Robot Unicorn Attack 2 MOD APK 1.8.9 (Unlimited Money)

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 MOD APK 1.8.9 (Unlimited Money)

May 27, 2020


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Find yourself enjoying this fun and interesting gameplay of Robot Unicorn Attack as you join our cheerful and feisty little unicorn in the second installment of the series. Takedown and break away from multiple obstacles as you embark on the ultimate rides into the world of endless Inferno or beautiful Rainbow. Smash through multiple enemies, take on multiple obstacles, and get your way through the stunning sceneries of Robot Unicorn Attack 2.

Dive into the awesome gameplay of Robot Unicorn Attack where you’ll get your hands on the most epic and immersive arcade experiences on your mobile devices. Enjoy the game in multiple game modes as you freely choose your favorites. Have fun with friends and online gamers as you challenge them in epic matchups. Explore and experience multiple in-game options with in-depth unicorn progressions, escalating level difficulties, and more.

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In the game, Android gamers will find themselves having access to the ultimate adventure of a little unicorn who finds himself lost in the world of Inferno and Rainbow. Here, along the way, there are giant monsters and nasty obstacles that would block you from progressing. But at the same time, multiple tokens and power-ups are lying ahead of you. Hence, you might want to collect them all as you go.

That’s said, gamers in Robot Unicorn Attack 2 can start their ultimate run into the two worlds as you strive for the greatest distances. Go fast on your four legs, dash through the enemies and certain obstacles to break them off, or freely jump and dodge from the ones that are blocking your ways. Collect awesome buffs and tokens that could be used to power up your unicorn. Make uses of multiple upgrades as you progress through the game, and more.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy a series of interesting levels every day

To start with, Android gamers in Robot Unicorn Attack 2 can always find themselves having access to the fun and interesting gameplay of free runner challenges. That’s said, you’re able to choose between the two teams of Rainbow and Inferno to begin your runs in multiple maps. Have fun with the unique levels as you dive into the exciting runs every day for special rewards.

Race through the two different worlds

And as mentioned, the game features two different worlds that you can dive into and enjoy whenever you’re ready. Find yourself having fun with the Rainbows and Harmony challenges or the Ice and Wonder experiences. Enjoy different runs with awesome gameplay and exciting experiences.

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Power up and customize your own unicorn with many available options

Find yourself completely immersed in the runs as you put on interesting power-ups and customizations on your unicorn. Feel free to upgrade and customize certain parts of your unicorn including the bodies, manes, wings, horns, trails, and more. Power it up so your unicorn can effectively deal with the obstacles. And at the same time, increase its maneuverability and controls as you explore the vast environments.

Enable multiple buffs and boosters to assist our unicorn

And for those of you who’re interested, it’s also possible for you to make uses of the amazing power-ups during your runs. That’s said, with 12 different boost abilities, gamers in Robot Unicorn Attack 2 can make uses of the “Rainbow Savior” or “Gallow’s Gallop” to effective dodge enemies’ attacks and make your own moves. Completely turn the tide of battles with your awesome boosters, and at the same time, make uses of the awesome buffs to save you from your certain deaths.

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Complete multiple in-game goals for special rewards

To make the game more interesting, gamers in Robot Unicorn Attack 2 can also have fun with many available goals in the game, which would give you multiple rewards as you complete them. Find yourself achieving both your personal and community goals every day, and earn your awesome rewards as you progress in the game. With multiple updates and special goals each day, the fun never stops in Robot Unicorn Attack 2.

Battle mighty giants as you progress

Along with the incredible obstacles, gamers in Robot Unicorn Attack 2 will also find themselves being confronted by the mighty giants in the game, which boasts their own intimidating powers and abilities. That’s said, you must time your dash properly to smash through the giant enemies, and effectively dodge their dangerous Solar Beams attacks. Be careful and concentrate if you don’t want to get wrecked by these nasty enemies.

Explore the awesome sceneries as you explore the cosmic

In addition, throughout your journeys in Robot Unicorn Attack 2, gamers will have access to a variety of interesting cosmic beings with the stunning Space Whales, massive Leviathan Seahorses, sacred Ice Owls, and so on. And with your awesome unicorns flying around, the in-game world would look and feel extra incredible.

Robot Unicorn Attack screen 1

Enjoy the dynamic and stunning worlds with different layouts every day

And to make things even more interesting, each time you return to the game, the vast and ever-changing world would also look and feel much more different. Hence, it’s possible to enjoy different layouts every single day with it.

Flying is finally available

For those of you who’re interested, your unicorn now features the awesome fly abilities which would make your runs even more interesting. Have fun through many incredible in-game levels as you guide your robot unicorn through more epic actions.

Free to play

And despite having all those amazing features, gamers in Robot Unicorn Attack 2 would still find themselves being able to enjoy their favorite arcade game for absolutely free. That being said, it’s possible for you to download and install the game on the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

In addition, for those of you who’re finding the game somewhat annoying due to the ads and in-game purchases, it’s also possible for you to go for our modified version of the game. With this, you can enjoy unlimited money, unlocked in-game features, removed ads, and a lot more interesting features. All it takes is for you to download the Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Mod APK on our website, follow our provided instructions, and have fun with your complete game.

Visual and sound quality


To ensure your immersive and enjoyable experiences in the game, players in Robot Unicorn Attack 2 would also find themselves being able to enjoy the smooth gameplay on your large-screen tablets. This ensures fluid animations and crisp images as you progress through the in-game challenges.

And for those of you who’re interested, you’ll also find the game boasting the unique and enjoyable aesthetic aspects just like Sky: Children of the Light, which would certainly make the game a lot more immersive and enjoyable. And to top it all, the game also features well-optimized graphics, which would ensure your overall in-game experiences.


Moreover, along with the awesome visuals, the game also boasts interesting and customizable in-game music. That’s said, you can easily unlock and enjoy the exciting gameplay of Robot Unicorn Attack 2 on your mobile devices while having fun with the exclusive songs in the game. And at the same time, find yourself completely immersed in the actions with awesome sound effects.

Final thoughts

For those of you who’re looking for a fun and interesting casual game to enjoy on your mobile devices, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is certainly a great choice, especially in terms of visual experiences and gameplay. But most importantly, with the game being available on our website, you can now have fun with the completely unlocked mod and free gameplay whenever you want.

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