Idle City Empire MOD APK 3.2.12 (Unlimited Money)

Idle City Empire MOD APK 3.2.12 (Unlimited Money)

February 6, 2021


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Idle City Empire is a city management simulation game. The game is built with 3D graphics. You play the role of a young mason with many excitement and dreams. Your mission is the best city building simulator in the world. The game offers a lot of buildings, and you have a lot of things to do, and lots of opportunities to build your dream city. You will become a billionaire if you create the greatest city in the world through buildings. The game offers a lot of options for you to create, upgrade and automate the city. Lots of great things exist in this game. You need time and constant screen shots to collect money.


Idle City Empire showcases a lot of great constructions. Your mission is to build a city with strict management. You control and setup the automation for your city. From here, you make money constantly even when you’re away. Money comes in quickly, and you get rich easily because of the huge amount of real estate. The game has many interesting buildings, and you should collect a large number of buildings. You create powerful businesses to increase income, and produce money continuously. In addition, the game also has a community when you create great parties. All of them create a community to help you grow the city. Try to increase the happiness of the population with the carnival or the giant ice cream truck. The game allows you to expand your territory, and to larger areas when you have enough population. A lot of wonderful cities and a large number of fascinating works are waiting for you. A reputable investment is the key to success. You need to remember that smart decisions about when to upgrade or build will increase the idle return on investment. Time is always something you need to take care of in order to expand the city. The game supports online or offline play function like “Idle Factory Tycoon“. You enjoy the game without connecting anywhere. The game is a long investment journey, and you need to be ready to become a great real estate tycoon, with the respect of your residents.


Idle City Empire showcases a lot of great works, like the variety of “Idle Factory Tycoon”. You control and build a city with a lot of resources. You need to ensure a great big city from many perspectives. The game is simple, and easy to get used to but still requires complexity to ensure all construction quality. The game begins with a series of empty plots. Your task is to be filled with buildings, or residents. You use the rent to improve mobile homes. Over time, the game expands to many interesting works. You step by step create a giant and luxurious city with many complex infrastructures. In addition to waiting time, you can boost your income with exciting festivals. The colorful festivals make your city a nicer and more attractive place to live. Like “Idle Factory Tycoon”, you need to make precise investments to develop perfectly in the fastest way. Get ready for a small rickshaw park and a big city in the future.


Idle Empire City emphasizes economic strategy for players to build their own city. You start with a small area with clutter. You arrange and create buildings, administrative buildings to attract residents. You build housing and critical infrastructure to attract residents. Over time, a small town will develop into a giant metropolis with a large number of buildings, shopping centers, industrial enterprises and other massive buildings. The game introduces the concept of “resident happiness”. If you want to increase the population, as well as quickly expand the territory, then you must find ways to increase the happiness of citizens. The game presents many opportunities, and get ready to become a billionaire by creating the greatest city. The game is not difficult to get used to, you invest reasonable money, upgrade and automate the city to enjoy the best idle. If you want to increase your income, you provide delicious ice cream to increase profits. Ice cream trucks will contribute to increase income from buildings. Besides, Carnival is also another way to increase idle profits from buildings. You will be overwhelmed by the amount of money from Carnivals in seconds. However, the best way to increase your income is by investing in construction. The increase in the size of the buildings will help you to double your profits. Time is limited, and you need to quickly build your own city. The game has a lot of buildings such as houses, shopping centers, industrial parks, … Get ready to create a huge city with crowded ca. You also become a great person and become a real estate force in the future.


Diverse works, many interesting events.

Automatic money collection, idle fun.

Sharp 3D graphics


Run lots of ads to increase income.

Idleness sometimes creates a feeling of boredom.

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