Grand Battle Royale MOD APK 3.5.3 (Unlimited Money)

Grand Battle Royale MOD APK 3.5.3 (Unlimited Money)

October 29, 2023


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GameSpire Ltd.
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Unlimited Money

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Grand Battle Royale gets inspired by the Japanese thriller Battle Royale that throws the gamers on the island sprinkled with weapons and let them see who will survive in the game. So no wonder why the game having the same formula can stand out that much. Hurry to fight and become the last hero standing in the pixel blocky game

You must prepare for a good hunt coming up in the 3D Grand Battle Royale. What makes the game better than others is how you can battle in online multiplayer mode and experience the new open-world space. Let’s struggle hard to be the final survival in battlegrounds, and don’t miss boosting your skills and growing your tactics without a penny!

General information

Once playing it for the first time, it’s not hard to see the boxy graphics right from the start. Not only that but the entire map is also a 3D pixellated planet. Simply fight your own way around this Minecraft world for the light-hearted experience. Trust me, who doesn’t love to be Rambo who uses his sword and guns to eliminate all the enemies on a distant island?

Grasp this chance to role-play the character once in a lifetime on the mobile platform whereas PUBG is great on PC. More fascinatingly, you get to join a multiplayer pocket gun battle no matter if you stay at home or on the go. All the players do here is jumping out of the plane, search for the loot and destroy the foes.

Be careful because on this dead land, you have to handle each rival to be the last survivor! However, after landing on the place, try to move around for more handy weapons and items to accumulate and guarantee your safety. Just find the best weapons as possible, ranging from Assault Rifle, SMG, shotguns to pixel gun.

Grand Battle Royale screen 2

Now get going and conquer the whole battlefield after grabbing your pixel weapons and shooting your foes up. As mentioned above, Grand Battle Royale brings you to the single island map and starting each round with the moment when you can parachute from the airplane onto the island. Feel free to land in the middle of the buildings, or in the outskirts of the land.

Right after touching down, the first priority you should take is getting a decent-quality weapon. But how to find them? Notice the dots surrounding the ground, so make sure to keep your eyes on them. Does it sound exciting enough for you? Well, the game itself is quite like Battlelands Royale, a shooting game where you also parachute, loot, shoot, and survive!. Just play and explore by yourself.

Most tools are at your disposal, especially when you’re seeking a sniper rifle or an axe on the way. Honestly, Grand Battle Royale is the best mobile game you can’t ignore. The whole graphics are smooth and the challenges are not too hard to conquer. There are six different modes available for you to play, including the zombie mode, sniper mode, battle royal, gun game, and team play.

It’s a simple, fast, and intense battle royale game that every player likes to play on the server. It offers you a chance to pit against several enemies with only one goal of surviving at any cost. Your courage and intensity stand out much as you’re abandoned on a dead island where you knew that you need to fight.

Grand Battle Royale screen 0

Overall assessments

Come to do a bit of research about your surroundings and look for something useful to combat. Firearms and swords are both great to use as well as grenades. Watch out for those little guys lurking around you, and then slay them to survive the game. The game is overall super fun and surprisingly good. Many players won’t expect it to be that great.

However, some people still hope to have more gun maps and mods added in the later updates. The game is good but it obviously needs an update to make the battle pass for diamonds. Nothing is better than the AWM sniper, more burns, and even more abilities to use, so it would be awesome to add one of them to the game.

Besides, players give more recommendations to make the game unique. For example, a battle pass should be added when more gamers are enabled to join one game. With it, it’s easier to add players without having to join them, and even a chatbox that is great for you to chit chat with them out of the game.

Out of so many nice things to talk about, the matchmaking feels unfair at times. How comes? This is because some rewards including battle pass stars and money you’re allowed to gain daily never fall into your pocket. It happens whenever the timer goes up instead of going down. These errors need to get repaired for a higher reviewer rating.

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Play Grand Battle Royale now – it’s a fun and inspirational shooting MMO game you can play on the Android device. The game is free to play and let you shoot around with the fellow survivors on a weird-looking island. As getting locked and loaded, it’s possible to guard yourself against other players who always roam through the map.

Following the PUBG style, camping behind the scenes won’t be able to save you for too long since the maps would shrink little by little. Such a thing drives everyone towards the center slowly and even in the last-man-standing gun battle. What happens if you can’t win over the fight? You have to collect more in-game cash for joining the combat again. Or the player has to purchase new skins for his or her character.

The battleground location is an abandoned island with a dead city somewhere else in the ocean. It gets surrounded by the mythical Blue zone. And your only task here is to stay in the safe zone as long as possible and destroy all of the enemies. While battling in the Online Multiplayer mode, you will become a part of the epic PVP gameplay against other gamers all over the world.

Guns will show up randomly throughout the Grand Battle Royale, so ensure to search the ground carefully. Of course, always collect more weapons to have an advantage over others. Grand Battle Royale is a free software application from the Action category and now available in English. It was last updated in June 2020. The game can get installed on a mobile platform.

Grand Battle Royale screen 3


It combines the Minecraft-style visuals with the traditional Battlegrounds installations. I’m sure that you’ll love the cartoonish visuals, which work quite well in contrast to the violent nature of the gameplay. You get air-dropped in and must move around on the island from one to another for the hunt.

The gameplay is easy to control and its graphic is fantastic, even for low-quality phones. Thus, I wish that more people know and download it so that more players can join the game. For those who love games with a blockier texture, then Grand Battle Royale is the right one for them!

Final words

Are you a part of millions of battle royale game players out there who search for another new playground? Grand Battle Royale Mod APK is the most competitive pixel-based game for you to try this time. Here, you can dive into the intense multiplayer world of a military blocky game inspired by the most famous titles in the battle royale genre.

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