Retro Garage MOD APK 2.15.0 (Unlimited Money)

Retro Garage MOD APK 2.15.0 (Unlimited Money)

March 31, 2024


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The fallen USSR left many to be desired, and one of those is the great retro cars that you can rarely see nowadays. So, for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy this epic mobile title of Retro Garage, in which you can become a mechanic and help fix up the beautiful retro USSR vehicles. Make a business for yourself doing what you love with these amazing cars.

Explore the realistic gameplay of garage simulation and racing in Retro Garage, as you find yourself introduced to many amazing cars of the previous century. Enjoy working with the beautiful cars that were impressively engineered and manufactured by the great Soviet engineers and mechanics. Attempt to fix your old cars and take them to epic rides.

Learn more about this interesting game from First Step Games and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.


Here in Retro Garage, Android gamers can return to the last century and enjoy becoming a car mechanic of the USSR. Start your own garage business and make sure that your Soviet customers are always happy with your works. Enjoy fun and relaxing gameplay of retro car repair and racing, in which you’re free to interact with the cool USSR vehicles from the 50s to the 90s.

Have full access to realistic car interior and exterior configurations in Retro Garage, where you can learn everything about automobiles. Explore the many unique and equally exciting car management works, as you attempt to repair, tune, and pimp your rides. Take on many unique repairs, tuning, customizing, and even racing challenges in the game. The realistic gameplay and vast elements should allow mobile gamers to enjoy Retro Garage to the fullest.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple mechanics and fun gameplay

To start with, mobile gamers in Retro Garage can enjoy the simple gameplay of automobile mechanics and racing, in which the game lets you experience everyday activities in your garages. Simply receive or reject jobs, work on different vehicles using the intuitive repair options, and have fun interacting with the complete vehicles whenever you’re in the game. At the same time, you also have the chance to explore the city whenever you finish your job in the garage, which will certainly make the game a lot more fun.

Retro Garage screen 1

Realistic and authentic garage simulation

For those of you who are interested, you can now experience the realistic and authentic gameplay of garage simulation in Retro Garage, in which the game introduces all important aspects of your daily work as a mechanic. Receive jobs from desperate Soviet drivers who are having troubles with their broken cars or would like to have them upgraded and tuned however they wanted. Also manage your storages and make upgrades to improve your garages and have you ready for more demanding jobs. And feel free to enter the city to relax after your work day, as you also explore a lot more fun and interesting features in the realistic simulation title.

Have full access to the car interior and exterior

Feel free to make use of the realistic and detailed 3D models of your cars in the repair and customize menu, in which the game provides users with complete access to the body, chassis, and engine. Here, the game lets you view the vehicle exterior and exterior to the very details, using the 3D models and 3D environment. Feel free to rotate, zoom, and select whichever parts that need to be fixed, replaced, or upgraded, so you can intuitively repair and tune your cars. The realistic elements and in-game mechanics will make the game a great title for automobile enthusiasts.

Many challenges to work on

Here in Retro Garage, mobile gamers will find themselves getting challenged by many different car mechanic jobs, in which they’ll learn to fix cars that’re having different problems and explore cool upgrades that they can have on each vehicle. Simply complete your jobs, explore the different car mechanics, enjoy the unique in-game challenges, and unlock your special rewards in the game.

Retro Garage screen 4

Run inspections to diagnose your vehicles if needed

For those of you who are interested, you can now run inspections to diagnose your vehicle if you’re having troubles identifying its problems. Depending on the certain jobs, Retro Garage gamers will need to be fully attentive to the vehicles as well as being equally creative in order to solve its certain problems.

Explore the museum for the great old cars

And after finishing your daily jobs in the garage, especially for the automobile enthusiasts in Retro Garage, you can now explore the in-game museum, which features many great old cars that you can have fun working with. Feel free to enter the museum to take a look at the amazing exhibits of the awesome retro vehicles from the 50s to 90s of the USSR. Enjoy viewing them in realistic 3D models and take a look at their interior whenever you want.

Retro Garage screen 2

Pick up deals to maximize your profits

At the same time, Retro Garage gamers can freely explore the city looking for cool car deals that they can get. Either go to the Junkyard to look for the old abandoned cars, or discover random deals that keep on popping on the map. Pick up the certain vehicle and take them back to your garage where you can enjoy inspecting, repairing, and pimping your rides however you want. Make the most of the certain upgrades and tuning options to turn the old cars into powerful and capable machines. You can then choose to sell the certain vehicles and get a hefty amount of money or take them on epic retro races where you can compete with other retro racers.

Enjoy epic races with your retro cars

And speaking of which, to make the game more interesting, Retro Garage gamers can now enjoy their amazing races against other retro drivers, as they show off their most incredible vehicles in the addictive drag races. Simply pick up the random races that keep happening on the map. Or join the Autodrome for many exciting tournaments and amazing rewards. Make sure to upgrade and tune your rides to optimize their performances, so you can win the in-game challenges.

Retro Garage screen 3

Save your best cars in the garage

All the best cars in Retro Garage can now be featured in the garage where mobile gamers save and exhibit their favorite USSR vehicles. Simply return to the game to visit your garage and take your favorite rides to a test run. Or enter the garage to look for the best cars and take them on epic races. Here in Retro Garage, only your best cars can be featured in the garage. And you can always expand the garage so you can save more cars in it.

Have fun playing in many unique vehicles

With a massive collection of different vehicles that can rival the likes of Car Mechanic Simulator 21 and Car Parking Multiplayer, the game will make sure that you always have absolute fun when engaging in the addictive garage simulation and racing gameplay. Find yourself having access to many car models with unique designs and interesting repair jobs. Take on epic races with unique retro vehicles, each allowing you to enjoy the drag race challenges differently. The list goes on.

Available in many languages

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy playing the game in English, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, so on, which will certainly make the mobile title a lot more accessible. Simply enter the game and select your preferred language options to enjoy the game.

Enjoy the game with or without the Internet

And to make the game more enjoyable, Retro Garage gamers can have fun with the garage simulation gameplay with or without the Internet. Here, the free game offers many of its offline features so you can enjoy your jobs in the garages or the racing challenges completely offline. Plus, you can always use the cloud saving features to sync your in-game progress with the online drive, thus making it possible to return to your old saves even when playing on different devices or have the game deleted.

Free to play

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the free version of Retro Garage on the Google Play Store, which should be available for all Android gamers to have fun with. Here, the free game lets you enjoy many of its features without having to pay anything. Just keep in mind that the freemium title will still have ads and in-app purchases.

Have access to our amazing mod for free

And speaking of which, if you’re interested in the game but aren’t willing to watch ads or pay for in-game purchases, you might want to consider the modified version of Retro Garage on our website instead. Here, we offer the modded app with unlimited in-game money and removed ads, thus allowing you to make the most of its features without having to pay anything. All you need is to download the Retro Garage Mod APK, then follow our given instructions to have it installed.

Visual and sound quality


With amazing 3D graphics, Retro Garage introduces Android gamers to the amazing gameplay of retro garage simulation and drag racing. Find yourselves having access to the realistic and fully interactive 3D models of the famous USSR cars of the previous centuries. Enjoy taking them to a ride in epic drag racing challenges, featuring realistic animations, driving physics, and cool visual effects.

Sound & Music

And at the same time, also immerse yourself in the epic races while enjoying powerful engine sounds and audio effects. Plus, the realistic audio effects will certainly make your jobs in the garage a lot more exciting.

Final thoughts

Get ready to dive into the awesome world of 3D retro USSR vehicles from the 50s to 90s, where you can find the best automobile models that were produced by the conveyors of many Soviet car factories. Return to the good old days where you can freely repair, tune, customize, and pimp your rides at the mechanic. And also take your rides in epic drag races whenever you want.

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