Idle World MOD APK 5.7 (Unlimited Money)

Idle World MOD APK 5.7 (Unlimited Money)

January 25, 2024


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The Earth is a large planet and contains many things. If you want to build your own planet as the Earth, Idle World will help you to do it. Idle World is a simulation game that allows you to build the Earth for you. The Earth is still primitive and there is no water or land. The World will be established by you. And you need to have a plan to gradually build your plane. In the building process, you also will gather a lot of knowledge about the Earth and have many interesting experiences.

Simple graphic but the game still leaves its mark

Idle World is one of the hit games that has built and offered by Homa Games – an independent mobile game studio specializing in the publishing, user acquisition and monetization of mobile games. The player can download the game on mobile devices that run on Android and iOS Operating Systems. The game is completely free. You can play Idle World without the Internet connection.

In Idle World, you will see that the Earth is built on 2D graphic foundation and background is in the outer space. This will allow you to have a panoramic view of the Earth. Moreover, the player can turn your planet to the directions that you want. You will be able to see the Earth from many different angles and know your process at present. How is your planet?

In addition, lively sound will stimulate you. You will want to speed up the building process. Simple interface helps the player be easier to operate. Sometime some images will appear and fly over the screen such as water, land, a sun, a satellite. Besides, there are also images about aliens and UFOs. They bring many surprise for the player and take you to outer space.

Start to build your planet

At the beginning, you just have the primitive planet. Then you will perform each step to build your planet by the instructions of the game. Click on the water image to create water. Or click on the land image to create land. If you want to increase energy production, you will have to keep add elements. Besides, there are still many elements to create the Earth. For example: Soil, Microorganism, Plants, Animals, Humans, and so on. Each time you add one element, the energy will increase. This can be your difficulty. You can’t build the Earth in the short time. You can earn the free energy when you click on the Sun. One click is equal to 200 energies. But you can increase tenfold by watching ads.

In addition, Idle World has many different ways to earn the energy. For example, you can double speed energy by using 10 diamonds when you click on the UFO image. The faster the speed is, the faster the energy increase. But the speed energy just takes place within 120 seconds and you just buy 600 seconds. This is the first way. The second way is Time Travel. You will time travel and get the energy. The number of energy is random. The third way will base on the image that fly over the screen. With the image of a tube that contains the alien, when you touch it, you will receive the energy. But with the images about Water or Land, you will receive the free and certain number of Water or Land elements. Or you can use spin to get the diamonds, the energy or the seconds Time Travel, …The missions of Idle World will also bring many diamonds or Time Travel for you. Let’s earn a lot of diamonds and elements to build the Earth faster.

When you start to build your planet, you can just add the water and land elements on the planet. To unlock the different elements, the players have to complete the requirement of those elements. With Soil element, you need to activate 200 Water and 100 Land. But you will have to activate 100 Silt, 50 Sand and 25 Clay to unlock Microorganism element. In addition, your planet will need the good Preservation, Protection and Upgrade. In Preservation, there will be the new elements such as Plains, Plateaus, Mountains, Sand, the animals (Fish, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Mammals), … But with Protection, you will build the atmosphere of Earth with 5 Spheres. Those are Troposphere, Mesosphere, Stratosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere. Furthermore, the publisher has provided more World 2.0 and Mars for the player. They will bring many attractions for you.

Special points

With Idle World, the player can discover science, especially the Earth. Earth researches has added to the game so that you have a lot of knowledge. The elements when you are building the Earth or the atmosphere of Earth and many different things. The knowledge can be sentences that appear in middle of the game’ interface. Science is always interesting and attract many players.

In the game, the publisher has supported 11 languages for the players. Those are English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean. Many languages help the players in the world to perform the missions and equipment of the game more quickly. But at the same time, you will learn some vocabularies of the different languages.

Entertain with Idle World

With simple and easy gameplay, Idle World MOD APK has attracted many players in the world. Touch the elements that you want to add to the planet. Prevent a natural catastrophe by building the atmosphere. You also can upgrade the ground and add the animals and humans. The planer’s population will increase. These things make you feel like you are creating the real world. Besides, vivid sound and surprised effects will make you excited. You won’t be bored during the building process. Much useful knowledge are in the game. You can play the game and accumulate a lot of knowledge without searching in the Internet at the same time. Let’s start to build and see your achievement.

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