Road Riot MOD APK 1.29.35 (Unlimited Money)

Road Riot MOD APK 1.29.35 (Unlimited Money)

October 26, 2020


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Road Riot is the type of racing and action from the developer Tango. The game is rated with 4.4 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store with ten million downloads. By playing this game, you are taking part in the most difficult and dangerous races. Similar to other racing games, you will drive at swift speed on several tough routes and attempt to undermine your opponents. If you want to reach the end line and win, you have to compete against them on the level ground at first.

Being the new endless combat game for the Android platform, Road Riot has succeeded in capturing the attention of many players. Driving on the street, taking down as many rival cars as possible, and going for the longest distance without being killed seem to be the most important goal of this game. Let’s see what this game is about as well as discover some tips and tricks!


The gameplay of Road Riot is not very difficult. As mentioned above, you have to defeat the opponents’ cars, which are in front of yours, by firing towards them. To fire, you simply press on the screen. Then the character starts to fire. Besides, you can collect points during play and buy a new modern car to replace the default car at the beginning. The coins will appear after you destroy the opponents’ cars.

Collecting coins seems to be a crucial task as you use coins to exchange, buy, and upgrade your cars as well as used weapons. Furthermore, you have to keep one gasoline point every time you race. By and large, it is effortless to play Road Riot. You just only need to press, shift the car and shoot at the cars overpassing you on the race.

Moreover, the finish line does not exist in this game, making it unusual from the others. And even you explode your car and lose the race. Your score will not be affected. At the end of the race, you will receive some free coins instead.

Road Riot Features


  • Category: Racing
  • Developer: Tango
  • Version: 1.29.35
  • Updated: 6th October 2020
  • Requirements: Android 4.0 and above

Simple Control System

To play the Road Riot, you have to use only one finger. Indeed, just touch the screen to start your car and rub your finger to move the car in the direction you want. Therefore, there will be no problem when you drive the car with this easy control system. It even helps you to keep racing as long as you can.

Interesting Social Feature

Racing or destroying many enemies cannot keep you excited for the whole time you play the game. For this reason, the developer has added social features to the game. To be more specific, after reaching a specific ranking on the leaderboards, you will encounter with the player who has occupied this rank recently. This player plays a role as the boss car during the race. So, you have to destroy it to get bounty rewards. Then, you can take his place on the leaderboards each week. The other feature is social networking, which seems to be a more friendly interaction. This feature allows you to invite friends and send gifts through the Tango system.

A Variety of Missions and Achievements

There are many daily challenges, achievements, and missions in the game. Specifically, daily challenges are very straightforward. You have to destroy helicopters to collect stars and get coins. About missions, you must finish three random objectives and get gems at the end. The objectives can be upgrading your weapon two times, destroying 50 opponents, and getting the 2x multiplier.

Easy Upgrade and Purchase Your Cars

Before upgrading your cars, you have to check its different statistics. Then, you can use coins to upgrade the armor stats and the primary weapon of your car. Besides, you can also upgrade the turrets stat and side weapon, but with gems, not coins. Every stat can be increased up to 15 times, so they will be more powerful each time. In case you lack gems, you can spend your money to buy some gem packs.

In terms of purchasing new cars, you can visit the garage. However, only when you are at a level of 10 above you can use your experience to buy them. Each of the cars has different weapons. And they are certainly more potent than the machine gun equipped in your beginner car. Furthermore, several cars are designed with magnets, turrets, lasers, and missiles.

Visuals and Sound

The graphics of Road Riot is so cartoonish with simple effects. But that seems to be one of the attractive factors of this game. Regarding the sound, both music and SFX are relatively mediocre, so they are not merit.

Road Riot Tips

Level Up

Raising your level up is one of the ways to get more free coins in the game. Indeed, Each time you rank up, you will receive a certain number of coins. And the higher level you can reach, the more coins you will get. Therefore, fasten your progress as well as quick level up to obtain them more.

Destroy Lots Of Cars

After each car is destroyed, it will generate a lot of coins. So, it seems to be another easy way to get more coins. In particular, whenever you see a truck, you should get rid of it immediately as a truck releases more coins than a car does. Accordingly, you should defeat as many cars as possible to gain a more significant number of coins during the game.

Upgrade Your Car and The Pickups

To destroy other cars successfully, you have to upgrade your car, weapon, and armor. So, it gets stronger and gets rid of enemies quickly and easily. Besides, you can change the color of your car if you want. However, it costs some more coins to do that.

Moreover, the pickups are also important as they can be the boost helping you to run faster, or they can be the magnet getting coins. These items are useful during the game. Therefore, you truly should upgrade them to increase their ability, and they will benefit you more.

Daily Challenge

Every time you clear the daily challenge, you will get rewards. And the challenge is given each day, and the reward accordingly also increases drastically. So, you should ensure not to miss a single day.

Watch Video Ads

Similar to other games, Road Riot also allows players to watch ads to earn more free coins. Each video will give you about a hundred coins after watching. So, it is really an excellent chance to earn coins, especially when you lack them.


Overall, Road Riot MOD APK is genuinely a solid racing game. With the responsive controls, the game becomes challenging enough for all players to have a try. Besides, beating the record of other players can give you a great moment and a good feeling. It probably is the reason why the game captures a lot of attention around the world. So, to be a winner, you should practice frequently, and you can increase your skills at this game.

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