Granny Smith MOD APK 1.3.8 (Unlimited Money)

Granny Smith MOD APK 1.3.8 (Unlimited Money)

June 24, 2021


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We often play and review games that are designed with young and cheerful characters, which are one of the biggest reasons why we enjoy the game. But what if the main character is an old lady with unbelievable speed and strength? It is undoubtedly that charming and joyful characters will bring excitement to gamers, as well as older heroes.

After the success of “Sprinkle!”, the developer Mediocre decided to launch a brand-new and strangely addictive game called “Granny Smith”. It has an odd but extremely intriguing concept as well as a background story which achieves a great reputation. Have you ever seen an old lady racing with a thief in real life? If not, “Granny Smith” will show you that despite old age, all thieves must be caught! Does it sound interesting enough? Let’s get started with our review today.


Granny Smith is having her best life, taking care of her apple trees, relaxing in her house. Suddenly, a brazen thief, out of nowhere, steals from her precious garden. Thus, Granny Smith is not an ordinary lady, she will do anything to prevent that thief from stealing all her apples. She will skate through the city, crash through everything in the pursuit of fruit.

In this game, players will control Granny Smith, in order to achieve the one and only goal: going ahead of the thief and getting to her treasured apples first. She pulls out her old skaters and sets off to take down that thief. Fortunately, Granny Smith is a great and fast-paced skater, while the young punk thief is not. Who says granny cannot skate? It is a bit rough, and she is not a pro, but everything is under her control. The game will let you roller-skate through levels with tricks and obstacles that you must pass with skills.

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An understandable and straightforward game

Despite its bizarre concept, “Granny Smith” is an extremely easy-to-understand game. The controls are as simple as can be. The game has two basic moves: jumping and holding on the wires with your cane.

The jump button is on the lower right of the screen, which you can use to flip Granny through the air and let it go at the right moment to land if you want to keep your speed. The button on the lower left of the screen is used to grab onto wires with Granny’s cane. Players will get a new button in the lower right in the second world, it can be used to throw baseballs to knock out walls and windows.

Granny Smith is set to auto-skate, and your job is to wisely control and tap to make her jump. It sounds simple, but some latter stages will make you curse for missing a jump.

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As you play, there are two more characters to unlock: Scruffy the dog and Stanley, a heavyset man. After completing each of the first two worlds, players can open additional characters. Though they do not come with special skills and abilities, it is interesting to switch between different characters and have fun with them. Moreover, if you get all three apples on all levels of the game, you can unlock a special character.

Levels and during the game

There are in total 57 hand-crafted levels in four different settings. Each level requires players to collect three apples which equal to three stars. A level takes around a minute to complete, and coins can be earned after finishing levels, but you will lose some when you miss the perfect landing. The key is to take the path that has the most coins and collects three apples at each level.

Each level has the same challenge. Players have to chase the thief; he is not a great skater, but he will beat you if you are slacking. He will take your apples, and you get a lousy point. At the moment, there are a lot of themes, such as yards, zoos, office buildings, and many more. The backgrounds also affect the challenges, while players can also use tools of the enemy playing against him. As Granny skates, she will break walls, ceilings, windows, etc., in order to win the thief and knock him down. These obstacles can make you slow down, but they are the only way to get to the finish line.

Players can face additional challenges, such as the need to throw baseballs or bananas on the street. During the gameplay, Granny Smith will skate forward without brakes. At some time, you will miss a jump and fall on the ground every few feet. When you get to the end of each level, a retro-style replay with zoomed-in camera angles is shown with some cool effects like slow-motion.

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Coins are collected through levels and they can be used to purchase extra items in the game. Players can buy a helmet for quick recovery from a fall, a banana peel to slow the rival down, or baseball balls to throw at the thief or at the wall. Coins can also be made use of skipping levels that you are having trouble with. It is not necessary to purchase these power-ups, but they will surely help you get through any level easily.

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Unlimited money

If you are still considering whether to play the game or not because maybe it is hard to gain coins, Granny Smith Mod APK is giving you free money so that you do not have to worry about it again! Thanks to the unlimited money mod, players can purchase items, or skip levels that they want without any difficulties.


Granny Smith has a fun visual with colorful graphics and a stable framerate. Just like its description, the game is hand-crafted, and it is one of the main points which makes Granny Smith become well-known. Granny Smith is smartly designed, and everything is well-put-together.

The soundtracks and sound effects can make players focus on the game and feel like they are actually racing with a thief. From the jumping to the crashing sound, they all seem so realistic.


Granny Smith Mod APK is full of beautiful visuals, fascinating content with jumping tricks and boosters. Players will not feel disappointed when they try this game out since it is so addictive. Granny Smith is such an intriguing game concept that players can enjoy after a long day.

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