Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds 1.53.00 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds 1.53.00 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

March 23, 2021


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Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds is an exciting combination of PUBG and Minecraft. Here you will explore the world of square blocks through engaging shooting scenes to protect your own life. Players will have to do everything to get equipment and weapons to ensure that every player aims to be the only survivor.

This gameplay is not new, and it is inspired by the movie Battle Royale by Japanese director Kinji Fukasaku. If you also watch movies, the Hunger Games is adapted from the novel of the same name by author Suzanne Collins also inspired by this movie.

At the time of its release, the movie Battle Royale made mixed opinions about its level of violence, but somehow when it was put into a game, no one complained.

Guns and equipment are scattered all over the map. You will have to search for them to improve your strength. The battle took place more and more fierce when the battlefield shrank, the number of players decreased.

In Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds, you will join the exciting survival war in the space of magical blocks. If you are looking for a fighting game, what are you waiting for without participating in this survival battlefield? Discover the outstanding advantages that Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds will bring to you!


Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds is almost no different from PUBG in terms of content and gameplay in the gameplay aspect. You can choose to play “solo” (solo), “perfect couple” (duo), or in a team of four (squad). The game has only one screen.

When entering the battle, players also parachute into the desert island, search for equipment in the houses, and hunt for each other. Your aim is still how to be the last to survive, and even more indispensable to run the familiar Forcefield.

If you have never experienced PUBG, Forcefield is a gameplay element in Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds and games with similar gameplay. It was intended to speed up the battle and limit the maximum time of the match.

Although each person has a different personality and unique gameplay, many players find ways to hide in hidden places that few people expect, especially with a large screen like Pixel. Unknown’s Battlegrounds mod apk.

Forcefield is almost like a forced life and death cycle, bringing together all the players that survived a certain amount of time, forcing everyone to fight life and death together to win.

Without it, the game’s match will last forever without a very tiring end, especially when many players like to “camp” in a specific “hidden corner” waiting for time instead of jumping into the game battle.

Besides the gameplay elements that are still the same, Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds also features obstacle clearance. The game also has some minimap adjustments to assist mobile players, such as footstep signs and gunshots, for those who cannot wear headphones or open speakers during the experience.

The pace of gameplay of Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds is neither too fast nor too slow. It depends on whether the players in the game can quickly finish off the enemy. So, a battle usually lasted only half an hour to an hour.

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Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds Features

Attractive Rewards

The first is the addition of the quest system and rewards by login date and the quest accumulation process. It can help players get costumes for their characters.

User-friendly Interface

The map interface in the game is also changed and tweaked to suit players on mobile devices. The player can move and act while still being able to observe the entire island.

The map zooms in and out is also displayed on only half of the screen. The markers on the small map are also clear and frequently changed to match the game’s rhythm.

Finally, the automatic pick-up system also helps gamers more hands-free when controlling the character when prioritizing higher-end equipment than the one that the player owns.

When the matching weapon is found, they are automatically installed. All changes are made to simplify the original game, allowing players to experience this survival game on their mobile devices.

Provides a Smooth and Stable Experience

After setting up some basic things, I started into Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds to experience whether the game is stable, lag, or difficulty logging in? And please, everything is going pretty smoothly and smoothly.

I tried completing a game, but there was no lag or lag. If, during the game experience, if you encounter the above problems, please check your device configuration.

Then, you reinstall the graphics to suit your device configuration! Because if a mid-range device, then you can’t set the graphics at maximum and require no lag or drop frames at all, right?

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Some Tips to Know When Playing Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds

Always Occupy Areas that are Above The Enemy

Taking over high areas such as hills, mountains, or rooftops will make it much easier for you to attack enemies. When the opponent attacks you because it is located in a low position, the range will be limited and more difficult to hit.

Whereas when you aim to shoot, you can almost shoot directly through the enemy’s apple without any problems. Besides, thanks to standing on high, the field of view is more comprehensive, making it easier to control the match’s situation.

Never pass through barren fields.

When moving in Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds, you have to choose which areas have many places to hide. Maybe take a detour, but do not go through the empty areas.

Doing things like that makes you suitable prey for people lurking around those areas. Passing through an area with absolutely no cover makes it much easier to get shot.

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Always Keep an Eye on the Miniature Map

Using the miniature map continuously every time you hear footsteps or gunshots around will help you detect unusual activities happening around you early. For example, you can find other players’ direction just by hearing footsteps and check it often on the minimap. Also, by checking recent gun clashes, you can detect and blame unnecessary gunfights, or you are weak or run out of ammo, so you have to hide to avoid getting caught.

Pixel's Unknown Battlegrounds screen 2

Keep The Blood Always Full

In the early game, when the battles are going on due to many players, it is essential to keep the blood full of trees. When you have finished a gunfight, your health will be reduced to a little.

If you contemptuously do not heal, you will be attacked by another player with a tire hook as soon as you walk one more segment. It is an awful situation that everyone wants to avoid. So, by keeping your plants full of blood, you will be ready no matter what. Continuously heal as soon as the opportunity arises.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds MOD APK will be an excellent choice for gamers who always want to participate in a survival battlefield. With different but still smooth graphics, this game is sure to satisfy any player. Are you ready to take the top 1 spot in Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds?

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