Pawn Shop Master MOD APK 1.0.5 (Unlimited diamonds)

Pawn Shop Master MOD APK 1.0.5 (Unlimited diamonds)

December 2, 2023


Additional Information
Lion Studios
109.97 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited diamonds

Pawn Shop Master poster

Pawn Shop Master is a very interesting leisure and entertainment game that simulates business operations. Players must continue to renovate idle items to carry out clearance. You can try to repair all kinds of things in the game. Colorful copies are waiting for you to challenge. And it is very comfortable to play. For your favorite players, hurry and download for free.

Pawn Shop Master is a very exciting simulation type business mobile game that honed the survival method of players. In the game, players must become successful business owners and pawnshop bosses who create their well-known brands. The daily task is to carry out a refurbishment solution for some relatively long-established items.

Many items can be sold at sky-high prices after being taken home. Whether the pawn shop’s business is popular and the player’s various measures are correct, if you want to get better and richer, you must pay attention to the method of the game. Grasp the method of making money in the game and carry out the daily tasks derived from the game.

General Information

Pawn Shop Master is a pawnshop boss simulator game. In the game, the player acts as a pawnshop boss. You need to give value according to the items sent by customers and use your glaring eyes to distinguish. Your business scope includes gold, antique guns, jewelry, artwork. In this game, only one trader wins. Your eloquence is first-rate. And you can surely convince customers to do business with you. They urgently need money, and only you can provide what they want.

All old items can be manually refurbished. And damaged items can also be repaired and then sold out. So, we can get a higher commission. The actual operation of the game is straightforward. And the overall game atmosphere is also unique. Setting the pawnshop also allows players to feel the boss.

When players have gained sufficient wealth, people can set up other chain stores to carry out project investment. They are convenient for themselves to have greater wealth. If you feel that many of your old things are of no use-value, why not give it to a pawnshop? And you will surely be able to sell it at a good price.

There are a lot of old things here such as second-hand mobile phones, long-established TVs, and old fully automatic washing machines. If there are damaged items, you can repair them, remove the dust, and then sell them to other consumers. Many players do not know how to play after entering the game. The game can advance to beginners to train and master the basic gameplay of the game.

We can see all the contents in the game. The game’s three-D graphics are very advanced and exquisite. The overall display of objects makes players feel clearer and more realistic. Players operate a pawn shop in the game. You need to refurbish all the old things and then sell them. Colorful copies are waiting for you to challenge. It is very comfortable to play with.

How to Play Pawn Shop Master?

Pawn Shop Master is a simulated business game that simulates a pawnshop. As the owner of a pawnshop, the player needs to appraise unique items in the game. According to the appraisal results and your basic judgment, consider the items, and give the corresponding price. You can also reduce the price with the NPC in the game to achieve a result that is satisfactory to both parties. If you are interested in this game, you might as well download it now and try it.

You need to check what you are doing to prevent fraud. Accept a profitable quotation and complete the transaction. We can polish items in the game to increase the value of items. Be careful not to accept stolen items. And be aware that thieves are on the wanted list.

The game operation is simple and does not require a much-complicated operation. The game needs to test the player’s thinking ability. You need to understand who the person standing in front of you is. And treat different people in different ways of speaking. Use all your negotiation skills, psychology, and management to build your huge pawn empire.

The purchase and sale of countless commodities in the game. Along with many fakes, be careful to distinguish. Or you can make a lot of money with fakes. Exercise your thinking ability, bargaining ability, complete more tasks and become the master of this game. To improve your pawnshop level, you need to complete the turnover every day. The game is straightforward to operate with a storage and one-click warehouse function to facilitate player operations.

Game Highlights

Players will play the role of a pawnshop boss in the game and collect valuable things here. Sometimes it is worthless, but it is a pity to throw it away. So, it can only be refurbished and sold. Of course, this process also requires attention. Pawn Shop Master is a very fun and interesting simulation business game. If you have a small partner who likes this game, download it.

Pawn Shop Master has so many novel items for you to buy, sell, and collect. The game brings you endless fun. No matter who you are, everyone likes to bargain. It seems simple. But be careful not to be deceived by our professional crooks. For players who like business games, it is a game not to be missed.

The beginning of the story is sad. When you play, there may be some dark people who come to make trouble. Run a shop and discover hidden gems from customers. People are lining up for transactions. Use your negotiation skills to buy goods from customers at the lowest price. But you have to be careful, as some products may be fakes. Can you distinguish the authenticity of the product and avoid buying fakes?

Your business scope includes gold, antique guns, jewelry, artwork. It is anything you can make a profit on. In this game, only one trader wins-that person is you. Your eloquence is first-rate, and you can surely persuade customers to do business with you. They urgently need the money and only you can provide what they want.

Final Words

Pawn Shop Master MOD APK is a pawnshop-themed game management mobile game. Can you become the superstar of the pawnshop world and run your store and find the secret treasures of customers? People who want to buy and sell are coming in droves. Use your bargaining method to negotiate the least purchase price, but be careful that some items are imitations. Can you spot the abnormality before it is recycled incorrectly?

Use gold, antique guns, jewelry, and handicrafts, and other things you can get to conduct business processes and make profits. Can you build the most famous pawnshop in the city? In this game, only one person can excel from many customers and the merchants. And that person is you. Use your three-inch tongue to persuade the other party to accept the transaction. They are desperately short of cash, and only you can show their needs.

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