever, the only limitation is your imaginations.

Discover the amazing personal customizations

In additions to the amazing upgradable components, players can also express their inner styles by making incredible personal customizations. You can choose certain colors of paints to make your car stand out from the others, give it awesome armor to make it look as badass as ever, and many other options.

And since you’re able to build your own car from separate components, you might want to make it awesome by adding your personal styles with these customizations.

Accurate and realistic physics

Powered by the amazing CarX Physics Engine, the game features realistic racing experiences that you cannot find on any games in the market. That being said, all the in-game elements work just like how they’re in real life. You’ll get the sparkling fires from crashes, incredible driving effects, and so on. In additions, with ever specs and stats of the cars being displayed in detailed charts, you’ll learn a lot about cars and how to enhance certain traits of it.

Supportive online community

And if you’re looking for a supportive online community to help you with your technical difficulties, there is not a better place than Nitro Nation Experiment online communities on social networks. You can start connecting with other passionate racers by finding their groups on the most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and so on.

Completely free to play

With all the incredible features, it’s hard to believe that this game is still free to play. Although you still receive some ads, that’s still nothing compared to the incredible experiences that you’re having. In additions, there will be no in-app purchases to make you lose heart. What more could you expect from an Android game?

Visual and sound quality


The game features incredible graphics with detailed images and well-polished visual effects. That being said, you’re in for a real treat with Nitro Nation Experiment. It’s like experiencing a console-grade AAA title right on your Android devices.

In additions, Nitro Nation Experiment comes with a smooth gameplay with no lag or whatsoever. You’ll be having enjoyable moments anytime anywhere with this racing title.


The awesome sound effects that they deliver in Nitro Nation Experiment makes other racing a lot less significant. You can literally feel the heat of every race right after placing your hands on the wheels. The cheering crowds, the engine sounds, the drifts, the crashes, all combine to produce an amazing sound experience. Similar to Nitro Nation Experiment: Rush Rally 3

Not to mention that you’ll be listening to the best music tracks from famous artist whenever you’re in a race or not. The creators at Creative Mobile really know how to satisfy their customers with amazing soundtracks.

Final thoughts

Incredible gameplay, amazing graphics, immersive sound effects, and a completely free price, there is nothing more that you could possibly expect from an Android racing game. Nitro Nation Experience is, without a doubt, one of the best racing games in the recent years.

Download Nitro Nation Experiment Mod latest 6.4.8 Android APK

Any Android devices that use Android 4.1 and up are able to download and install this game. You can start by going to and look for the keyword “Nitro Nation Experiment APK” in the games category.

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