Operate Now: Hospital MOD APK 1.56.1 (Unlimited Money)

Operate Now: Hospital MOD APK 1.56.1 (Unlimited Money)

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Operate Now: Hospital – Surgical Simulation Game” is to bring analytical experience in hospital management simulation. If you love surgical simulation and real-world surgery on patients, then Operate Now is the right choice. You will start building, managing hospitals, and saving patients. You experience the life of a surgeon, and the hospital business.

“Operate Now: Hospital – Surgery Simulator Game” highlights the danger, and the reality of the hospital. You create and manage a dedicated medical team. Then, you improve the hospital’s facilities, and you perform major surgeries – ones that involve human life.

“Operate Now: Hospital – Surgery Simulator Game” has a lot of thrills, so the game has attracted thousands of players around the world. The game offers the experience of stressful surgeries, and fun tunes. The game is one of the most popular and realistic medical simulation games of all time. Get ready to take on all the challenges of building a world-renowned medical center.


You have the opportunity to create your own clinic. Of course, you have to go through many difficulties building, and managing, different hospitals. You will need the intelligence and strategic ability to build and oversee critical departments such as emergency rooms, special care units, internal medicine – surgery etc. You must hire many famous surgeons to help your patients. You need a lot of things to create a truly impressive medical center.


Of course, you don’t have to be a real good doctor in “Operate Now: Hospital – Surgery Simulator Game”. You will need a lot of expertise to distinguish the difference between fractures and tracheostomy, but you also don’t have to worry about everything. hospital, and perform surgery in the best way. You will experience the feeling of repairing broken bones, helping those injured in a disaster, or providing psychological treatment to patients. The game has a lot of manipulation of surgical instruments to save the patient’s cure. You will need dexterity, and high concentration, to create perfect surgical rescue for your patients. Hospital management is not simple, but not too complicated. You will have a lot of fun in your journey to become a top surgeon. You will have a good hospital with your own surgical skills.

In particular, the game is also a suitable practice for medical school students. The game is not only suitable for those who want to learn about the hospital, but also extremely suitable for medical students. Because players can learn and practice more interesting new knowledge.


“Operate Now: Hospital – Surgical simulation game” possesses a profound content, and many drama like the famous medical TV series. You will enjoy game content if you love the reality health show on TV. You will get to work together with famous staff like Dr. Amy Clark, e and learn more about everyone’s exciting lives both inside and outside the hospital. You will experience and solve a lot of drama in all challenges of the game. Everything becomes memories for you.The game offers a lot of fun as you learn about the conspiracies surrounding the hospitals, their patients and their staff.

In short, “Operate Now: Hospital – Surgery Simulator Game” will bring about the delightful experiences of a real medical center. You will have many exciting moments while being active in the hospital. The game helps you to gain useful knowledge about the hospital, and you get ready for exciting medical adventures.


A Game for Fans of Surgery, and you need to rescue the patient.

Construction simulation, upgrade and improvement of hospital facilities. Please expand many hospital facilities to be famous.

Simulate staff management, manage many hospital jobs. You can reach the level of management in the whole world.

You experience patients, and perform incredibly realistic surgeries in a variety of ways.

Conduct recruitment and exchange of hospital staff through the detailed CV feature.

Grow everything through construction, using a variety of useful tools to drive mega-projects in hospital.

Expand, update, and share your progress via Facebook.

Cute, detailed, and eye-catching 2D graphics.


Lack of major surgeries.

The image is not completely 3D.

Character dialogue is quite confusing, many specialized terms.

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