Evolution Idle Tycoon MOD APK 6.2.26 (Free Shopping)

Evolution Idle Tycoon MOD APK 6.2.26 (Free Shopping)

September 28, 2023


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Little Bit Games
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You love observing life on Earth, so download “Evolution Idle Tycoon” to build your world.

Evolution Idle Tycoon brings a world as large and natural as the Earth. You can observe life, and participate in the development of territories or living things. The game offers different eras: Stone Age, Roman Age and Future. You become the greatest king in the world, and you build the world in your own style.

Realistic & exciting simulation of human life

Evolution Idle Tycoon belongs to the strategy genre. The game is developed by the producer Little Bit Games. The game is an excellent choice for fans of the evolution & simulation genre. Players experience the actual development of humanity. Players participate in creating the world (from the ancient to the present and even the future world).

The player is a great architect. You are free to think and build the whole world in your style. The game attracts players both in terms of images and content. Players understand the operational process of the world, and learn much other exciting knowledge.

The game has simple gameplay, and fun. People need a relaxed spirit, perseverance and a desire to create. The game world is like a “miniature of the Earth”, so the game world owns all living things.

Evolution Idle Tycoon offers a wealth of knowledge about history, science and biology. All content is updated from time to time.

The beginning of a small island in the sea

Evolution Idle Tycoon begins with the scene of a small island in the vast ocean. The player sees a blue sky, white clouds and golden sunshine. Players create lands, creatures, trees, houses, etc. Over time, you will create many beautiful animals on the island. The island will go through different periods, from the Stone Age to the future through upgrading. Gameplay is simple, and players follow the instructions of the game. It would help if you prepared agility and a creative mind to create fantastic world.

Evolution Idle Tycoon emphasizes “evolution simulation”, but the gameplay is idle and extremely simple. The screen shows specific functions, and the content is straightforward for everyone to understand. Atoms are the main ingredients to create any item or upgrade. Next, you use the atom for farming and building. After each completed mission, you get more atoms. You upgrade and unlock tools & territories for world perfection. The game has an auto-collect mode. This helps to increase the player’s idle income.

World creativity is unlimited

Evolution Idle Tycoon introduces an exciting world. Players explore the habitats of creatures and people, from ancient times to high technology. The game has authenticity in character creation, lifestyle, and habits. Each epoch has a diverse and characteristic system of life. You discover creatures, trees, and rocks typical of each era.

Players are directly involved in the creation of each era, and different territories. The game has beautiful 3D graphics, and high quality. Players enjoy seeing beautiful landscapes such as the bustling city of Rome, prehistoric villages, or the modern era.

Besides the quests, Evolution Idle Tycoon also has daily rewards. Players use the tips to upgrade and unlock new eras. The rewards can be atoms or diamonds. You can also earn more bits by watching promotional videos. In addition, players try their luck through the wheel of fortune, which includes rewards such as tickets, diamonds, increased atomic production time, or extra spins. Players remember to collect drifting treasures.

Lots of knowledge about life

Evolution Idle Tycoon brings a lot of knowledge about life. Players understand the ocean, plants, trees, rocks. Players understand about building knowledge, and living creatures. The actions of the ancient inhabitants amuse you. The entertainment comes from the fun activities of animals such as fish, elephants, horses, deer, birds and tigers. You discover new eras, new constructions, and new living creatures.

Evolution Idle Tycoon is full-featured of simulation & evolution game genre. The game has beautiful 3D graphics, good music & sound effects. The game is suitable for everyone, and players only need to click through the simple instructions. The game has a fascinating and realistic evolution. Besides, the game also has offline income – bonuses – daily rewards and also lucky spin.

Players can download “Idle World” & “Idle Light City” to experience Clicker games. Players enjoy the entertainment, and create the Earth most creatively.

Click to build the world

Evolution Idle Tycoon is a fun evolution simulation game, and the game is suitable for most players. Players need creativity and patience to create a remarkable development. The game has simple gameplay, and lots of crafting tools. Players create worlds in their style, and enjoy watching the exciting results. The game introduces a lot of knowledge about history and biology.

Download “Evolution Idle Tycoon” to experience the evolution of the Earth and build your realistic simulation world!

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