Podcast Addict MOD APK 2023.8.2 (Premium Unlocked)

Podcast Addict MOD APK 2023.8.2 (Premium Unlocked)

October 28, 2023

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Xavier Guillemane - Podcast & Radio Addict
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Premium Unlocked

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Instead of spending time listening to your old music playlist over and over again, you can relax and enjoy better audio entertainment experiences with podcasts. Not only that they’re informative, but there are also a wide variety of different topics for you to choose from. Hence, you can always find yourself having fun working with the interesting options.

And for those of you who are having difficulties finding the right tracks for your certain preferences, this interesting application of Podcast Addict will certainly impress you. By featuring a huge collection of amazing podcast shows covering a variety of different topics, Android users can now enjoy listening to many entertaining and informative audio content right on their mobile devices.

And most importantly, the smart application will make sure that you can access to the most suitable podcasts, depending on your preferences and certain interests. Thus, ensuring your complete satisfactions with the mobile app.

Learn more about the awesome app and many of its features without in-depth reviews.

What does it do?

Here in Podcast Addict, Android users will have their chances to enjoy working with the best podcast app on the Google Play Store. With millions of downloads, countless positive reviews, and more than 2 billion episodes being downloaded, you can never run out of things to enjoy in Podcast Addict. Feel free to explore the app and have it managing your podcast, radio channels, audiobooks, live streams, YouTube and SoundCloud channels, the list goes on.

Have fun working with many in-app subscriptions of your favorite podcast channels. Or you can make uses of the discovery option which will introduce you to a variety of interesting in-app content. Enjoy working with the fully-featured playback option in Podcast Addict, which will allow you to easily play your selected podcasts with lots of interesting effects and interesting settings. Have all the podcasts constantly updated and renewed with all the latest content. And always make uses of many miscellaneous features that will keep the app interesting.


For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the free application of Podcast Addict on the Google Play Store, no payment is required. Feel free to make uses of many in-app features, which will make sure that you can comfortably listen to your favorite podcasts. In addition, the app also features many advanced features, which you can unlock by paying for in-app purchases.

Also, to make sure that you can enjoy the fully-compatible application, it’s always important to have it updated to the latest firmware versions. This will prevent any problems when enjoying the in-app features or installing the latest updates.

And like many other Android apps, Podcast Addict will require users to provide it with certain access permissions. So make sure to accept all the prompted requests upon entering the app for the first time.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Quickly look for your favorite podcasts and enjoy

Here in Podcast Addict, Android users can enjoy working with the amazing collection of available podcasts and audio content that they can listen to. With more than 2 million podcast shows and more than 50 million episodes for you to explore, you can easily find your favorite content and start enjoying it.

Feel free to work with the fully featured search engine, which will allow you to easily look for content from Podcast Addict, Apple, Podcast, Spotify, and The Podcast Index. All of which should allow you to really enjoy their audio content.

Make uses of the useful browsing option to look for podcasts in categories, each offering an unique theme. Or look for podcasts from many available networks, including the NPR, Gimlet, BBC, Serial, Ted Talks, and so on.

Also, you can discover custom recommendations based on your current subscriptions in the app, which will help you find similar podcasts to the ones you often listen to.

Interesting playback options and audio effects

With your favorite podcasts ready, Podcast Addict will allow Android users to work with a variety of unique playback. Feel free to enable the built-in audio effects, which will allow you to work on the playback speed, volume boost, skip silence, mono playback, and more. All of which can work with streaming podcasts or offline content on your Android devices.

Here in Podcast Addict, Android users can also make uses of the variable playback speed settings to quickly finish your selected content on time. Feel free to enable the useful playlists to put all your favorite podcasts on certain collections. Have fun playing with different playback settings using the Shuffle, Loop, or Sleep mode to improve your overall experiences.

Also, you can use Podcast Addict as your regular MP3 or Audiobook playback app to improve your audio library. This also work on many other local audio files or available streaming sources. And last but not least, the useful playback statistics will make sure that nerdy users can have all the data that they want.

Many automated features to ensure your satisfactions

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the fully automated application of Podcast Addict, which provide many useful and smart features for you to work with. Feel free to make uses of the interesting automation features to automatically update and download your current podcasts. And at the same time, Podcast Addict will automatically look for available podcasts on your storage so you won’t have to scan manually. You can enable customized settings for certain podcasts or control the playback experiences with other 3rd party apps.

Never lose your data with backup options

To make sure that you are completely satisfied with the application, Podcast Addict also provides many useful backup options, which will allow you to automatically save your in-app data on any available cloud storage. This will make sure that you won’t lose your important data like subscriptions or settings, even if you accidentally delete the app or wipe its data. Simply access the available backups and you can return to where you left off.

Many available radio networks for you to access

Here in Podcast Addict, Android users can enjoy working with a variety of different radio networks, which will allow them to easily look for their favorite stations. Feel free to discover your favorite content from a variety of different regions. For Chinese speakers, the HK Reporter will be your faithful companion. For English speakers, hundreds of available stations from BBC, CBS Radio News, CNN, NASA, Showtime, This American Life (TAL), and many others will certainly impress you. This also applies to French users with Jazz Radio, Radio Canada, Radio France, and so on. German users can enjoy Deutsche Welle, ORF, SRF, and many others. Italian can enjoy Rai Radio stations, Radio 24, and more. And with many other misc channels, you can always enjoy the app to the fullest.

Store your data in SD card

To make sure that the app won’t use up too much of your device’s internal storage, you can make use of SD cards to keep your data. Simply enable this storage option and provide the app with the permissions to access your external storage. And you can have this feature enable.

Intuitive application to work with

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the intuitive application of Podcast Addict, which provides you with many accessible features. Start by exploring the premium podcast feeds that automatically introduce you to all your favorite podcasts and amazing suggestions. Feel free to make uses of the bookmark settings to list all your favorite channels and shows. Make uses of the advanced filtering features to easily navigate through many in-app features. Simply reorder podcast and radio subscriptions by dragging and dropping the options. And if you wish to improve your in-app UI, feel free to make many visual customizations to better suit your preferences.

Enable RSS feeds for private or premium podcasts

Here in Podcast Addict, Android users can also have their own RSS feeds available. The feature will allow you to access any private or premium podcasts in your listening list. Thus, allowing users to truly enjoy the application. Feel free to enable the full screen reading mode on your RSS podcasts. And simply paste any links to enable your RSS podcasts.

Work well with many external devices

The app can work well with many external devices in Podcast Addict, which will allow you to make full uses of its features. Have fun making uses of the available Chromecast support to enable podcasts on your devices. Or work with Android wear devices to enable quick and intuitive notifications.

Write your own podcast reviews

For those of you who are interested, you can now write your own podcast reviews in Podcast Addict, which will allow Android users to review their favorite podcasts and also discover other’s opinions. This is really important for keeping the community engaging with high-quality podcasts and make sure that you can have the right choices for what you want to listen to.

Useful widget to access at the home screen

To make the app more interesting, Android users can now work with the intuitive widget. As a result, you can easily access the app features and settings right from the home screen. Thus, making it a lot more intuitive to work with.

Quickly share your content with advanced options

Also, for those of you who are interested, you can now quickly share your favorite content with many advanced options. Feel free to upload your reviews on any podcasts or radio channels on any social networks. With full descriptions and interesting caption settings, the app will make sure that you are completely satisfied with the sharing experiences.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app on our website

And despite all the exciting features, Android users can now have fun working with the free and unlocked application of Podcast Addict on their mobile devices, thanks to the modded app on our website. Simply download the Podcast Addict MOD APK, follow the provided instructions, and you can start enjoying many of its features.

Final verdicts

Get ready to engage yourself in the amazing collection of podcasts and radio stations in Podcast Addict. With many informative and entertaining content, you can always find great channels to listen and enjoy your time. And thanks to the free and unlocked version of the app on our website, you can now make full uses of its features without having to pay for the app.

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