Battlelands Royale MOD APK 2.9.6 (Unlimited Ammo)

Battlelands Royale MOD APK 2.9.6 (Unlimited Ammo)

May 5, 2021


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Unlimited Ammo

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The player’s task in Battlelands Royale will be to find the weapons scattered on the screen, run and destroy other players. Initially, players will be dropped on the white-handed map and have to find their necessities. Gradually, as the circle narrows, the battles will take place more and more difficult. It allows players to control the map.

The game also makes the player comfortable to enjoy the atmosphere in the game without worrying about dizziness or eye strain. Besides, it also shortens the matches in the game to 3-5 minutes with the number of about 24 players per game. So, you will always feel the fun and comfort of the game. Battlelands Royale also brings interesting physics mechanics such as weak shields that will be shot to pieces after a few rounds, or gas tanks will explode. It is one tip that you should remember and apply right away to win the top one in the game.

The game comes with the typical style of the top-down shooter series, with unique 3D graphics and scenes designed in a funny and vivid style. It promises to bring a unique experience to Battlelands Royale is currently in beta in some countries including Ukraine, Poland, and Finland. You can change the IP to download the game or use the MOD APK file below to experience.

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How to Play Battlelands Royale?

Viewing angle in Battlelands Royale is a top-down perspective that will help you easily see the entire map around. Instead of trying to use all your senses, you can survive like in PUBG Mobile. It reduces stress because it aims this game at entertainment so that players feel most comfortable.

When entering the match at the beginning of the game, it will drop you into the empty-handed map and have to find your necessities on an uninhabited island. Then, you need to collect weapons and necessary items scattered across the map to destroy any other players. Victory will be only for the last survivor. The game will only have a maximum of 32 players in a match with a time of only about 3-5 minutes. It means players will always feel happy with quick life and death battles instead of getting actual battles.

Besides the skills like shooting moral judgment, you also need a little luck because where you fight is an island covered by the ocean, it will be narrowed gradually. If you stay out of your seat belt, you will lose blood to death. And sometimes, it will take up to ten seconds for you to realize what the reason is. There are a few tips to climb to the top one. Or a little more fun. You shoot at the gas tank so it explodes so that the surrounding enemies cannot react in time.

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Overall Assessments

Battlelands Royale is a mini version of a survival game released by Futureplay. At first glance, you might think this is a children’s product. But you are mistaken because it is a shooting game for all players. The first thing that you feel different about Battlelands Royale is its perspective. The top-down perspective will help you see the whole surrounding map instead of trying to use all the senses you can survive like in PUBG Mobile. It reduces stress because they aim this game at entertainment so that players feel most comfortable. You will enjoy the environment in the game without fear of eye strain or dizziness.

Like other survival games, it will take you to an island with empty hands. Then, you need to collect the weapons and items scattered on the map to defend yourself and fight with any other player. Fight for your survival because the rules of this game allow only one last person to survive. Here, survival is the most important. All other things are not essential whether it is love, friendship, or money.

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This game only has up to 32 real-time players in one match. So, it consumes less time, only about three to five minutes. The game requires you to have good shooting skills, judgmental thinking ability, and a little luck. Why is it luck? This uninhabited island is covered with oceans, and it gradually shrunk over time by Safezone. If you stay out of the safe zone, you will lose blood to death, so the wisest moving people are the longest survivors.

Besides, Battlelands Royale also has some interesting mechanics, like weak items that can be destroyed if you shoot at it. You can shoot into the gas tanks. So, it blows away the surrounding enemies and creates a multitude of surprises that prevent the enemy from reacting. Use these tips to climb to the top of the game.

The weapon system of the game is very diverse for you to choose from. You can use familiar weapons such as M16A4, AKM, Scar-light, or shotgun guns like S1897, and S686. However, shotguns have a rather limited range compared to other weapons. It is almost unbeatable when at close range. Besides, you also own rare weapons like minigun or bazooka. Destroying the enemy, you can also pick up all their equipment.

The game allows you to customize the character’s outfit, so it looks more beautiful. Although it does not strengthen you, beautiful costumes also increase your inspiration to conquer the top one in Battlelands Royale.

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If you are a lover of Battle Royale games but dislike the tension in each match, the Rocket Royale game will be a very suitable choice for you. Rocket Royale is a famous survival game with fun gameplay.

Rocket Royale is a survival game with gameplay similar to the Fortnite game, but it has a simple square graphics background, creating a new feeling for players. As a lover of survival games on mobile phones, you will now have another fascinating choice with the name Rocket Royale. This game has just launched on Google Play and is considered by many to be an interesting product.

Just like other games with survival gameplay when the player will be dropped on an island with other opponents. And you have to go to collect a lot of weapons and equipment to have a survival card and become the last to stay firmly on the map. Much of the creativity in Rocket Royale comes from the feature of building structures using resources gathered by demolishing other buildings. Its feature is inherited from the style of Fortnite unmistakably.

Players can collect materials from resources available on the map or destroy and steal resources from other players. The game has over 20 unique weapons for players to choose from. If you want to survive, you must become stronger and faster than others.

Final Words

If traditional survival games like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite make you feel stressed or you do not have enough money to buy PUBG official versions. Then, why not try a fun-style survival game, funny like Battlelands Royale MOD APK?

In terms of graphics, the island, trees, forest, or land are simulated with many colors, somewhat similar to the LEGO world style. Currently, Battlelands Royale has four maps to choose from, such as West Forest, the Maze, The Hideout, and Camper’s Paradise. The distinctive style of the game will bring you the most enjoyable gaming moments.

Battlelands Royale is a fairly light game that can suit almost any machine configuration when it does not require much in terms of both configuration and capacity. Battlelands Royale graphics are cute with simple gameplay. But it still keeps the fierce competition of the survival game.

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