RPG Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey 1.0.1g (Paid for free)

RPG Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey 1.0.1g (Paid for free)

February 10, 2020

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RPG Frane: Dragons' Odyssey

For the gamers who’re looking for a traditional Action-Adventure game with captivating stories and intensive actions, RPG Frane Dragons’ Odyssey is certainly a good candidate. That being said, let’s find out more about this amazing game from KEMCO with our comprehensive reviews.

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In the world of RPG Frane Dragons’ Odyssey where powerful magical beings live with each other, tensions and collisions have always been present. And the reasons being that the Demon clans and Angle clans can’t come to an agreement on how they would run the world. As a result, the lives of humans, which are trapped between the two powerful races, are often miserable.

Being a prominent boy from the Dragon tribes and also a part of the Angle clans, Kunah – our main character always knows about the differences between the Angle and Demon ways. Instead of blaming the demons for all the chaos, he knows that his people also have the responsibilities to make the world a better place. And to do that, he must find a way for the two races to live in harmony with each other. Still, he’s just a child and isn’t capable of doing such a task.

Kunah’s adventures with his friends begin as Vanneth – the supreme god that reign above the world has bestowed upon him an important task. He must travel the lands of RPG Frane Dragons’ Odyssey and bring back a lost girl named Escude to the goodness. Thus beginning his fun and exciting journey.

RPG Frane Dragons' Odyssey


Enjoy the classic RPG game with real-time actions, exciting adventure, rewarding missions, and epic stories. Here are the amazing features that you’ll love:

Captivating stories

The game follows a rather traditional setup with the main characters being tasked with an epic quest. However, thanks to the captivating stories and exciting story-telling, the game always stay interested and fun.

RPG Frane Dragons' Odyssey

Simple and intuitive controls

To make the game accessible for every player to enjoy, the creators have introduced simple yet intuitive controls which allow gamers to quickly get used to the game’s mechanics. In additions, the enhanced touch-screen controls also allow you to immerse yourself into the exciting gameplay.

Perform powerful and devastating combos as you fight your ways through herds of monsters. Make uses of convenient controls and dodge deadly attacks from your opponents.

Epic skills and abilities

As you progress further into the game, players will have the chances to unlock epic skills and abilities that are unique for different characters. Make uses of the powerful and ferocious fire dragon powers that are bestowed on Kunah as you defeat every opponent that stands in his way.

In additions, you can take advantages of your friend’s healing and buffing skills to make your characters even more powerful and tanky. Combine various powers to make your team unbeatable.

RPG Frane Dragons' Odyssey

Take on nasty monsters

The realms of RPG Frane Dragons’ Odyssey are being disturbed by the despicable monsters who’ve already caused so much suffering for the people. It’s your job to get rid of them and bring peace to the lands once and for all.

In additions, taking down monsters also provides epic rewards for the players. Apart from the experiences that are used to level up your characters, you can also earn valuable loots that can be used for trading and crafting.

Explore the amazing crafting options

Speaking of which, the players also gain access to amazing crafting options in RPG Frane Dragons’ Odyssey. You can create all sort of things, including potions, weapons, gears, accessories, and so on. Collect the rarest materials for your ultimate creations. Use your potions to make your characters more powerful in combats, or make uses of your talent and create epic weapons to wield at the enemies. And last but not least, you can even give out those crafted items as gifts for your friends.


Another interesting aspect of the game is that it allows players to make interactions with each other. That being said, you can befriend with certain characters in the game by talking to them frequently or simply give them gifts. Doing this for a certain amount of time would significantly improve your relationship with a certain individual. Thus enabling unique scenes between you two.

RPG Frane Dragons' Odyssey

Choose your preferred endings

With lots of in-game interactions, RPG Frane Dragons’ Odyssey features lots of dilemmas, in which the main characters are forced to make their own choices. Each different choice would lead to a certain ending at the final of the game. And most importantly, your relationships with certain characters would be the main elements that lead to this.

Sign up for the pre-register version and earn valuable prizes

The game is currently at its pre-register stages and is welcoming new gamers. If you think the game is interested, you might want to sign up now to receive various prizes and rewards. Use them as your advantages to having a better start on this game.

Visual and sound quality


The game features simple pixelated graphics with little realistic 3D elements. However, it still comes with accurate and satisfying visual effects, which allow gamers to fully immersed in their adventure. On top of that, you’ll find the game relatively smooth and playable on most devices thanks to its simple graphical demands, which is the key feature if you’re having an old device.


Powerful and impactful music will follow you throughout your adventure. At different stages of the game, there would be different songs being played that also match the scene.

In additions, the exciting sound effects, especially when you’re inside a battle, making the game truly exciting.

Download RPG Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey latest 1.0.1g Android APK

The developers at KEMCO have proven that the classic RPG games have not become old-fashioned. By immersing yourself into the exciting experiences in RPG Frane Dragons’ Odyssey, players will have their chances to enjoy epic RPG gameplay right on their Android devices.

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