Sea Fortress: Epic War of Fleets 1.5.0 APK

Sea Fortress: Epic War of Fleets 1.5.0 APK

May 2, 2020


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Sea Fortress - Epic War of Fleets

Have you ever watched the movie Battleship? Just imagine one day as the Alien start to invade us. What will happen if we’re the side that has technological disadvantages? Will we submit or will we fight? Find out all about this in the latest mobile strategy game from IGG.COM, Sea Fortress – Epic War of Fleets in our reviews.


The game takes place in a near future in which humans have achieved great milestones in space travels. Now, we are able to contact other civilizations using our advanced technologies. However, as Earth was discovered by other civilizations, there are those who desire our fertile planet and want to claim as their own.

Thus, they begin a war with us, despite our peaceful attitude. Outgunned, our technologies were not capable of matching their fire powers. Earth was at its brink of destruction until we decided to take a critical solution. By causing earthquakes and tsunamis, we’ve shaken the shell of the Earth, sinking down the continent and cover the whole planet with water.

No longer interested, the aliens left, leaving our planet in the pile of rubbles. Now, humanity must learn to survive in the new age, as the planet has been covered by seas. Keep researching new technologies and be prepared for another attack that we know would happen in the future.

Recently a large fleet was attacked by an unidentified faction, this raises our alerts for yet another war. Fight with all we’ve got and do not let the people fall into slaveries and exiles.

Sea Fortress - Epic War of Fleets


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Choose your commanders to lead the fleet

At first, you’ll be introduced to different commanders who possess certain traits and abilities that would help you during your journey. Choose the ones that you think would be the most helpful with your missions. And once you do, let’s get to work, Commander! We still have a fleet to control.

Build your own sea fortress

Here in Sea Fortress – Epic War of Fleets, players are allowed to control a complete base. Make uses of your resources and technologies to start building a fortress, raise your fleets, and battle the enemies for the total dominance.

With different buildings, players will have to make their decisions on whether you should construct a military building or economic building. Maintain a good balance between your resources and your military powers. You’ll need both of those aspects to make it big in the unmerciful oceans.

In addition, make sure you spare a little bit of resources for the researching of your new technologies. Without new technologies, you’ll never able to withstand the aliens’ attacks. Get new upgraded buildings and ships as you dominate the sea and show those arrogant aliens who’s boss.

Sea Fortress - Epic War of Fleets

Epic fleet battles with various war vessels

With the world surround in water, having a strong and dependable navy is considered one of our biggest priorities. Make sure you build your own epic fleet with various sea vessels. In addition, the air forces should also be focused as they’ll provide a lot of help for your armies. Enjoy the epic fleet battles with various war vessels and devastating air strikes.

Participate in various missions and challenges

Right of the bat, players will have their chances to take on a series of different missions that follow our main story. Find out who is responsible for attacking your fleet and why they do it. Come up with a solution of your own as you deal with these invaders. Enjoy countless missions in the exciting campaign mode.

In addition, you can take on the different challenges that the game provides, earn valuable resources as you complete them. Complete the achievements as you bring glories to your fleet.

Sea Fortress - Epic War of Fleets

Choose different ships to take to battlefields

With many different ships and war vessels available, gamers in Sea Fortress – Epic War of Fleets will find themselves having various choices. You can switch between different team compositions depending on the opponents as well as your current state. Mixing your team composition between aircraft carriers, battleships, submarines, and so on.

Upgrade your facilities and vessels

To make your crews and fleet more capable during each battle, it’s necessary that you have all your ships, building, and facilities upgraded. With a powerful base, you can repel any of the enemies’ attacks. In addition, you’ll have more resources to produce more ships to add to your fleet.

Sea Fortress - Epic War of Fleets

Recruit the legendary heroes to your fleet

Here in Sea Fortress – Epic War of Fleets, you can also spend your resource and time to recruit legendary heroes to help to command your troops and ships into battle. Make uses of their legendary skills and abilities to win against your enemies. Upgrade and train your heroes so that they can quickly level up and improve their abilities.

You’re not alone in this war

Keep in mind that you’re not the only commander who resist the alien invaders. There are also many other commanders all across the globe who can’t stand these arrogant aliens who’ve destroyed our home.

Travel the world and meet up with the powerful commanders from all over the world. Sign your peace pact and become allies. Together, you can expand your territories, gather resources, and raise powerful fleets to challenge your enemies. Show them who’s the true ruler of the sea.

Sea Fortress - Epic War of Fleets

Take on different approaches and tactics

With various ships and buildings to explore, in Sea Fortress – Epic War of Fleets, players can try different approaches to their battles. Make uses of their brilliant tactics and win against the enemies. Depending on the enemies and terrains to come up with the best strategies for your fleets. Let them fear your name whenever it’s mentioned.

Research for more advantages over the enemies

And last but not least, to gain the initiatives, players should also focus on researching new technologies. Make sure you keep on researching to make up for our lack of technologies compared with the aliens. Never shall we be humiliated.

Visual and sound quality


The game features beautiful 3D graphics, in which players are allowed to join exciting sea battles. Witness giant sea vessels crashing into each other, stunning explosions, epic shoots, and so on.

In addition, you’ll have the open sea with a beautiful sunset on your back as you go against each other in epic battles. Enjoy the splashing water hitting your boat, sparkling blue ocean, and so on.

And most importantly, the game has little lags or stutters, which is quite impressive considering the demanding graphics.


In Sea Fortress – Epic War of Fleets, players are also introduced to amazing voiced dialogues. You’ll truly feel like a commander with your assistants and captains surrounding you. On top of that, the immersive sound effects make each battle seem like the last one.

Download Sea Fortress latest 1.5.0 Android APK

The game is everything you could ask from an RTS title. Lots of sea vessel to controls, intuitive mechanics which allow for a comfortable campaign, and lots of epic rewards for dedicated players. You’ll find Sea Fortress – Epic War of Fleets extremely epic, just like its name.

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