Shazam MOD APK 14.33.0-240704 (Premium Unlocked)

Shazam MOD APK 14.33.0-240704 (Premium Unlocked)

Apple Inc. Premium Unlocked

Shazam is an instant recognition app that helps users identify songs and discover new music, with a database of over 15 million songs.


If you like music, you must download the Shazam app – a great piece of audio software. Music is an essential part of anyone’s life today. Music not only helps people to relax, but music is also an effective psychological medicine. Music makes people feel love life, and you always feel good. However, sometimes you will encounter questions like: if you only know the melody or the lyrics, is there any way to find the exact singer and song title; if you listen to a good song at a coffee shop, can you find out the name of the song? Shazam is an excellent solution for music because the application can know the song’s name through the melody. The app quickly identifies any song in seconds. You even learn more information about the piece, such as artists, lyrics, videos related to the music. Of course, the app also supports private playlists, and it’s all free. Get the Shazam app to search for unfamiliar songs and experience your favorite playlists!

Great development with Apple

Shazam is a great music app. The app can determine the name of the music/soundtrack/advertisement/TV show through a short sample. Shazam Entertainment (London) is the lead developer of the app. Currently, the application is a product of Apple Inc., and the application supports many popular operating systems such as Android, macOS, iOS, Wear OS, and watchOS. Shazam was an Apple product in 2018. But Apple integrated Shazam into Siri functionality in 2014. Shazam is one of the leading music recognition platforms today. The app has had over 1 billion searches across all platforms. Of course, the app is also one of the most famous music apps in the world. Shazam has many updates in the future so that the app can hit new record milestones. If you are an Apple fan, then you will love the convenience of Shazam, and you will not be bothered by ads. In addition, the application will actively add songs to its playlist (My Shazam Tracks) in Apple Music. So you can quickly access all the songs from Shazam in Apple Music. As for the Android operating system, Shazam is also one of the leading music applications of Samsung, Huawei, and Sony.

Easily find the name of any song by excellent AI

Shazam offers a powerful and convenient search engine. You can find your favorite songs in seconds. The process of identifying song titles is automatic and fast. You access the Control Center and click on the Shazam icon to find the song name easily. The app runs along with the lyrics in real-time. Shazam identifies songs based on the spectrogram of the audio sample. Of course, the application will use the built-in microphone of the smartphone or table to collect a brief audio sample (about a few tens of seconds). The application then analyzes the audio sample and searches for a match against an extensive database (about millions of different songs). The app can identify the music being played from any source. However, if you want the best search results, then you need to minimize background noise. Besides the song name, you will also get related information about the song, such as the artist’s name and song album. The app also incorporates related services like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, or Groove Music.

Bringing the top music videos

Shazam has an extensive database and the ability to find songs easily, but the application also offers related music videos. Users can watch music videos from Apple Music or YouTube through the app. If you are bored with audio songs, the application will recommend related music videos on YouTube – the world’s leading video social network. Shazam has a Pop-up feature. Thus, you can identify music in any popular apps like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok. The demand for using social networks is enormous, and you will love the exciting songs in popular videos. If you want to use Pop-ups, then you play the video and enable Pop-ups. After a few minutes of searching, the app will show the song title on your phone screen. Shazam allows users to easily share songs via other popular social networks (Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and more). If you have good songs, then you should share the joy of music with everyone. Your friends will be delighted with your new musical discoveries.

Friendly interface and offline mode

Shazam has a modern, striking blue, and user-friendly interface. Alternatively, you can choose a dark theme to save battery life or protect your eyes at night. Also, if you don’t have an online connection, the app supports offline mode. You can search for songs even without the internet. Shazam has an Auto function, and you can find songs anytime, anywhere. The Auto feature allows the app to identify songs automatically, so you always have new, exciting songs for your playlist. The application can find any theme (most different languages) through the spectrum chart of the music sample. Shazam can also make new song suggestions through your Shazam playlist. Indeed, you will be able to know many great songs through the application. You can download “Spotify” to discover the wonderful world of music (about millions of copyrighted songs). In addition, the app also offers free podcasts. You can create streaming playlists of your favorite music and podcasts. The app also gives excellent suggestions for your next favorite song. You can download “Deezer Music Player” and enjoy more than 50 million different tracks. The app has many great playlists and exciting podcasts. Not only is the app anyone’s music companion, but it also offers a great music player for Android.


In short, Shazam is a great and fun music app. If you want to find any song quickly, then download the app. In addition, the application also has many useful functions such as pop-up, providing song information, dark interface, online videos, association with leading social networks. Download “Shazam” to collect new songs for your smartphone!

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