Recolor MOD APK 5.7.5 (Unlocked)

Recolor MOD APK 5.7.5 (Unlocked)

December 12, 2023


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Recolor – Adult Coloring Book brings together a collection of over 500 drawings available according to different catalog topics. You can choose the image you want to color. Also, the application has provided you with beautiful pictures for your reference coloring and user-friendly interface.

Anyone wants to relax and to look to relieve stress, try Recolor! Painting, in particular, has an almost meditative effect. In contrast to painting yourself, you don’t have to be 100% focused.

Instead, you can just let your mind wander. In the successful coloring app Recolor, you will find over 1,000 motifs from different subject categories, which can be colored according to your mood. Since it adds new coloring motifs every day, there is sufficient replenishment.

For example, you can choose pictures on the subjects of animals, flowers, ornaments or mandalas. They also divide these into levels of difficulty so that beginners, and advanced, find it. Either way, you will quickly find out what a relaxing effect coloring beautiful pictures on the app has for the mind.

Recolor is the coloring software for adults, which can help everyone relieve their mood and pressure after leisure. It has a lot of coloring materials and various artistic creations so that you can appreciate it. You can take part in the beautiful paintings easily. Welcome to download it here!

Background Story

The Finnish mobile game company Kuuhubb released its unaudited financial report for the second fiscal quarter and half of the year ended December 31, 2019 (the fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30 of the following year).

According to the financial report, Kuuhubb’s second-quarter and half-year financial report revenues reached US$1.97 million (approximately 14 million yuan) and US$4.26 million (about RMB 30 million), and net losses were nearly US$1.41 million and US$2.68 million, respectively. Compared with the net loss of US$2.07 million and US$4.36 million in the same period of the previous year, there has been a significant reduction.

Although Kuuhubb’s current income is not high and is in a state of loss, it is positioned in the female market, and new consumer-three-combination products have attracted the author’s attention. The financial report shows that Kuuhubb’s revenue mainly comes from coloring application Recolor in-game purchase revenue and advertising monetization revenue.

Kuuhubb gained Sumoing Oy, a developer of coloring app Recolor, in 2017. According to the information found on the Internet, the app was launched on iOS and Google Play in 2015 and 2016. It has over 4,000 color illustrations covering multiple themes such as animals, bouquets, decorations, well-known movies, and fashion from beginner to expert level.

Also, they released the sequel “Recolor by Numbers” in 2018. In the same year, Kuuhubb got the global distribution rights of “My Hospital”. The game was launched on iOS and Google Play in October 2016 and January 2017, respectively. In this game, users grow plants and produce medicines, treat various intractable diseases, and operate and manage their hospitals.

Besides these old products, Kuuhubb’s match-3 game market layout is important. They soft-released and tested a match-3 game in the fourth quarter of last year and the first quarter of this year – “Dance Talent: Match 3 Story” and “Tiles & Tales”.

The former is a match-3 game that integrates dance learning and gameplay. And the latter belongs to the self-developed product is a game with narrative plot and match-3 gameplay.

When the development of the match-3 integration category is in full swing, Kuuhubb does not want to miss this big cake. For their current income “dilemma”, it may be an excellent direction to breakthrough.

We can see that the integration direction of these two products still focuses on the preferences of female users. They have differentiated in the three-match integration category, and the follow-up is worth looking forward to it.

Overall Evaluation

Recolor is a mobile application for coloring photos. The Recolor app is like the electronic version of the coloring book for secret gardens popular around the world before. It is an application that can both color and relieve stress.

Recolor is the most beautiful coloring book with over 300 unique color illustrations, which have been proven to help you relax your mind. They organize it into ten themed chapters, where the complexity ranges from beginner to expert. These illustrations include animals, bouquets, decorations, low polygons, souls, etc.

For those who come in with the suffix of the app’s name, you are all impure! Speaking of decompression for adults, people who love to go around can see the mountains and river’s images. You might as well try coloring and decompression. Today’s Recolor is an app that is more suitable for small screens.

Why is it suitable for small screens? Because when people think of online coloring, they know that the graphics inside are quite complicated. Whether you use your fingers or a stylus on the screen, pinch to zoom in and fill in. If you are using a mobile phone, then it would be more complicated. And this idea of online painting is still good!

Recolor uses a unique color block method. After selecting a color, if you want to apply it to a specific place, just click, and you can fill it in immediately. For the obsessive-compulsive disorder of the border, it is a great boon! And because of such a simple way, there is no problem at all with small screen phones.

The small tour when you play the game adopts a free upgrade method. There are dozens of pictures and dozens of colors for free. If you want to draw more, you can buy a paid package. We think it’s free to try as there are many things.

Software Highlights

  • The fresh and harmonious palette design allows you to go from anxiety to calm and achieve satisfying, creative achievements.
  • Join now millions of people who are rediscovering the pure relaxation and joy of coloring!
  • The coloring function exceeds 700 unique color pictures, and it introduces new photos every day.
  • Use unique themes to complete your creation, and present your design and creativity in an open space.
  • Organize themed chapters, ranging in complexity from beginner to expert, mandala (mandala) picture function, animals, bouquets, and more gorgeous photos.
  • The app regularly updates 1000 pictures and new pictures every day;
  • The recolor game helps people relieve stress and complete your artwork.
  • The recolor game supports 3d coloring, and the visual effect is more obvious;

Software Advantages

  • Continuously update the hand-drawn line drafts.
  • The gallery page will show your recent works for others to taste.
  • 60+ creative trend patterns
  • Provide nearly a hundred carefully selected brushes and four color modes
  • 100+ progressive color combinations
  • Provide operations such as zoom in, undo, redraw, save, and share to help you create unique works

Special Features

Collection of over 500 figures in 28 different topics

Recolor – Adult Coloring Book has a collection of over 500 beautiful drawings. You can search and select pictures based on 28 different topic categories, including people, landscapes, objects, food, etc. to color.

Optional vivid colors to paint

The application provides you with vivid sets of colors to color, with the default dominant color. Then you can choose colors that are darker or lighter.

Refer to your friend’s work on the homepage

In Recolor – Adult Coloring Book, before you color, you can refer to everyone’s works in the community. This function helps you know how to mix colors and create better highlights.

Add effects and color filters to the picture.

The glorious thing about the application is that after you complete the coloring process on the drawing. You can add effects or filters available from Recolor – Adult Coloring Book to help your painting be more realistic and more artistic.

Create your work of art as you wish

With Recolor – Adult Coloring Book, you can create your unique works and full of art. It brings together over 500 beautiful drawings on different topics. You are free to create colors and create your work.

Similar Apps

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The Sketch is a drawing app for Android devices from Sony. It enables both simple sketches and intricate paintings. With various digital brushes, pens, markers, filling tools, rulers, erasers, and other painting accessories, Sketch gives you a vast arsenal of artistic tools at your disposal.

Layer editors, adjustable backgrounds, and pan and zoom tools allow sketches of exceptional precision and give the artworks a professional touch. Your photos can also be artistically embellished with the drawing app.

Paperone – the personal coloring and sketchbook

Another simple Android drawing app is Paperone. A sketchbook is part of every ambitious artist’s necessary equipment – and those who want to become one. In it, ideas for recent works of art are developed, drawing techniques are practiced, and they put spontaneous inspiration into practice.

With the Paperone painting app, you always have your sketchbook with you on your smartphone or tablet. This app also has a large assortment of tools for painting and drawing on hand: brushes of different sizes, felt-tip pens, wax crayons, and a roller.

With the help of these tools, a wide variety of painting styles and techniques can be applied. It is another function that allows you to beautify photographs with your drawings. We can then share the most successful works via the app.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch – professional sketching and painting tools for iOS and Android

Photoshop is almost every photography enthusiast. However, it is not known too much that Photoshop with Adobe Photoshop Sketch also has a promising app for drawing and painting in its repertoire.

The app is more demanding in terms of its operation, but as soon as you have made friends with the comprehensive tools, you can create fascinating works of art.

ArtFlow – painting, sketching, and drawing at a high level.

The Android artist app ArtFlow enables anyone interested in art to dream of a confident, fascinating work of art.

For this purpose, the app provides the digital tools to live creatively: many different brushes, color corrections, configurations, symmetry modes, and many other devices. Additional entry aids facilitate the first steps to the finished artwork.

Coloring book for me & mandala – relaxing mandala coloring pleasure

Mandalas are among the most popular motifs for coloring. They inspire not only because of their almost infinite variety and the fascinating color combinations but are also only ideal for a relaxing coloring pleasure.

Although the mandala patterns are specified in the app, each colored mandala is a real unique piece of art., there is almost an infinite number of color combinations for intricate patterns. Here you can let your creativity run free.

InColor – an enormous variety of motifs for coloring in one app

One strength of the coloring book app InColor is the extraordinary selection of motifs on a wide variety of topics. Whether you are in the mood for significant animal motifs, loving flower pictures, human motifs, or mandalas – in the InColor app, you will find suitable topics for a lot of variety.

Different painting tools are available for coloring, various drawing brushes, and a broad palette of all imaginable colors. If this is not sufficient, we can even define additional colors. So if you have a specific color in mind for your picture, you can easily create it yourself. Creative people, in particular, can even take the initiative themselves and create their coloring templates.

Final Words

Anyone who likes to paint or draw knows that there is a lot of practice behind every auspicious work. But with the right tools, everyone can learn to paint and draw. And the Recolor MOD APK is beyond your expectations!

Nowadays, you don’t even need a brush, crayon, and paper because, in the App Store, you can find some great painting and draw on tablets and smartphones. Beginners of painting master their first brush strokes, while advanced artists can let their creativity run free.

But it does not always have to be individual painting and drawing. Coloring in pre-drawn motifs like Recolor MOD APK is a pastime for adults, which lets you relax effectively.

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