Learn 2 Fly MOD APK 2.8.31 (Unlimited Money)

Learn 2 Fly MOD APK 2.8.31 (Unlimited Money)

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What is the earliest flying distance game you have ever played? In my memory, there is a flash game in which a wild man takes a wooden stick and shoots a penguin jumping off a cliff in the snow. The central idea of ​​the game is to hit the penguin far enough. However, in terms of the subject and the effect of the picture performance, it is a bit too violent. The game I tried today is called Learn 2 Fly. It also involves distance, but it differs from the previous one.

Learn 2 Fly is a successful PC game coming from the cooperation of two game companies, Thumbstar Games Limited and Fishing Cactus. The game was officially available on both iOS and Android platforms in 2016. This flash game phenomenon has been very famous that attracts over 50 million players worldwide. Learn 2 Fly has unique graphics and simple, fun gameplay. The game is straightforward to get acquainted with for the first time.

Not only that, but Learn 2 Fly is also given a funny nickname as Office Sabotage because many employees are passionate about playing games, making their work efficiency decline. Because of these reasons, Learn 2 Fly continues to be adapted to the mobile platform to expect the same success, and even be more brilliant.

General Information

Learn 2 Fly is a casual sketch, adapted from the Flash game of the same name. In the game, the player has to play as a penguin. He has a dream of flying, using various props to build a flying machine. He uses original materials such as kites, sheets, and boards to create the aircraft. How far the little penguin can fly depends on what materials you can get to make the aircraft.

In Learn 2 Fly, you play the role of a stubborn penguin who wants to explore the world. But he cannot rush to the enormous sea to reach unknown lands because the Arctic is cold all year round. Water is often frozen with huge floating ice blocks.

The penguin cannot fly. So, he relied on homemade flying machines. After choosing a suitable ice cap, penguins take off flying into the ocean. The endpoint of the game is when the penguins dive into the sea. From our perspective, the game mode will be more difficult because the sky will appear more obstacles blocking your flight, typically like the funny Mammoth.

Learn 2 Fly comes with unique graphics and amazing gameplay. You can get acquainted with it for the first time. Players must try to fly very far and high to get a lot of money. This money is used to upgrade over 60 different auxiliary equipment such as gliders, fuel, rockets, and launchers. Besides, players can compete with their friends to see whose birds can fly higher farther through a Facebook connection.

How to Play Learn 2 Fly

When you enter the game for the first time, there will be a long loading screen. If you are in a hurry, you may delete the game in anger during this process, but there will be no such situation after successful loading. The title picture shows a stupid penguin flying forward with a jetpack. And it loads a snowman and a mammoth riding a unicycle flying in the distance. All signs show that it is a game with flight as the core, and the protagonist of the flight should be this penguin.

Let’s look at how the game is played first. After entering the game screen, a penguin is pushing something like a skateboard. In the middle of the screen, there is a metering slot and a finger on the right. They prompt the player to tap the screen. Click continuously and you will see the metering slot in the middle slowly increase. You can click until the penguin reaches the cliff on the right, but the speed of clicking determines how much the metering slot increases.

When the penguin comes to the cliff on the right, you will notice immediately. Although the title is called Learn 2 Fly, the penguin in the game does not want to fly. Instead, it pushes the sandbag down the cliff, and the sandbag slides below. It will fly to a high altitude. Then, you can adjust the posture by shaking the phone left and right.

We can get gold coins in the air during the flight. And after flying, they will fall. The original speed to the right gradually decreases to zero, while the vertical downward speed gradually increases. And finally, the penguin hits the ground.

After each round of the game, there will be statistics on distance, maximum speed, maximum altitude, flight time, and several damages. In each round of the game, players have up to five records that can be broken easily. But how can the record be broken?

Besides tapping the screen faster at the beginning, the game has a prop system. After entering the primary screen on the right side of the screen, five items can be equipped, from the props that assist flying to the main body of the flight. And even the base used for ejection start, to the props for acceleration in the air.

The core idea of ​​this game is to unlock new items by obtaining gold coins in the game and then use these items to get better results. The channel similar to the level selection is used to accumulate the flying distance of the player and unlock more stores through the long distance.

From the beginning, you can only push the sandbag down hard, to push down the spring acceleration before takeoff, and then to the control of posture after installing the kite. Finally, click the fuel injection button to activate the booster rocket.

The concept of this game is from simple to complex, step by step to increase the part that the player can operate. And then use the virtuous circle to keep the player, so that anyone can easily play.


Recommended Alternatives

Jetpack Joyride

Developed by Halfbrick, the developer of the blockbuster Ninja Fruit series, it is incomprehensible with the expectations that players have set for this supposed game since its release. Launched a long time ago, but the hotness that this mobile game brings is still very influential.

Jetpack Joyride has consistently enjoyed prominent positions for a long time on the game charts. The reason Jetpack Joyride is called Rumbo 4.0 is that Halfbrick has built the game with somewhat similar details, with a story that is the same compared to what happened in previous Rumbo games.

You will transform into Barry and start your adventure with a very advanced machine gun-jet system on your back. The interesting thing is that you will not destroy the enemy with normally guided bullets as it will bounce them down from your jet engine. Therefore, flying up high will be the only way to help you neatly handle threats. There will be a lot of obstacles appearing, consider keeping yourself a safe distance to perform the most favorable dodges.

Regarding the control system, Halfbrick is minimalistic with just click and drop to help Barry fly up and down. There will also be plenty of protective items and accessories that give you useful advantages. What makes Jetpack Joyride so remarkable are the infinite customization, the power of weapons, or the death threat system that appears in the game.

If it only owns these factors alone, Halfbrick is difficult to make an impression on players. Fortunately, Jetpack Joyride offers all these benefits that compensate for each other to pull the player into endless adventures but not boring.

Another factor worth mentioning is the paid item system in the game. Like other free games, the full exploitation of revenue through advertising is not too strange to anyone. Jetpack Joyride is no exception.

It is not exaggerated to say that Halfbrick takes advantage of it when over 80% of the supporting items can be obtained through watching ads. However, spending a little time to revive or get items is also completely not too big, even profitable for gamers.


Jetpack Chicken

Jetpack Chicken is a game for those who love to move, explore many interesting roads, and places just by flying high and jumping further. The game has a simple but addictive gameplay that requires a few motor skills, but the most important is persistence. The goal of the game is to make your character jump as far as possible to earn lots of money.

The developer sets Jetpack Chicken up like an Olympic long jump competition. Your chicken has a Jetpack strapped to his back. When the game starts, you have three chances to touch the screen at the right time to get the maximum distance.

When your player crosses the red line, you will hit one, which will cause him to jump. It is important to increase the hit time with the moment his feet touch, so you get maximum strength and distance. Jetpack Chicken allows players to use fuel in the jetpack at will but use it wisely as it may run out of fuel causing the character to fall.

Coins are used to perform upgrades including jump upgrades, increase fuel capacity, and will also help you go further. Besides, your offline income can increase the money earned even when you pause the games. Play to control your character, to become the best athlete.

Final Words

Learn 2 Fly MOD APK is a casual mobile game. Many players are asking how to play Learn 2 Fly. Many people are not very familiar with the gameplay of Learn 2 Fly. Learn 2 Fly is a casual mobile game, adapted from the Flash game of the same name.

In the game, the player has to play as a penguin who has a dream of flying. Use various props to build a flying machine. There are fresh materials such as kites, sheets, and planks that can combine the aircraft. How far the penguin can fly depends on what materials you can get to make the aircraft.

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