Real Gangster Crime 2 MOD APK 2.6.6 (Unlimited Money)

Real Gangster Crime 2 MOD APK 2.6.6 (Unlimited Money)

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Real Gangster Crime 2 is an action game with a series of dramatic combat missions. As a gangster in Real Gangster Crime, you will have to complete each of the required missions to earn money and assert your position in the underworld.

Real Gangster Crime 2 has many similarities with the GTA Street Pirates game series or Vegas Crime Simulator. The game simulates the underworld with criminals, killing missions one after another for you to complete.

As an ambitious criminal, you will have to fight for a piece of rice in your organization. Learn to survive street fights, plunder valuable things from your opponents and spread your reputation across the city.

Just listening to it, you can see it is interesting, right? So let’s find out what interesting this game has!


Real Gangster Crime 2 is a game for anyone who wants to enjoy a free driving emulator. Simultaneously, you have to perform missions in the underworld mafia and cause horror wherever you go.

Are you a genuine fan of GTA? Are you looking for a similar mobile game? Real Gangster Crime 2 is a perfect proposition.

This adventure is not dependent on time. You will be in the middle of a big city wandering around. You can do whatever you want, like a real gangster. Examples include stealing a car, buying a gun, attacking anything, chasing enemies. In particular, you have to run away from the police.

Use the motion joystick on the screen’s left side to help the character move and perform actions through the right buttons. The adventure ends only when the player falls into the hands of the police.

If that happens, the game will take you back to a random spot on the map and build a career as a mafia boss from scratch.


Speaking of the GTA game series, most of the player’s memory will easily relate to the image of Tommy Vercetti in the game GTA: Vice City. He is a newly released mafia hand with simple blue jeans and a blouse typical of American culture in the 1980s.

This guy rose from nothing and created an empire for himself. In the process of conquering those challenges, players will certainly not forget about robbing cars, fighting other gangs, or even the police. Besides, the difficult tasks will take you hours, even days to solve.

Enter the world of Real Gangster Crime 2. Players will meet the image of a guy with tight flower jeans. Although he was not Tommy Vercetti, but also reminded the audience of this famous character. And of course, your mission in the game is only one, with this guy stirring up New Vegas.

Real Gangster Crime 2 brings players to the streets of New Vegas. It is a convergence of violent elements such as theft, thugs, terrorism, and the police’s appearance or the special forces’ soldiers.

Players will proceed to find and unlock weapons placed around the map. Island the city with firepower from advanced military vehicles or upgrade weapons to take down enemies with a few kicks.

In the game Real Gangster Crime 2, you need to earn money to maintain your criminal career. Of course, you also need to practice necessary skills such as shooting, racing every day.

The game possesses beautiful, brilliant, and detailed graphics, a realistic simulation of the crime city – where there are cold-blooded gangsters, evading police pursuit, intense gunfights.

Real Gangster Crime 2 Features

Set Up The Perfect Survival Strategies

As mentioned above, Real Gangster Crime 2 brings all the most exciting and thrilling things of GTA into its product. So, GTA’s activities are almost all possible in Real Gangster Crime 2, except for troublesome missions and follow a separate storyline.

In this game, players can run around the city, fight anyone they meet, steal a car they like or even drive tanks, planes, police equipment, and military equipment teams.

And like GTA, when you do something illegal or violate the authorities, the crime level indicated by the number of stars is increased. It means that you will receive more special attention from the police, even the military, with heavy-armed equipment.

It would help if you also were equipped with weapons such as guns and melee weapons to withstand the enemy. This amount of equipment can be obtained by picking up from the victims you kill or buying in specialized shops with the money earned.

The Best-dedicated Facilities

Real Gangster Crime 2 is developed with more machines than the previous game version. In terms of vehicles, vehicles have been significantly improved, with the addition of real-life physics effects.

The cars have a better balance on the ground. Such driving mechanics have become like a real racing game. The weapon selection is now also featured change from old versions. The game uses a weapon selection menu shaped like a wheel, like Red Dead Redemption.

Use Money Optimally

This answer depends on the player and depends on you. But the answer for new players is to buy weapons, a house to park and use as a base.

With weapons, you will want to buy Micro SMGs in Ammu-Nation. Micro SMGs are perfect because you can shoot while driving – make sure you buy the expansion teeth.

So, you do not have to reload as often. Then you can save money to buy Special Carbine, significant damage to make the mission harder.

Do not buy a car right away. It is tempting, but there are plenty of nice cars you can steal for free.

Graphics and Sound

Impressive Graphic Effects

New Vegas City is a virtual city with many convincing, realistic environmental elements in world RPG history with more detailed texture resolution and smoother processing.

Compared to the first versions, Real Gangster Crime 2 has significantly sharper graphics thanks to its significant anti-aliasing ability during rendering. The surfaces of wood, water surface, glass, cement, roads, people bring more realistic graphic quality with countless reflective, transparent effects of glass.

Live Sound

Always control your volume level. While you are driving in the rain, you can see raindrops flowing on the windshield, puddles on the ground. Or you can close your eyes and hear the sound of rain falling and then startled when an exploding grenade is thrown by criminal gangs fighting for territory.

The action scenes become more imposing, more thrilling thanks to the substantial investment in sound optimization technology from producer Rockstar North.

In the case of gun-related missions, you will hear drops of blood spilling from the body of a drug trafficking crime, the scary moans of an injured police officer much more detailed than the previous four sections.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Real Gangster Crime 2 MOD APK is an excellent choice for those who love live interactive games. With quite advanced 3D graphics technology, this game makes players feel the atmosphere of GTA entirely on the mobile platform.

All moving scenes, character layouts, and creating pictures around are also extremely eye-catching. It helps players feel like they are immersed in the world of freedom in their dreams.

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