Shop Titans MOD APK 16.1.0 (Unlimited Gems)

Shop Titans MOD APK 16.1.0 (Unlimited Gems)

May 14, 2024


Additional Information
Google Play ID
Kabam Games, Inc.
1.12 GB
MOD Features
- Much Money
- Lots of coins and stones

Shop Titans poster

For those who’re interested in being the heroes and save the world from evil monsters, Shop Titans Design & Trade is a great game for you. However, it’s not the traditional hero game which you’re too familiar with, in fact, in this game, you’ll have little fighting as all you do is crafting weapons and equipment for the other heroes. But that doesn’t mean that you’re not important.

On the contrary, you’re probably the most important character in the game. With your ability to craft items, you’ll be extremely valuable to your allies. Start with your humble shop and keep improving over time. Sooner or later, you’ll become the world greatest crafting mogul.

That being said, let’s find out everything you need to know about this amazing Android title.

Shop Titans: Design & Trade


The game starts with you being the new crafter in town. With nothing but your useful knowledge, you’ll have to build your own shop. Slowly but steady, you must turn it into the greatest shop in the whole region. Cooperate with the surrounding blacksmiths, tailors, priestesses, carpenters, and herbalists on your village, you will need to build up a wealthy crafting empire.

Support the heroes who’re defending your village and make a fortune by selling them high-quality goods. Hire the heroes to gather resources for you and return them by completing their orders. Let’s create a strong community so that the people can have a safe place to live.


The game introduces many exciting features that you won’t likely to see on any other games:

Customize your characters

As you begin your journey in Shop Titans Design & Trade, you’re allowed to customize your characters with many adjustable features. You can choose between different hairstyles, nose shapes, skin tones, eyes types, and so on. Make sure you spend time on it to make your character stand out from the others. In addition, you’re also allowed to make changes to the characters’ clothing, accessories, and so on.

Shop Titans: Design & Trade

Become a master shop keeper and turn yourself into a business mogul

Here in cc, your ultimate goal is to create a prosperous crafting empire in your village. Collect high-quality materials to craft powerful weapons and items. Sell them to the heroes, and in return, they’ll protect your village from any intruders.

Keep doing that as you expand and enlarge your business. Equip new goods and services at your shop to earn more customers. And finally, expand your businesses as you become the local mogul.

Build your own fantasy shop from scratches

At first, you’ll have to start your businesses from scratches and do everything by yourself. That being said, you’ll need to build your very store with the materials that you’ve collected. Get your first orders from heroes and deliver them as quickly as possible to earn your reputations. And as the business gets bigger, you can research new items or hire employees to work for you. Customize your furniture to make the shop more appealing and accessible.

Shop Titans: Design & Trade

Craft epic weapons and gears

Start with the simplest orders from the heroes and slowly reach up to the higher levels. The game also introduces different hero classes so you’ll need to learn how to make different types of weapons to meet their requirements.

Travel to various locations and take down epic monsters to get the materials you need. Put all your heart and mind in making the legendary weapons. And most importantly, you can design your own signature weapons, that could become everyone’s favorite.

Play the game with your friends and build a prosperous town

This game isn’t meant to play alone, in facts, in Shop Titans Design & Trade, players are allowed to join thousands of online players. Team up with each other as you build up your town into a prosperous and famous one.

Shop Titans: Design & Trade

Be the boss and recruit heroes to work for you

As you get richer and richer, going out and risking your life to get the crafting materials aren’t necessary anymore. In facts, players can just sit back, relax, and hire capable heroes to gather the goods for you. Recruit your own band of heroes and take good care of them. Give your heroes the best weapons and equipment to help them with their missions.

Since we do have different hero classes in this game, you would want to pay attention to the team compositions. Make sure you have what it takes before you send them out doing their missions.

Explore the trading options with online players

In order to expand your businesses, gamers in Shop Titans Design & Trade can even trade with other crafters from all over the world. Spend time working on the negotiations to get yourself the best deals. Quickly become rich by selling your goods all over the world.

Take down epic bosses to earn rare loots

In the world of Shop Titans Design & Trade, there also are mystical creatures that hide in the dark forests and deep caverns. You can gather your heroes to battle and take down the monsters. Most of the time, you’ll earn yourself valuable loots.

Complete quests and missions in your campaign mode

Although the game is mostly free to explore, players can still take on the different quests and missions that are given to them. Complete your tasks to earn valuable prizes. This is extremely helpful for new shop owners who rarely receive an order.

Free to play

The game is currently free to play and is available for most regions in the world, so you will find it extremely easy to start enjoying it. Access Google Play Store, download and install the game to dive into the world of legendary craftsmen and shop owners.

Visual and sound quality


The game features a friendly art style, in which the players are only engaged in peaceful activities. And even if you have to go look for loots, it’ll mainly be the job of the heroes. Hence, the game is extremely friendly and can be played with anybody anywhere.

In addition, the well-polished graphics and detailed items will make you feel like you’re a true crafting mogul/.


Experience peaceful and relaxing soundtracks as you spend hours on end playing Shop Titans Design & Trade.

Download Shop Titans Mod latest 16.1.0 Android APK

For those who’re interested in tycoon and adventure games, Shop Titans Design & Trade is definitely a great crossover between two categories. Enjoy different gameplay as you dive into the world of our happy craftsmen.

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