Puppet Soccer MOD APK 3.1.8 (Unlimited Money)

Puppet Soccer MOD APK 3.1.8 (Unlimited Money)

October 19, 2023


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Association football has always been one of the most interesting topics in the world. Every year, some football contests take place and attract many fans from all over the world. Because of its popularity, many football games have been created and published, so that fans can see and play their favorite football players.

In 2014, NOXGAMES released “Puppet Soccer”, and it has been positively received by the critics ever since. Thanks to its large fan base and the warm welcoming, every year and regularly, Puppet Soccer is newly updated. Until now, the latest version is 2020 even though it was released a long time ago. Just like in real-life football, the main goal is to score as much as you can and win the match!


Puppet Soccer does not have a specific storyline since it is all about kicking a ball into the opponent’s goal. In this game title, players will be able to control their favorite football players and increase their skills to make them more fit for the match.

Forget about all the stressful days, this game will help you have fun! You will get to pick your group and team, choose who will go next, or rest, train the players so that the victory can easily be yours. Puppet Soccer is, without a doubt, an engaging and fun game that everyone can play and enjoy with their friends and family. It is the kind of game that is entertaining and amusing because of how simple, and Puppet Soccer is capable of keeping anyone occupied for quite a while.


Undemanding and absorbing gameplay

Players will be introduced to a clear and brief tutorial about how to play and what some features are for. However, Puppet Soccer is such an easy game to understand that players do not need a tutorial. After that, players are placed into a tournament and asked to choose a specific group, team, and characters.

Once all these selection steps are done, the game itself begins. It is a one versus one format and the objective of each match is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal. It is that simple. Nevertheless, remember to watch out for your goal because you can mistakenly hit the ball and score in your own goal.

The control is pretty simple, there are left and right arrow keys to move around, an up arrow key to jump and hit or prevent the ball. During the game, players may face funny moments, such as both players hit each other instead of hitting the ball as they try to shoot it past the opponent. The game’s control is customizable with four options so that players can find a suitable way to control and make sure that they have the best experience.

Puppet Soccer screen 1

Real-life characters and teams

There are over 30 football teams and more than 90 cartoon sock puppets. Pick your favorite team and football players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, etc. Each character has their special skills like speed, strength, or endurance.  You can increase your stats to unlock more unique players, raise your leagues and open new cards. Their skills can be upgraded to gain better statistics.

New characters are unlocked when your rank levels up. Players will be able to choose and open special football players and add them to the collection.

Puppet Soccer screen 2

Game modes

During the game, you must keep your goal safe and clear. Protect it at all costs. By jumping up, down, moving left or right, players can prevent the ball. Each score you make will earn you ten coins. Coins can be used to level up characters’ skills. Players can restart the match if they want revenge or want more coins.

Use your precise kicks to destroy the opponent. Plan out tactics from winger or offensive strategy to defense style all at the same time. Moreover, the goals’ size is creased to speed up the match progress in the overtime.

There are two game modes in Puppet Soccer. You can play and enjoy the game by yourself if you want silence or some private moments to relax. However, if you want to invite your friend or a family member, there is a two-player mode. In this mode, the screen will be split into two on a single device. How convenient is that!

By completing daily, weekly, or monthly tournaments, players can earn free money and cards every 8 hours from special sale offers.

Puppet Soccer screen 3


Power-ups can be seen floating around the playing area during the match. If any player can shoot a ball into them, they will get that power. It can be freezing the enemy, boosting the speed, and so many more. Remember to be faster than your opponent because they will have a high chance to score your goal when you are stuck in one place.

Unlimited Money

Who does not love free money? Puppet Soccer Mod APK has support players with an unlimited money feature where they can freely purchase what they like and upgrade the skills they want. Normally, coins can only be acquired through in-game matches. However, with this feature, players do not have to bother playing a match over and over again just to earn some coins. See your favorite football player? Just buy him already! They are basically free, thanks to the unlimited money feature.


Puppet Soccer has such a fun and quite adorable visual. Because it was released such a long time ago, it is unfair to expect high-resolution graphics like most modern games. The colors are bright and fit into the football theme. Puppet Soccer still works fine, no bugs or lag are found during the gameplay. Even though I am not quite a fan of soccer, I find this game undoubtedly interesting and addictive thanks to its graphics and content.

As for the sound quality, the soundtracks and sound effects are all pleasing to listen to.  Some effects bring the game to life, like you are actually playing the football match yourself.


All in all, Puppet Soccer Mod APK is doubtlessly such a worth-playing game. Players can enjoy this football-themed game by themselves or have fun with their friends and family. It is a fun-filled and joyful game that is sure to please.

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