Our Groceries Shopping List MOD APK 5.0.4 (Premium Unlocked)

Our Groceries Shopping List MOD APK 5.0.4 (Premium Unlocked)

September 20, 2023


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OurGroceries, Inc.
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Premium Unlocked

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Apps have already taken over the kitchen! Our Groceries Shopping List would be the best app you just can’t take eyes off.

It takes your life better than ever. Not only keeping your family’s grocery list in sync with the recent changes but this digital cookbook also helps you plan, track, and organize your meals. As you’re one of those who do struggle with so much stuff to buy in the market, I’m sure it will help you a lot.

General information

You might have the habit of creating a grocery list before getting to the market or the store. And it doesn’t matter if it’s only in your head or on paper. The issue here is how often do you remember to take that list along?

Our Groceries Shopping List will do the entire job for you! It involves sharing a virtual list with your husband or wife so that nobody needs to call the other to recall the addition. Multiple users can customize the app at once, which means that everyone in your family can add anything they love to eat.

Now it’s your turn to plan your family’s meals. Simply add products and create your grocery lists as well as gain the best recommendations based on the former lists.

With a nice 4.6-rating on the App Store, Our Groceries Shopping List lives up to its name for sure. The app suggests the most common items while you’re typing the name, and then help you organize them into different categories. Now you can share the shopping list with any member in the house even if they own an iPhone.

For those who are searching for something easy and simple to use, then this app is a favorite for families. As said above, multiple users edit the list at the same time. The list can also be observed online in real-time, and you can check it off on an Apple watch anytime you want.

Overall assessments

Most users find it extremely helpful, especially when their whole family has access to this app. They can use it on computers, smartphones, and now through the Amazon Alexa device such as Echo Dot. Imagine that you’re cooking fried chicken and used the last drop of vegetable oil. You only say “Echo, open Groceries” to add the oil to the Public. The app will send a confirming response if it worked.

People love Our Groceries Shopping List just because it makes their shopping easier for more than one store. Women used to fumble about keeping hold of a paper list with a pencil while shopping. Or when they availed sticky notes apps but never had enough hands for that! But now with this app running, only one finger on the right-hand does the tap, which super easy.

Besides, the strikethrough text on the screen displays all items purchased and any minor error is easily corrected. No bug or weird feature is apparent till now. Feel free to share this between you and other family members. Just have it on different devices wherever you are and whenever you want to add to the lists.

Overall, the app is great for us to plan weekly meals and track recipes. However, some users still want it to organize by type of meat, breakfast/lunch/dinner, or even type of cuisine.

How to use

Not only for shopping, but the users also avail it for all kinds of special occasions, like birthday and Christmas wish lists throughout the year. What a unique app for helping our family running smoothly.

When you updated it to the premium version, it’s possible to add items by scanning barcodes. You can add categories before adding items to that category while walking around once without missing anything.

The great thing is that we can have multiple shopping lists at the same time. It also means you can have one for the supermarket and another one for the pet shop. Simply use Open Groceries to remind your mom that you’re out of milk, cream cheese, pasta sauce, and other staples in your diet.

Go to sign up using an email address and login using the same address from various devices. With one single click, you can strike out a certain item bought or put it back to the active list. Now move items to a great variety of lists as you determine to create different lists.

More than that, this all-in-one app will help you create and your healthy recipes to the shopping lists. Now you can easily organize grocery lists around them. To set a recipe, get to the top screen that displays all your shopping lists and recipes. Click on the line “Add a recipe…” at the bottom of the recipe list.

Also, if anyone owns a Google Home, go to ask it to add items to the Our Groceries Shopping List by using his or her voice. To make it work, you might need the app master email address and password. When you don’t own a password, create it first. Next, tell your Google Assistant tool something like “Ok Google, talk to OurGroceries”. Then you’re asked to link the app account. Hurry to launch the Home app on your smartphone after that.

Once you finish entering information and click “Sign In”, there are some phrases you need to say:

  • “Ok Google, tell OurGroceries to add cream cheese.”
  • “Ok Google, ask OurGroceries to add vegetable oil to Walmart.”
  • “Ok Google, ask OurGroceries what my shopping lists are.”
  • “Ok Google, ask OurGroceries whether pasta sauce is on Safeway list.”

One of the best things about OurGroceries is its paid version. You can include the images of wished items that appear in many varieties. It’s worth the money but even the free version is good! The annoying ads won’t be intrusive, so don’t worry too much about it.

Run the Watch app on the iPhone and set up the OuGroceries watch app as well. Users can view the lists on the Apple Watch. If they have configured their phones to install Apple Watch, it appears on their watch’s home screen.

Out of Milk enables you to bring the grocery list anywhere you go without any pen or paper. Aside from allowing users to make an entertaining and interactive shopping list, they can also create to-do lists and keep an updated home pantry inventory for reference.

Final words

With Our Groceries Shopping List MOD APK, you easily keep track of your shopping and keep those lists synchronized on different smartphones and tablets in the house. It’s possible to access them on the Amazon Alexa device, Google Home, Si Siri, your PC, your Apple Watch, and your Android Wear watch.

It’s also perfect for anyone who suffers from short-term memory loss. All you have to do is entering every food and grocery you buy and then categories them. Doing so makes things easier when you move around the store picking up the items in each area without needing to backtrack.

Sure enough, with a shared family featured like this, Our Groceries Shopping List is an essential organizational app for any modern family on the go.

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