Idle Farming Empire MOD APK 1.46.8 (Unlimited Coins)

Idle Farming Empire MOD APK 1.46.8 (Unlimited Coins)

September 28, 2023


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Unlimited Coins

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Idle Farming Empire insists on simple farm management. The game belongs to the genre of construction simulation 2D. Your mission is to develop and automate the farming empire. You have to build and do things to get the biggest profit of all time in the agricultural sector. You have to try to create a lot of smart investments in a variety of plants and animals. Over time, you grow your farm, and you make millions of dollars, quickly, idle. Of course, agribusiness is not easy, and you need time and wise investment to maximize profits.


Idle Farming Empire was developed, and inherited the advantages of “Idle City Empire“. The game emphasizes idleness, and fun in farm construction. The game supports “AUTOMATION”, the farm will automatically earn money continuously as soon as you turn off the game. Besides, the game content is rich. You will unlock, and own hundreds of crops / animals. Of course, each has its own style. The game also allows you to intervene in “the weather”, so you can use the power of the sun / rain to increase your farm’s productivity. The game creates a huge community, so you will increase your personal reputation by exchanging crops at the market in exchange for magical seeds. The “magic seeds” help you increase your personal reputation to expand your farmland. Remember that every wise investment decision (eg upgrading, harvesting or automatic profit) will help you grow quickly. In addition, the game also supports both online or offline modes. So, you can experience Idle Farming Empire anywhere. Try to be the biggest, most prosperous rancher and own many special animals.


Idle Farming Empire is built for fun, and should be suitable for everyone. You do not need to be too focused on the game, but mainly enjoy the fun from the game. The game allows you to earn idle money even when the computer is turned off. A lot of people are in a busy state, so the hands-free gameplay of the game will suit most people. You just need to tab continuously into the box belonging to crops and animals. Of course, the more you press, the more money you get. Over time, you use the money to conduct farm upgrades. New animals and plants will help you to grow your profits in the best way. Idle Farming Empire has rich content like “Idle City Empire” when you unlock lots of decorations, or items. Always find ways to spend your earnings appropriately to help you increase useful farm stats. The game features simple “tutorial quests” to help players quickly adapt to the game. The game offers a lot of updates, as well as a new system of events continuously. Thanks to the constant change, players easily reap special profits or items. Your efforts over time will keep the farm profitable. From here, you can easily develop your own best farming empire. The game possesses simple 2D graphics, bright colors, so it is suitable for young children. You enjoy the cute graphics, and the delightfully designed plants and animals. Besides, the background music is quite vibrant and fun. Each of your actions (collecting money, harvesting trees, weather, …) comes with different sound effects. Certainly, the freshness and lightness of the game will help you relax after hours of studying and working stress. It can be said that, Idle Farming Empire is a reasonable choice if you need a light, interesting but full of entertainment game. Everyone will want to own a peaceful and joyful farm to relieve stress and pressure in life.


Idle Farming Empire helps you fulfill your dream of becoming a young agricultural tycoon. The game presents a vast agricultural world with lots of fun. You will find a lot of fun if you have played “Idle City Empire”. You build and upgrade your farm through crops and animals. You buy and sell things like (chicken, pig, fruit, …) for a profit. You harvest idle money, manage and upgrade farmers to make many great things. The game also has a variety of decorative items, as well as pets (cats and dogs) for you to create your dream farm. Use all your creativity to create your own farm, like a farm on the moon, or on a tropical island. In short, the Idle Farming Empire allows players to grow an agricultural empire at will, through a variety of crops and animals. Beautiful 2D graphics, and funny plants and animals will create a lot of fun.


2D gentle entertainment with farms, pets, and crops.

Gameplay is simple, and idle.

Suitable for many ages, many moments of entertainment


Simple gameplay is easy to get boring if played for a long time.

Lack of creativity in items or functions.

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