Street Racing Grand Tour MOD APK 1.0.0 (Unlimited Money)

Street Racing Grand Tour MOD APK 1.0.0 (Unlimited Money)

HeroCraft Ltd. Unlimited Money

Racing fans from all over the world will now have this incredible mobile title of Street Racing Grand Tour to really enjoy themselves in their epic racing moments. Feel free to explore the incredible city streets and awesome racing tracks where you’ll get to test out your many amazing cars with powerful engines, cool looks, interesting driving mechanics, and so much more.

Enjoy the dynamic and realistic gameplay of racing and driving simulation with authentic and amazing elements like no others. Have access to all kinds of unique and interesting gameplay of racing with many different game modes in Street Racing Grand Tour. And most importantly, you’ll have the chance to compete with friends and online gamers in awesome leaderboards.

Find out more about this interesting game and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews of Street Racing Grand Tour.


Here in Street Racing Grand Tour, Android gamers will have themselves the awesome mobile racing game with incredible visuals, authentic car mechanics, many awesome rides, exciting game modes, cool racing tracks, and so much more. All of which will allow you to enjoy your epic racing game to the absolute max.

Simply get on any of your favorite rides to start making use of their realistic and undemanding driving mechanics to enjoy the races. Choose to complete multiple quests where you can earn your awesome rewards. Or take on different driving challenges to slowly master the certain vehicles in the game. Compete in many exciting tournaments with cool game modes and addictive gameplay. Upgrade and customize your favorite rides however you want. Never have a dull moment with the game.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and natural controls to keep you hooked to the experiences

With Street Racing Grand Tour, Android gamers will have no troubles handling their vehicle and engaging in their many exciting races on the fly. Here, the simple and natural controls let you hold on the two sides of the display to turn left or right, respectively. Swipe down on the certain side to perform your drifts. And swipe both sides upward to enable your speed boosts using nitro.

Feel free to make uses of the customizable controls in Street Racing Grand Tour to replace the standard touch and swipe controls with button-only settings. Make use of the different button layouts to easily select ones that match your personal preferences. Choose to work with the tilt-steering and buttons to further engage in your driving game. And even make uses of the emulated keyboard if you wish to enjoy your PC-like gaming experiences.

Incredible cars from different collections

By featuring a huge collection of incredible cars from different categories, each having their own unique driving experiences and realistic mechanics, Street Racing Grand Tour will allow racing fans to always have absolute fun playing their street racing experiences. Feel free to get on your Coupes, Sedans, Crossovers, and SUVs whenever you want and start enjoying their epic driving gameplay.

Complete quests to earn your rewards

For those of you who are interested, you can now complete many in-game quests with unique objectives and gameplay to have more fun playing the game while also enjoying many cool loots. Enter the game and unlock many of its amazing rewards to you can further progress in your races.

Interesting driving challenges to master all cars

And to help you adjust and get familiar with the certain cars, Street Racing Grand Tour will provide many of its incredible driving challenges, where they can learn to master their cars in different quests and racing challenges. Explore the awesome races in different settings and featuring unique objectives, where you can learn to race and have fun with all your favorite vehicles. Really master all of them to get yourself ready for the upcoming challenges.

Compete in exciting tournaments with cool rewards

With the exciting tournaments available in Street Racing Grand Tour, Android gamers can now pick up cool racing games and have fun with their unique gameplay while also collecting cool loots on the go. Simply dive in Street Racing Grand Tour to enjoy your epic Racing tournaments to compete with other skilled drivers. Work on your sprinting skills so you won’t fall short when competing in your epic Sprint challenges. And of course, the famous Drag Racing tournament will also be available for mobile gamers to enjoy on the go.

Have fun playing your many random races

And to quickly have fun with the game when you can’t decide what to race, Street Racing Grand Tour provides mobile users with the quick random shuffles, where they can enjoy their addictive racing games in different modes.

  • Pursuit – time to buckle up and get on your speedy cars to enjoy catching up and overtaking your opponents in many epic racing games in Street Racing Grand Tour. Have fun competing with the best drivers in the many hot pursuits in the game to really enjoy your rides.
  • Ghost run – to make the game more interesting, Street Racing Grand Tour gamers can now explore their awesome Ghost runs where they’ll compete with transparent rivals, trying to beat their best scores in the certain levels or tracks.
  • Time limit – experience the cool gameplay of Street Racing Grand Tour with its Time Limit racing challenges, where you’ll try to go as fast as you can during the busy traffic. Have fun playing the racing game with real challenges and strive to set your own records.
  • Drag – focus only on the mechanical and perfect acceleration of your vehicle in the awesome drag racing mode, where you’ll learn to synchronize your actions with the manual transmissions and make sure that you’re going at max speed.
  • Sprint – have fun playing the classic gameplay of drag racing. However, the speedy game will now feature obstacles on your tracks. Thus, making the drag racing challenges a lot more interesting.

Amazing maps with unique settings

For those of you who are interested, you can now have many amazing maps in Street Racing Grand Tour, each allowing you to enjoy your epic races completely differently. Feel free to explore dozens of realistic and authentic racing tracks, where you can fully immerse yourself in the races. Explore the different locations and their distinctive tracks to enjoy the dynamic gameplay in Street Racing Grand Tour a lot more.

Different difficulty settings for your racing games

Here in Street Racing Grand Tour, Android gamers will have themselves many difficulty settings to freely adjust the gameplay to match their personal preferences. Enjoy playing the exciting gameplay of racing with Easy, Normal, or Hard modes, each allowing you to step up your game further.

Feel free to work on many upgrading options

And for those of you who are interested, you can now freely upgrade your cars using the provided features in Street Racing Grand Tour. Choose to fill your garage with incredible rides and get ready for their many upgrades. From adding new parts to your vehicles to working on the detailed tuning features, the game lets you enjoy the epic racing games to the fullest.

And customize the rides however you want

At the same time, you also have the option to freely customize the vehicles however you want. Start by working on different color profiles to freely edit them accordingly. Adjust the wheel styles so you can show off your rides with cool customizations. Not to mention that the epic vinyl with amazing visuals will definitely impress many of you.

Customize your avatar for online competitions

To make the game more interesting, Street Racing Grand Tour gamers can now freely work on their different naming options and adjust their nationality with different flags on the Avatar menu. Use this to change your identity when competing in the exciting races against other worldwide gamers.

to unlock more features

By quickly sign-in to the game using your Google Play Games account, Street Racing Grand Tour gamers can also unlock more features in the app. Have yourself the one-time rewards with hefty prizes and cool boosters for free. Unlock your many seasonal ratings to have a full overview of your progress. Also be able to discover your friends who are playing the game. And start competing in the online leaderboards where you can show off your epic scores.

Available in multi languages

To make the game more accessible, Street Racing Grand Tour gamers can now have fun playing the game in both English and Russian. Plus, with the updating and expanding localization options, the game will allow more and more people to enjoy the addictive racing experiences in their own languages. Thus, making the game a lot more exciting.

Free to play

Despite all the amazing features and addictive gameplay, Street Racing Grand Tour gamers will still have themselves the perfect mobile racing game for free. Simply pick it up from the Google Play Store and start enjoying the game without having to pay anything.

Have access to our free mod

With the free game still having ads and in-game purchases that might bother you, mobile gamers might want to consider the modded version of Street Racing Grand Tour on our website instead. Here, you can get our unlocked mod with removed ads and unlimited features, which should make the game a lot more exciting. Simply download the Street Racing Grand Tour Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go.

Visual and sound quality


Get ready to enjoy the awesome gameplay of street racing in Street Racing Grand Tour with its amazing 3D graphics, awesome visual elements, cool animations, and so much more. All of which will make your racing gameplay a lot more fun and exciting.

And at the same time, with customizable graphics, you can freely adjust the FPS settings, graphics quality, and optimize the in-game visuals to match your personal preferences. Enhance graphics quality for better racing experiences. Or reduce the settings to save more battery. The choices are yours to make.

Sound & Music

Similar to Top Drives and Top Speed, with Street Racing Grand Tour, Android gamers can enjoy the awesome racing gameplay with powerful sounds and epic music, which will make the driving experiences a lot more immersive.

Final thoughts

With incredible visuals, immersive audio, authentic racing gameplay, exciting game modes, and endless content, Street Racing Grand Tour will allow mobile gamers to always have absolute fun playing their addictive racing and car driving simulation game on their Android devices. Not to mention that the free and unlocked version of the game on our website will certainly allow you to enjoy its features to the fullest.

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