Space Arena Build And Fight MOD APK 3.15.1 (Unlimited Money)

Space Arena Build And Fight MOD APK 3.15.1 (Unlimited Money)

HeroCraft Ltd. Unlimited Money

Space Arena Build and Fight is a 2D strategy game from the developer HeroCraft. The background of this game is that you will enter the Spaceship Arena, which is a future entertainment venue. Here, you take part in a competition by dueling fighter aircraft against the opponents’ planes. Generally, Space Arena Build and Fight is a relatively passive game as the main task of players is to create the most potent fighter to govern the arena. Players cannot change the shape of the fighter but can customize the aircraft’s contents.

The significant benefit of Space Arena Build and Fight is that you can get unlimited celestium. This celestium is used to buy premium aircraft, and when you have senior aircraft, you have more strength to defeat your enemies. Let’s take a look at this exciting game right now!


The story of the game is not difficult to understand. The time is 4000 years old, and you will play as a new spaceship designer. Your duty is to prove to the world that you can compete with other enemies by building your own ship and sending it to PvP Wars. Basically, you participate in a space program and dominate the planets in the galaxy.

For more detail, the player flights into the distant future and starts to upgrade the warships, which will inflict the maximum damage on enemies then. Players can improve these ships with weapons, devices, and much more.

Space Arena Build And Fight Features


  • Category: Games, Strategy
  • Developer: HeroCraft Ltd.
  • Version: 2.7.7
  • Updated: 4th May 2020
  • Requirement: Android 4.1 and above
  • Size: 84.9 MB

Being An Aircraft Designer

As you can guess, Space Arena Build and Fight allows you to customize your ships on your own. Every airplane needs a propeller engine and a power source. Without these two vital components, the aircraft cannot move. Besides, players also need other tools such as weapons if they want to defend themselves. So, it is imperative to install numerous kinds of weapons on the plane.

The tools installed on the airplane need energy. The more elements you install, the more energy you need. Therefore, make sure to provide sufficient energy for both propulsion engines/ weapons and additional power sources. Armor and Shield are two of some side elements that are installed as protection.

Once you are content with your creation, you can readily send the aircraft into the arena. It is time for you to battle with other designers. Back to the elements that you can install, there will be an in-depth review of them in the following part.



There is a total of eight types of the engine with different stats, including Small Ion Drive, Warp Drive, Vectored Thruster, Vectored Thruster Mk2, Afterburner, Large Ion Drive, Grand Ion Drive, and Grand Ion Drive Mk2. You will get each of them at a certain level. For instance, you will first have the Small Ion Drive and then Warp Drive when you are at level 5. These engine types are not free except the Small Ion Drive. So, make sure you have enough money to buy the better engine when leveling up.


Power is also known as reactor or power modules that provide power to other modules. The power modules might explode upon destruction, and when this happens, other nearby modules will potentially be damaged. Similar to the engine, you also have to purchase for the power modules except for the Small Reactor. And you can get better power when you rank up. The higher your level is, the better the power module is, and the higher the money you have to pay is.



Most of the weapons behind the armor will not cause damage. Missiles with significant individual damage seem to be the most effective weapon that can be against armor. Each type of armor includes the following stats: size, power use, health, armor, mass, and reflect. Among them, armor is considered as the base damage and reflect the laser fire damage less to armor.


When you install Shield, it will create a bubble surrounded by a protective layer itself and block projectiles. Usually, after a certain amount of damage, the Shield will disappear. Some exceptional shields can regenerate their shields again, but the amount is limited. Besides, when you hit two or more shields simultaneously, only one Shield receives damage.


  • Ballistic: type of butter and bread weapon, including two fire modes: Burst and Normal. Most of them are less against armor but strong against shields.
  • Missile: this weapon has splash damage, tracking, and long-range. They are strong enough to against the armor but weaker to fight shields or point defense turrets.
  • Laser: they can altogether bypass shields. Usually, this weapon needs lots of power to operate. The longer you fire the lasers, the more continuous damage the lasers can do. However, they do not have to reflect.

Two Modes To Play

Besides the main game, players can also play the Journey mode. This mode is suitable for those who enjoy exploring space and a fleet battle. To be more specific, when taking part in this mode, you will use a fighter team to combat and win the interstellar battles.

Diverse Currency System

If you want to buy a new aircraft, you have to use Credits. An intricate and new aircraft need a lot of Credits. To earn more Credits, you have to win as many battles as you can.

Another currency is Celestium. This kind of currency is relatively controversial when you purchase it via microtransaction. There are several packages to purchase, such as USS Enterprise or PSS Sparrow. Once you buy them, you possess a decisive combat advantage.

Space Arena Build and Fight FAQs

How Does A Regular Arena Select Opponents?

Opponents are selected depending on some criteria such as level range, ship class, rating, and winning ratio. This system can assure the balance of the game by choosing suitable opponents for every player.

Are There Any Problems If My Account Is Logged Into Two Devices?

If you synchronize your account with Google Play or Vkontakte, there will be no problems at all.

Are Ship Improvements Necessary?

Yes, they are. The ship improvements add extra cells and improve the ship’s configuration. From that point, you can install more modules on the aircraft. You have to use the Celestia to upgrade your aircraft, and the cost depends on the level and the class. So, the higher level your aircraft is, the more money you have to pay for improvements. It is recommended that you choose the essential modifications of extra cells.

Final Sayings

Basically, Space Arena Build and Fight MOD APK can be an addictive airplane game design. You will have fun considering the design that is suitable for the style you want. The design also consists of many elements to think about, such as the importance of the Shield or Armor and the weapon to install. All of these features will keep you busy all day when immersing yourself in this game. With its unique feature, you will not want to miss it as it is hard to find another gameplay like this on Android.

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