Rayman Fiesta Run MOD APK 1.4.2 (Unlimited Money)

Rayman Fiesta Run MOD APK 1.4.2 (Unlimited Money)

November 14, 2020


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Rayman Jungle Run can be very familiar to many players for its appealing gameplay and gorgeous graphic visuals. Yet, playing the same game over and over again can be tiring. Good news for Rayman’s fans, Ubisoft has developed a sequel that will bring a brand-new look with surprising content called “Rayman Fiesta Run”.

“Rayman Fiesta Run” is a 2D side-scrolling game, where the character runs automatically, and all you have to do is jump. In this game, players can enjoy stunning environments as well as some newly added features. The game is a mixture of rhythm platformer and endless running that will not bore any player easily.


Players will become Rayman, the main character of the game, and starts his adventure through a variety of food-themed maps. The game is very easy to understand, so a tutorial is not necessary, Rayman will keep running straight and turn around automatically when the level demands it. All you have to worry about is timing Rayman’s jumps, slides, and attacks.

In each map, the goal remains the same: rescuing Teensies and collecting Lums. By freeing Teensies, players can unlock and move to higher maps. There are plenty of rewards after finishing a game, such as Lums, characters, gadgets, and even in-game wallpapers.


Captivating and understandable gameplay

As I have mentioned above, Rayman’s one and the only main goal is to successfully get through each map with the players’ direct. There are 76 themed levels with exciting challenges rather than constantly running through the same types of environments. Players’ mission is to collect as many flying Lums as possible in order to free little green Teensies.

There is a total of 100 Lums in one round, only 81 need to be collected to rescue all four Teensies. Each Teensie you catch will allow you to move one space on the world map, unlock a variety of rewards. If you want to unlock every single level, it is apparent that you need to clear everything completely. The game is not as simple as you think. You can try to bounce off a wall to go back and earn that one last Lum, but it can be frustrating if you miss it and have to restart the level to get it.

Collecting 100 Lums will force you to memorize the layout of each level, do some practices, and put everything together for the final performance. Moreover, as it is possible to re-run stages, you can earn plenty of Lums. However, levels are short and fast, so missing a Lum or repeating one game is not annoying.

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Basic controls and actions

If you have played Rayman Jungle Run, you will not feel strange about its game structure. In addition to his basic running and jumping, Rayman can now punch, slide, swim and even shrink. Shrinking cannot be controlled and happens in some beginning levels. Sliding occurs automatically when players are on a downward slope. Nevertheless, swimming and sliding actions both function the same as running, and shrinking to microscopic size does not have an actual effort on gameplay.

More levels, more fun

There are carnival levels with fireworks and pinatas. Beautiful beaches where ice cubes are platforms. Kitchens where you can jump and slide on spices. All levels are designed in detail with themed objects and backgrounds.

Collecting all Lums in each round will open up an “Invasion” level with extra challenges, 100 more Lums to catch, and Teensies to free. In these stages, there are new obstacles and enemies with changeable layouts. Sharp reflex will not help you avoid these obstacles because they are thrown randomly without any warning. With these difficulties, it can keep you running for days to collect and unlock everything.

“Rayman Fiesta Run” also adds some stages with big bosses, where you are chased through the level by some of the strongest baddies. They might not be as scary as you think, but they will try their best and undoubtedly prevent you from perfecting the game.

With 5000 Lums for an entry ticket, players can open “Candy World”. In this map, players are presented with side-scrolling shooter levels, but it can be used when players gather and reload themselves with Blue Punches. There are currently no Teensies to free in the shooter levels, yet the main goal of the rest of the stages is to free the pink Teensies.

If players get bored easily with ordinary “Candy World” levels, “Nightmare Mode” is introduced to change the atmosphere. Players will rush through every invaded level in the game, in order to beat the Nightmare mode, players cannot die even one time. The progress will be cleared when they die and force them to restart from the beginning. The prize for finishing this mode is a costume and 10000 Lums.

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A run without any support cannot be fun

Lums can be used to purchase characters and power-ups so that players can finish a level easily. At the start of each game, a selection of power-ups is shown in order that you can purchase and use during the run. Different stages present different power-ups, and you can purchase them permanently in the shop.

Power-ups can be a magnet that attracts Lums around the hero, golden heart that protects players from two hits, flying punch that gives players unlimited and stronger punches. If a level is too hard, you can spend the Lums you have collected on some helpful gadgets. Additionally, to make the run more colorful, there are up to 20 characters that players can unlock.

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Unlimited money

As I have said above, you will need 5000 Lums to unlock “Candy World”, not to mention the money to need to spend on gadgets and characters. You will have to spend so much time earning enough Lums, and not everyone has a lot of free time to do so. Fortunately, Rayman Fiesta Run Mod APK has supported the unlimited money feature, allowing players to spend Lums on whatever they need.



“Rayman Fiesta Run” is created with colorful, high-resolution graphics. The environments are carefully designed with detailed layers and lighting effects.


The music is infectious, the sound effects are excellent, and the character visuals’ quirkiness continues in the sound they make.


If there is any game recommendation that needs to be made, “Rayman Fiesta Run” will be one of the top absorbing running games. It is not only understandable and undemanding, but the game also has a diversity of features that can never bore its fans. “Rayman Fiesta Run” is undoubtedly worth the time even when you have to repeat a stage over and over again.

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