Shadowmatic MOD APK 1.5 (Unlocked)

Shadowmatic MOD APK 1.5 (Unlocked)

October 31, 2023


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Triada Studio Games
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Shadowmatic is an extremely fun 3D puzzle game. The game is developed and published by independent studio Triada Studio Games. The player’s task is to rotate abstract objects under the spotlight to find the correct silhouette. Hint that the silhouette will be related to its surroundings. The game emphasizes realistic 3D graphics, challenging and relaxing gameplay. The game impresses players by its highly detailed graphics, high fidelity, comfortable controls, and Multi-touch experience on the phone.


Shadowmatic is produced and developed by Triada Studio – a graphic and computer animation studio with decades of industry experience. The game offers imaginative puzzles through abstract objects under the spotlight. You rotate objects to find distinct shapes thanks to direct light. The game has an exciting long journey, and you will meet many unexpected, extremely diverse silhouettes. The game has many different environments, and each has a unique experience, atmosphere, and music. The game offers the first 14 free levels in 4 environments. You will spend money to buy the rest of the game with interesting levels and features. The game has great features of the puzzle genre. You complete 100 levels in 12 unique environments. The game has sub-goals to tackle, and success points to share with friends. The game provides a hint system if the player cannot solve the game screen.

Shadowmatic has a strong impression of experiencing beautiful images as a work of art. If you enter Arcade mode, then you will see many interesting silhouettes. The gameplay is simple to get used to, but you need creativity in order to understand the problem. You have to bend your mind to enjoy a dark spectacle, and of course you have to have strange perspectives. The game has great updates. If you join a chapter of Shadowmatic called “Another World”, you will explore 3 unique theme environments (Ancient World, Music and Space) with over 30 exciting levels. The game includes a system of hints. But if you want to enjoy the game to the fullest, you should limit your use of hints.

Shadowmatic brings confusion to the players. You are confronted with a very obscure, abstract object, and the initial feeling is unlike anything. You use a strong light source, and the light shines objects on the wall. From here, the player’s task is to rotate the object until the shadow forms a suitable silhouette. Some levels exist two or three objects at the same time. Thanks to the increase in the number and size, players will try harder to rotate objects correctly in 3D space, in order to create true objects. The content revolves around solving puzzles, and having a variety of levels. Each level has its own theme, and themes are reflected in the room surroundings. If you join the animal levels, then the surroundings look like a forest. If you join the kid-themed levels, the surroundings look like a kindergarten. Players are required to solve each stage before they can move on to the next stage. You can observe the progress meter to understand level position. The game integrates three rankings including: score, level completed and secret found.

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Shadowmatic emphasizes the basic principles of the arrangement of light and space. This will cause your brain to run out of energy. Challenges get harder over time, and players have to precisely align floating objects, creating the perfect shadow. Visual power is the strength of the game. Players feel the subtle curves of light around freely rotating objects that create moving shadows. Although the game is not a pioneer in silhouette-based puzzles, the 3D shapes in the game really stand out in terms of structural complexity. Players will feel the difference when completing many difficult levels. Players need to combine different types of objects and textures to create special shapes out of shadows. The idea of ​​the game is very interesting, and the player needs a lot of time to solve the puzzle. You have to move the shapes imaginatively, and create a comprehensive design. Everything is initially simple, but the task will become increasingly complex with special structures.

Shadowmatic also provides a hint system. Each level has a total of 4 hints. The first and second suggestions are just vague clues referring to the subject. The third hint is the theme for that level, and this hint is also direct information about the object. Finally, the fourth clue clearly shows the silhouette to be solved. Your task is to arrange, and create the right silhouette. If you want to use hints in each level, then you need a “Hint Point”. Right from the start of the game, you will be given a certain amount of Hintpoint. You can also earn hints by completing tables, receiving daily rewards and buying directly with real money.

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Shadowmatic has controls around moving objects. You mostly use your fingers to rotate objects. Right from the start, you will be taught how to play the most basic. You will be shown how to rotate the picture with one finger, and with two fingers. Of course, you need a little patience and imagination to solve the puzzle of the level. In the levels there are two or three objects, a button is provided to switch controls between them. You hold down the “convert” button and slide one finger on the screen to follow the orbits of two objects around each other to find a solution. Alternatively, you can use the Assistant button in the upper right corner to get instructions on how to rotate objects in the right direction.

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Shadowmatic really has stunning 3D graphics. The game maximizes the true-to-life graphics experience in an exciting, and relaxing at the same time. The game has 12 rooms, and each room is designed according to its own concept, atmosphere and music. The game emphasizes 3D lighting effects to solve that problem. In fact, all of the objects in the game look very stylish, but very simple. The visual minimalism allows you to focus completely on the puzzles without being distracted by the things around you. Besides, players also enjoy background music suitable for each different atmosphere.

If you love 3D visual puzzles, please check out “Monument Valley 2”. You join a mother-and-child journey to discover the world. You admire magical structures, explore illusory paths, solve interesting puzzles, and learn the secrets of Sacred Geometry. The game has great 3D graphics, live music in a wonderful world.

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Shadowmatic is a great choice if you love 3D imaging puzzles. You use your hands to create suitable silhouettes from a variety of objects with weird … shapes. You can create a rabbit, a kettle, … and even complex animals (about animals or things) in life. The game really stirs the imagination, and you rotate abstract objects in the spotlight to solve the visuals. The game is a great combination of beautiful 3D visuals with relaxing and engaging gameplay. Throughout the journey of discovery, you will encounter many unexpected and extremely diverse silhouettes.

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