Pastel Girl MOD APK 2.7.1 (Free Shopping)

Pastel Girl MOD APK 2.7.1 (Free Shopping)

September 7, 2023


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If you are a girl who loves fashion and light entertainment, then “Pastel Girl Dress Up Game” is a great choice.

Pastel Girl offers an anime-style fashion game. The game allows you to dress up a cute female character. The central character is a pretty girl with pastel colors.

The game has many exciting items, and you have many unique options to create the best looks for your little girl. If you want to create an amazing female character, you need a unique mix of different fashion styles.

Download “Pastel Girl Dress Up Game” to create fantastic fashion designs for girls!

The casual genre is attractive to everyone

Pastel Girl is an excellent game in the casual genre. The world of video games is constantly changing in form and content. Games try to evolve to fit the needs of people around the globe. Some games are innovative products. However, games with unique features will appeal to players.

If you like casual games & light entertainment like Candy Crush, you will love “Pastel Girl”. The game is an excellent choice for people who want to be creative and passionate about fashion. The game is a cute product from the manufacturer SeyeonSoft (Korea).

Light entertainment with cute female characters

Pastel Girl provides light entertainment through cute female characters. The game has an intuitive interface, cartoon-style 2D graphics. The game promises to bring a lot of fun and great entertainment moments for teenage girls.

The player’s task is to create the best appearance for the female character. Any girl loves beauty, and beauty is a common dream of all girls in the world. The costume element is one of the main attractions of the game. The game presents many different types of costumes, and each outfit will serve another need. If you go to a luxurious party, then you can choose gorgeous dresses. If you go to the gym, then you should choose comfortable and strong sportswear.

Pastel Girl offers many options between hairstyles, dresses, shirts, coats, accessories, backgrounds, and letters. Players can create personal imprints for your female character. In addition, some items have animations attached, and this enhances the experience for players. The game allows saving up to three different female characters. Therefore, you can fix the old character or replace it with a different model altogether.

Explore a variety of outfits and hairstyles

Pastel Girl offers a variety of exciting outfits and hairstyles for female characters. Each outfit has its unique features, and each choice increases the character’s fashion sense. Besides, players can create many different combinations of costumes. Some fantastic costumes will have animations. You find unique costumes for the character to confidently show off the female character to your friends.

Pastel Girl has simple gameplay. The player drags and drops the costume onto the character. Each outfit will bring different visual effects. The operations are simple and easy to perform. If you’re having trouble changing your character’s costume, the tabs on the screen will make the change. You can vary anything from facial expressions and eye color to the background for the female character.

Pastel Girl has detailed instructions, so players should not have any problems. In addition to the amazing outfits, you can also change the character’s hairstyle. A hairstyle is one of the critical elements of a female character’s beauty. Each hairstyle will match a different style of clothing. The game introduces many different hairstyles, and you choose the hairstyle according to your preferences to create a unique beauty.

Cute 2D graphics in cartoon style

Pastel Girl has cute 2D graphics. The visual design is anime style, and the colors are suitable for girls. In addition, the female character creation is quite attractive, and the player always feels comfortable. The game has a compact capacity of about 70 MB, and players can enjoy the game on low-profile phones.

Pastel Girl has a light size and simple gameplay so that players can play at any time. The game receives high ratings on google play, and the game has about 10 million installs. The game makes you feel comfortable when you look at the cute character. A world of cute fashion is waiting for you!

You can download “Gacha Life” to create your favorite character. The game has an anime style, and you have many choices from hundreds of costumes, shirts, hairstyles, weapons. The game introduces the vast Studio, and you can create the fantasy scene to your liking. The game presents about a hundred different backgrounds to develop fantastic anime characters.

You can download “Monster Girl Maker” to create cute female monsters. You can select and paint parts like eyes, skin, arms, clothes, and many more exciting things.

Create a cute female character like you

In short, Pastel Girl is a great casual game if you love women’s fashion. The game offers a cute pastel girl. The gameplay is simple, and you use “drag & drop” to provide clothing and items for the character. In addition, some things have visual animations. You have many options to decorate the cute girl, such as clothes, objects, letters, or background scenes.

Download “Pastel Girl Dress Up Game” to create your beautiful girl style and share the fun with your friends.

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