Sprinkle Islands MOD APK 1.1.6 (Unlocked)

Sprinkle Islands MOD APK 1.1.6 (Unlocked)

May 18, 2021


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If you are an adventurer, and want to rescue the island from the fires, then download the game “Sprinkle Islands”. You have the opportunity to transform into the hero of the blue shirt, and control the exciting water truck to help the people of TiTan island from the fires.

Firefighting is always hard and hard work. Firefighters always receive respect because they are willing to plunge into danger to save people’s lives. The game will help everyone understand more about the difficulty of the firefighting mission.

An entertaining game about burning islands!

Sprinkle Islands provides an interesting storyline. The game is about Titan’s islands, and all are being burned. You are the fireman, and use the water to embark on exciting adventures. The game is about a not too distant future, a spaceship transporting the trash from Earth deviates. This caused the trash to burn, and all the burning trash fell on the beautiful islands of Titan. The innocent village of the Titans has been burned down, and they need the player’s help with the cute water truck.

Sprinkle Islands was developed by Mediocre. The game is set on TiTan island – where the people live peacefully and happily in huts. Suddenly one day, asteroids from aliens fell down Titian’s island chain. This upsets Titan’s life, and the island is in danger of being burned down.

Facing the critical situation, TiTan people invented a large water cannon. Water cannons were able to put out flames, and limit the spread of fire on beautiful islands. You will transform into a cute fireman, and try to complete the mission to help the people. The game interface is friendly, and there are very fun and rewarding scenes.

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Exploring the firefighting journey in many beautiful islands

Sprinkle Islands has a high difficulty level with much interesting gameplay. All levels are divided equally on different separate islands. Besides the fire extinguishing mission, you also have to deal with bosses guarding the islands. Currently, the game has five separate islands with a total of 60 levels. This offers hours of entertainment, and is challenging.

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The game has quite interesting content, and you must try to extinguish the fire before serious consequences happen. All the flames threaten the lives of the islanders, and you will free them with your versatile fire truck.

Putting out the fire won’t be too difficult, but things will be very complicated later. In addition, the game is also highlighted by seafood boss battles. Players will find dramatic boss battles at the end of each island. Each boss has its strengths and weaknesses, so you need to exploit them to complete the ultimate island mission.

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The simple control mechanism, great physics effects

Sprinkle Islands are impressed by several features such as the water effect, intelligent control mechanism. This makes the gameplay more attractive and challenging. Simple controls allow players to focus on quests, and solve brain-damaging puzzles. In addition, the game also mixes elements of fun and humor to help players relax.

The player will have to adjust the pitch, and angle of the cannon to accurately spray water on the fire. You also use water to move obstacles, and push trash into the ocean to clear the island. The winner needs to extinguish all fires with minimal water, and minimum time.

Sprinkle Islands using intuitive touch. This makes it easy to control water and extinguish fires. But some fires are hard to reach, and you have to solve different puzzles with the flow of water. You use obstacles, buttons, lifts, and more to defend Titan. The water resources are limited, so you need to save water to get high scores in each level.

Sprinkle Islands screen 3

Enjoy fun in the fire fighting game version

Sprinkle Islands provides amazing water physics effects. The game has set a new standard for water in mobile games. You can create endless oceans, pools and floating objects at will.

The game was enjoyed by more than eight million people. In addition, the game also has cute 2D graphics, fun sounds. In short, Sprinkle Islands is an amazing 2D arcade game. The game offers a new fire fighting experience. You must rescue the island through many levels, and many interesting levels. The game has a rich mission system, difficult puzzles. In particular, the game also has unique bosses at the end of each island.

Download “Sprinkle Islands” to experience fun summer days in the country! Use your smart tornado to solve puzzles, save water and protect the beautiful island of Titan.

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