Part Time UFO MOD APK 1.2.6 (Dinheiro Ilimitado)

Part Time UFO MOD APK 1.2.6 (Dinheiro Ilimitado)

June 20, 2022


Additional Information
Google Play ID
HAL Laboratory, Inc
4.4 and up
49 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited money

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Take on a rather strange but exciting adventure as you play as a UFO who works many odd part-time jobs. Helping the farmer to collect their crops, loading off the construction materials, and even get involved in the building itself. Control your UFO flying around and enjoy varied experiences. Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


In Part Time UFO, players will have their opportunities to experience an addictive gameplay, in which you’ll help your UFO character in his various works. Using the similar mechanics like your everyday claw machine, you’ll help people by carrying things around. Work hard and earn yourself valuable prizes. Enjoy the casual gaming experiences anytime anywhere.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Participate in many strange jobs as a part-time worker

Part Time UFO

Take on various activities as you help the farmer collecting his crop, a fisherman grabbing fresh fishes, an architect realizing his works, the cheerleaders building their human tower, the chef to cook a perfect dish, and many more. Work as a part-time UFO and earn your payments to collect valuable upgrades.

And on your day off, just sit home and relax with a cup of coffee. Take a look at the job listing and find yourself interesting ones to work on the next day.

Explore many customizations

And to make your UFO character more fabulous, there will be tons of different customizations for you to experience. Collect the money and use them to buy beautiful outfits and costumes. Change into different looks as you pose for the best pictures.

However, these aren’t just for show as you’ll also earn yourself new abilities that can only be activated with certain costumes. Choose the right costumes for your characters as you head into the next challenges.

Part Time UFO

Encounter a lot of new friends

As you begin to work on various part-time jobs, you’ll also develop your connections with many of your clients. Befriend with the most loved friends ever, such as the fishing ship captain, the clumsy museum curator, the hard-working farmer, and so on. And during your work, have yourself some animal friends to cheer you up. From friendly elephants and dogs to the tiny hamsters, their encouragements will help you progress faster.

Create aesthetic masterpieces and share them with your friends

Here in Part Time UFO, players will have their chances to create aesthetic masterpieces as you take on various construction jobs. Make uses of your creativities and take epic photos of your achievements. Then share them on social networks to earn your UFO its deserved attention.

Part Time UFO

Complete your jobs properly and get valuable loots

To make it big in Part Time UFO, players must prove themselves to be a diligent worker and always deliver the best services. That being said, make sure you only browse for the suitable jobs and give them all you’ve got. On top of that, the interesting tasks in Part Time UFO will require you to be extremely creative to find the right approaches. Complete your job perfectly and get yourself valuable loots.

Get yourself valuable loots every once in a while

And sometimes, you can be a part-time employee for Google by helping to collect and organize their categories. Try your luck with your claw and maybe you’ll get some epic rewards.

Take on the challenges and earn great prizes

Part Time UFO

In addition, the game also features a lot of exciting challenges for you to try your luck. Put your clawing and delivering skills to the limit as you complete difficult challenges and collect great prizes. Complete as many challenges as possible and level up your UFO.

Play the game in your preferred languages

For gamers, there is not one thing that is more annoying than playing your favorite game without knowing the languages. Which is why in Part Time UFO, with dozens of language options, players can easily find their preferred languages and have better experiences with the gameplay. Don’t let the language barriers stop you from enjoying this amazing game.

Get rid of the annoying ads

No one wants to play their games with ads floating around or popping up during important stages. Hence, to allow gamers to enjoy their games without being disturbed, Part Time HD will not have any ads throughout your game. Now, you can finally get rid of the annoying ads and enjoy the pure joy from playing games.

Part Time UFO

Enjoy the award-winning game

With the game being awarded one of the 5 Best Mobile Games Of 2018 from GameSpot and the 10 Best Mobile Games of 2018 from IGN US, players will be in for a real treat as they dive into the addictive gameplay.

Visual and sound quality


The game features simple and friendly pixelated graphics which you can enjoy at anytime anywhere. It’ll be the perfect game while you’re in your daily commutes or any other public spaces. On top of that, the 8-bit graphics make the game extremely smooth and playable on most Android devices. You will never have to worry about your old hardware like with most new title on Google Play Store.


Dive into exciting audio experiences as you enjoy the fun and catchy beats from Part Time UFO. With stimulating rhythms, these soundtracks and sound effects will boost your performance and make you more productive. Dive into the immersive and addictive sound experiences as you enjoy this game for hours on end.

Baixe o Part Time UFO Mod mais recente 1.2.6 APK para Android

Part Time UFO is the perfect game for Android users to enjoy whenever and wherever they want. With the game readied on your mobile devices, you’re only seconds away from playing it. Definitely a worthy title that I’d recommend for any casual and arcade gamers.

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