Sonic CD MOD APK 1.0.6 (Unlocked)

Sonic CD MOD APK 1.0.6 (Unlocked)

September 16, 2020


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Released in 1993 for the SEGA CD (Mega CD), the Sonic CD made a huge highlight. Besides, the outstanding success on the iOS version prompted SEGA to release the Android version of this game. The Sonic CD uses the company’s mascot to go on a timeless adventure, fighting not only Dr. Robotnik but also with his console version.

The gameplay is like the old versions of Sonic from the SEGA and disc systems. With fast-paced seven-set gameplay, the game comes with a variety of robot enemies and intense boss battles.

Each playset corresponds to the respective old versions, and the interface is brilliantly designed. Some special sets have 3D effects and an addictive electronic music system inspired by J-pop. Sonic CD will not be like any other game with a similar platform of the same era. They still base this release on the core of the previous CD-ROM format, and there are slight changes in the design process.

The game is sometimes frustrating and confusing for players, but with its unique and interesting innovation, the game still attracts millions of downloads on the App Store. With that success, the immediate launch of the Android version is coming real soon.

General Information

With Sonic CD, SEGA will bring you back to your childhood with legendary 8-Bit graphics and familiar gameplay. You will control Sonic to get as many rings as possible or finish the game quickly with no problems.

The gameplay is also simple. You will control the Sonic character to move through many environments. You need to pass levels at high speed and collect rings to overcome obstacles, enemies, and bosses at the end of each stage.

Besides the entertainment mode, there’s also a time match option to unlock the tail and up to three different versions per level. The game also integrates competition mode with other players to win high scores.

However, with the download to play for free this game will run ads on your device, you can remove the ad by buying through the store. Sonic CD is being rated 4+ by over 14,000 players to download and play.

Background Story

Maybe not everyone has played Sonic games, but they should well know the classic cartoon image of Sonic. This famous blue hedgehog was born over 20 years ago. During this period, there were nearly 100 games with Sonic as the protagonist.

One of Sonic’s ancient games was Sonic CD, which quickly became popular among players around the world shortly after its release in 1993, and is still considered a classic. However, because Sonic CD could only run on the SEGA CD console (an old Sega game console, which was owned by only 15% of gamers at the time), it did not receive as much attention as Sonic 1, 2, 3, and Knuckles.

Since then, we have ported Sonic CD to other platforms several times. It was ported to the PC platform in 1996, and it was ported to the PS2 and GameCube platforms in 2005. Just a few months ago, Sega released the latest upgraded version of Sonic CD. After this upgrade, the supported platforms have expanded to PSN, Steam, iOS, Windows Phone, and Android is also indispensable.

The official version of Sonic CD, a classic Sonic series launched by SEGA, is now available on the Android platform. The game was first launched on the MD platform in 1993 and is known as the strongest Sonic game. It has an unparalleled feel of the other Sonic series games and many hidden elements.

Sonic sees a one-year appearance of a minor planet on the shore of a lake not far away-a the mysterious world, past, present, and future through the collision of time, hidden in the stone of time.

Sonic arrives to discover that the once beautiful world has been imprisoned by a twisted metallic shell. His nemesis, Dr. Eggman, has come to the Stone of Time, and will soon be able to control his time! To stop Dr. Eggman’s evil plan, Sonic must use the power of the minor planet to travel through time. To break Dr. Eggman’s destruction of the future, Sonic will find the lost time stone in the past!

About Sonic the Hedgehog

In the early 1990s, SEGA was looking for a new game to compete with rival Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Programmer Yuji Naka incubates, a simple game with a character in the form of a ball rolling in pipes. The SEGA Company concept of the character is a rabbit with long ears capable of holding and throwing objects to destroy enemies.

However, the programmers say giving characters the ability to hold objects is too complicated to design the game. It slows down the tempo and makes the game boring.

They recommend rolling and using the body as weapons. This idea led to two species of animals, the porcupine and the taut (a species of shellfish that specializes in eating insects). Ultimately, SEGA chose the hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog was born.

After agreeing to choose the porcupine species, SEGA was confused about naming the major character. Many people believe that the US market knows little about porcupines, so it is necessary to choose a name that is very prominent and different.

An engineer on the game development team suggested Mr. Needlemouse. It is the name of the hedgehog translated from Japanese into English. The Sonic name received a lot of response, Mr. Needlemouse went into oblivion until SEGA renamed this project to develop part four of the game in 2019.

How to Play Sonic CD?

Sonic CD is a mobile action game. Both Emi Rose and Metal Sonic will appear in the game. Players collect props and defeat the boss in seven areas, and use the Time Stone to travel through time to save our Amy Rose.

The Time Stone used in time travel needs to be obtained by defeating the evil villain Dr. Eggman, which has seven dollars. In the time travel, the difficulty of the level will also vary depending on whether the player travels through the past or the future.

If the player blindly travels through the future, he may encounter more tough enemies. After it clear the game, the player can unlock the little fox to help the player.

As the first game in the series that includes cut-scenes, Sonic CD has many hardcore fans. The mobile game version this time also includes American and Japanese soundtracks. For players who love the Sonic series, you might as well remember childhood memories.

Special Features

The sense of operation is exceptional

Some recent smartphone transplants of classic games are disappointing in the operation feel, such as Grand Theft Auto 3 and so on. But Sonic CD changed our opinion.

The operation method of the game cannot be simpler. The lower-left corner of the screen is a virtual direction joystick, and the lower right corner is the “A” key. You do not have to keep clicking the direction joystick to control Sonic’s actions, but just slide to point in a new direction.

Sonic CD screen 3

Some minor drawbacks

The difficulty of the game is too high because the speed is so fast. It is often too late to react before seeing an enemy or obstacle and bumps into it. Also, it is difficult to distinguish between the background and the actual game scene in the game because the game screen with large color blocks is a bit dazzling. But if you play for a while, you will slowly adapt.

Besides, Sonic CD is specially designed for mobile phones. So, if you want to run it on a tablet, you will be disappointed because after being enlarged, the original pixelated picture becomes a full-screen mosaic.

Trial summary

If you liked Sonic games very much in the past, or you are a player who likes retro games, then you will definitely like Sonic CD. The mobile version of Sonic CD is much more portable than previous game consoles, and you can play it for a while anytime and anywhere.

Since there is no Sonic CD specifically designed for tablets, it may be a deduction. The picture quality of the Xbox Live version of Sonic CD has been enhanced, so the effect is much better when outputting pictures on a large-screen TV. We hope the Android version can enjoy the same treatment.

Overall, Sonic CD is an excellent game, and it does not have very serious issues. If you are a fan of Sonic, then download it now.

Overall Assessment

In this game, the player must control Sonic to collect golden rings to prevent him from being hurt by the enemy. The golden ring will also exist as a bonus item in the game, and you can get a life for every 100 golden rings collected.

Also, there are some disposable items in the game, such as shields, acceleration boots. The game has seven areas; they divide each area into three levels, including two normal levels and a boss battle.

The biggest feature of the game is the time shuttle system. Sonic can find some signs that say past or future in the levels and use these signs to travel to the past or the future. To obtain the time stone, the player must collect at least 50 golden rings and find the secret area hidden in the level.

There are seven-time stones in the game. Players need to defeat the evil villain to get them. In the time travel, when the player faces the past and the future levels, the difficulty will be different.

If the player rushes through the future, he may face more enemies. It is Miles Tails Prower to help players after clearing the game. It is quite a chronological game plot.

Sonic CD screen 2

For those of you who have not heard of Sonic Dash, it is a game whose theme is inspired by the popular cartoon Sonic Boom. It means that we will recreate the entire environment in the game and the cast of characters from what came from this popular TV show.

Besides the meticulous 3D graphics and character options to race through each land, Sonic Dash also has a Team Play mode, allowing gamers to challenge three other characters.

Not only recreating the outstanding features of the predecessor, but Sonic Dash also expands a lot of unique extra features, giving this game blockbuster a not boring appearance. The exact release date is not known yet, but it’s expected that Sonic Dash will be released soon this year.

The gameplay is simple but equally attractive, attracted by the dizzying speed. The player begins his pursuit of the cunning, cunning Dr. Eggman and defeats this villain with all the agility and speed of Sonic and his friends.

On the track there will appear many obstacles and enemies, players need to overcome them and run as far as possible to set the highest record on the leaderboard. The control gestures with simple touch gestures swipe left to right to avoid or swipe up to jump on obstacles, avoid ground traps, swipe down to roll into a super speedball to destroy enemies.

When the Dash is full of fury from collecting charged orbs, you can tap the screen twice in a row to activate your character’s acceleration. Then destroy all barriers and be immortal for a few seconds.

Final Words

A Sonic series of classic games launched by Sega is on the Android platform. The game was first launched on the MD platform in 1993 and is known as the strongest Sonic game. It has an unparalleled feel of the other Sonic series games and many hidden elements.

Sonic CD MOD APK mobile game is a very classic and fun mobile game with a horizontal version of adventure with the theme of anime heroes. This game perfectly restores the story of the sonic boy, Sonic. The story is the childhood memory of many players when they were young. Come on, this thrilling journey with the protagonist!

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