Royal Match MOD APK 19619 (Unlimited Coins)

Royal Match MOD APK 19619 (Unlimited Coins)

February 5, 2024


Additional Information
Dream Games, Ltd.
192.09 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Coins

A royal castle is a residence of the King. Decorating the royal castle also isn’t easy. You will need many items and use manpower to complete it. But come to Royal Match, you can decorate the royal castle more easily. Royal Match is a game of the puzzle genre. In the game, you will decorate a royal castle for King Robert and bring it back to its glorious time. Not only that, you also can explore the new rooms, royal chambers, splendid gardens and many more exciting areas in King Robert’s home. Besides, Royal Match also is filled with thousands of fun and challenging match 3 puzzles. Let’s install Royal Match and explore those now.

Play in many different devices

Royal Match is one of the games that has been created and developed by Dream Games, Ltd. Dream Games, Ltd is a mobile gaming company based in Istanbul. Their objective is to combine technology and creativity to develop high-quality mobile games that will be played for years. Royal Match can run on two platforms such as Android and iOS. And you can easily find the game on Google Play and App Store. Royal Match is completely free to download and is just for single player.

Besides, 2D graphics are very smooth and outstanding. Bright colors will make you feel comfortable. Moreover, funny background music will always be turned on while you play. This will bring a happy atmosphere for you. But if you don’t want to disturb others, you can turn off Sound and Music in the Settings of the game. In addition, the game also allows you to set up Notifications. On or Off. You will decide this. Furthermore, you also can connect with your Facebook account. This will help you to save your progress. And you mustn’t worry about missing the progress when playing Royal Match on other devices. In particular, you won’t have to watch any ad in the game. This will make your experience better.

Jump into the next level match 3 gameplay

In Royal Match, you will meet King Robert. He needs your help to decorate the Royal castle with great taste. But to decorate any items, you will need stars. And you will have to solve puzzles to receive the stars. The way to solve the puzzles is also simple. You just need collect enough items that the game requires by the following way:

  • Match 3 same colored items to collect the items.
  • Match 4 same colored items to create a Rocket. The Rocket will remove a row or a column.
  • You can swipe the Rocket or tap on the Rocket to use it.
  • Make an L-shape match to create a TNT. The TNT will destroy the surrounding area.
  • Match 4 items in a square to create a Propeller.
  • Swipe or tap on the Propeller to remove one distant block.
  • Match 5 items in a line, and a Light Ball will be created.
  • Swap the Light Ball with an item to collect the items of that color.
  • Make a match next to an obstacle to break it.

Besides, you also can connect two boosters with each other. You can choose the same kind or another kind. This can bring a miracle. For example, if you connect two TNTs with each other, you can create a Mega TNT. The Mega TNT can destroy a lot of blocks. Or you can clear all blocks when connecting two light balls. Blast powerful boosters are waiting for you to unlock them. Moreover, the game also allows you to select these boosters to start the level with them. They will help you to overcome the levels more easily. But you need to overcome level 6 to be able to unlock and select the boosters when starting the new level.

In addition, the publisher created some obstacles on the road such as birds, boxes, potions, cupboards, diamonds, magic hats, coin safes, mysterious mailboxes and piggy in order to make reaching the target in the levels harder. So be careful about the set of obstacles. They are very hard to destroy. Furthermore, sometimes some bonus levels will appear. They will be a big opportunity for you to earn gold coins.

Explore the new rooms and decorate them

In Royal Match, there are up to 32 areas that you can explore and decorate, including the King’s room, kitchen, garden, garage, clock tower, ice skating park and many other amazing rooms. Each area will have many different tasks and each task also will need its own number of stars. For instance, you will build the fountain, install gazebos or plant the bushes, … to decorate the castle. Or you can hang banners or a chandelier, or put up a tent in order to make Throne Room more gorgeous. To complete those tasks, you need the stars. Completing the level will bring them for you. So try earning a lot of stars to be able to decorate the castle. Besides, after you have completed decorating an area, you will receive a chest. Open amazing chests to win magnificent rewards such as coins, boosters, and power-ups.

In addition, to help you to complete the levels more easily and earn many more stars, the game has provided some support tools. There will be 4 tools in the game. The first tool is Royal Hammer. The Royal Hammer can clear any object on the board. Arrow is the second tool. You can use the Arrow in order to clear all the objects in a row. The third tool is Cannon. The use of Cannon is to clear all the objects in a column. Or if you want to shuffle all the objects on the board, use Jester Hat. This also is the fourth tool in Royal Match.

Connect with your friends

To make Royal Match more attractive, the publisher has designed a special feature for the players. That is the Team feature. This feature allows you to join any team that you want. In each team, you can send messages to other players and ask for lives. You also can help other players by giving lives. But for some teams, you need to complete a certain level to be able to join the team. Besides, you can connect with your friends on Facebook by inviting them into the game. You also can challenge your friends and reach the top of the leaderboards. This will create happy moments for you and them. In addition, Royal Match is an offline game. Therefore, you don’t need to worry when your smartphone doesn’t connect to the Internet. Thanks to the things above, Royal Match has attracted more than 5 million downloads. Let’s take part in Royal Match and experience them with your friends.

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