King of Thieves MOD APK 2.66 (Unlimited Money)

King of Thieves MOD APK 2.66 (Unlimited Money)

June 4, 2024


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Unlimited Money

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With a cute cartoon style and fresh colors like its predecessor, Cut The Rope, King of Thieves also achieves respectable achievements thanks to the unique gameplay, a combination of running and jumping games. It is also a confrontation between players.

The player’s mission in King of Thieves is to find a way to break into and steal gold and silver from more than 80 dungeons across the kingdom or friends. If you have played the game genre that causes disunity such as Pirates King, you probably understand the great pleasure of stealing gold and silver from your friends or vice versa.

To celebrate 10 million downloads, publisher ZeptoLab released a massive new update for King of Thieves. With this new update, players can participate in team battles (Guild Battle). Two teams with similar characteristics will compete with each other to see which team takes less time and acquires more gems, and gold coins will win.

General Information

King of Thieves is one of the latest games of ZeptoLab, the founder of the Cut The Rope game series, because of the great success of the lovely monster Om Nom. King of Thieves receives many acclaims by the gaming community.

The game keeps the traditional style comfortable to play, easy to access, but the difficulty increases through the levels. King of thieves takes the player into a tiny thief who has the task of stealing gold and gems from other players to bring back build your dungeon.

Here, players can combine gems to obtain a more valuable treasure as well as have to design trap locations to prevent plunder from other players. ZeptoLab has done a great job combining casual and multiplayer genres into King of Thieves to compete with friends and other players.

The gameplay of King of Thieves is also straightforward and addictive. The game will include many levels of gameplay corresponding to completely different dungeons. The player controls a tiny thief overcoming obstacles on the way and reaching the destination safely.

Obstacles will vary from traps, guillotines, cannons to giant monsters ready to devour the little thief. So, players always have to control their characters to run, fly, jump, and stick to the wall continues to be able to overcome difficult challenges. However, after each round, the rewards will partly repay the effort worth the effort, which is the treasures full of gold and valuable gems.

You will have to overcome these pitfalls by running and jumping like other platform games. On the other hand, you will also have to protect your treasure from other thieves.

The game will provide low to high-level traps for you to freely arrange, but there is also a limit so that you cannot cover the entire room with traps. With unique gameplay, high connectivity, and cute graphics, King of Thieves is considered a gentle but equally attractive wind for mobile game fans during long holidays.

The storyline of Thieves World

The plot of King of Thieves is straightforward, you will play as a thief with the task of stealing the treasure of other thieves and reaching the title of a famous “super thief.” The plot is neither old nor new, obviously not the highlight of the ZeptoLab games.

So, the players waited in the mixed gameplay that was advertised by the company before. And indeed, it did not disappoint them. King of Thieves has a clever combination between goalkeeper (tower defense) and flying (platform).

In the aspect of tower defense, the game is quite similar to Clash of Clans when the player has to build his lair against the enemy’s attack firmly.

Every time you steal the treasure, based on the degree of death more or less, you will be rated from 1 to 3 stars with the corresponding bonus amount. For avoiding the player setting traps in too tricky positions, the game forces you to overcome the pitfalls of two times before you can put it into operation. Therefore, there will be no pitfalls from you and other players in King of Thieves.

Special Features


King of Thieves is built with a unique storyline when all players participating in the game world are thieves. That’s right! You must break into the homes of your neighbors and steal your wealth to get rich. However, you need to overcome the pitfalls they set up to fulfill your evil goals, and don’t forget to protect your possessions.

You will play the role of a thief with many tricks and special skills. Your mission is to break into the treasure hidden from other players and steal valuable items. Of course, other players will not easily let you take their things, they will prevent you by arranging traps.

King of Thieves screen 0

Operating System

As introduced, King of Thieves has a one-touch control mechanism that couldn’t be simpler. Accordingly, your character will automatically move, each touch the screen once for your guy to jump high.

The obstacles will be the moving cogs, guards to block your way to the neighbor’s treasure. Players need to manipulate accurately, just once making a mistake is enough for the character to lose his life.


Besides, players can also come to the vibrant system with about 80 levels of gameplay waiting for you to explore. Each game screen will be locked with many locks and open only when the player activates the correct primary lock.

King of Thieves screen 1


In terms of graphics, King of Thieves retains the same lovely style as his brothers. Images in the game are displayed in the direction of colorful animation, eye-catching, and easy to see. The game sound also gives players a fun atmosphere with fast and attractive background music.

King of Thieves screen 2

Other Highlights

Some of the main features and new features just updated in the latest version of the game:

  • Unique Platformer game with online multiplayer mode.
  • Design your dungeon to protect your treasure.
  • Upgrade traps and craft your character’s outfits.
  • Use add-ons to break the opponent’s defense.
  • Compete with other players in multiple tournaments for great rewards.
  • A small update version fixes some bugs and improves stability for the game.
  • Guild Recovery: People in the guild can help each other to steal the treasure.
  • Join Guild battle: join forces with fellow guildmates and bring your guild to the top of glory.

With a productive escape system of more than 80 different levels for players to explore, each level will be locked with multiple locks and only open when the player activates the correct central lock. Along with that is the graphics in the game designed with a whimsical style.

Images are displayed in the direction of colorful, eye-catching animations that are easy on the eyes. The game sound also gives players a fun atmosphere with fast and attractive background music.

Overall Evaluation


Talking about the platform, King of Thieves makes players think of games like N+ or Super Meat Boy with the adventurous themes, flipping extremely skillful people of super thieves. You just need to control the flying character and move, change direction is automatic.

The game screen is quite narrow with entangling pitfalls. So, every time you successfully perform the flying moves, you will feel extremely excited. After intense jumping, you can upgrade the trap system or improve the base to hold more money.

The game has a gem craft system when you mine from mines to improve your rankings, create new bases, and form guilds if there are top gems in the Wooden League. As a game favoring PvP with many players, of course, King of Thieves requires a network connection to be able to unleash stealing in the game.

Besides the primary levels, you can visit the base of any player or take revenge who has attacked your lair. The game is also quite pleasant when it allows players to “die” as often as they want. And at the same time, it helps players who are novices by clearing traps, slowing downtime, etc.


In addition to the good points mentioned above, what King of Thieves makes players most disappointed is the unlocking system (picklock) remarkably inhibited. Indeed, the game only provides you with only 11 keys.

If you want to play one level, you have to open the correct central lock by choosing from 3-4 locks, and especially there are many levels up to higher numbers. It invisibly turns the game into a game of chance, not showing super thieves’ ability to picklock.

Besides, because the number of keys is quite small, sometimes just playing for a few minutes, you have to pause because you will be out of keys. You have no choice but to watch a promotional video, wait about four minutes to get one crucial, or spend money to buy extra keys.

What King of Thieves has shown has not made the player completely satisfied. However, we are regrettable for a potential product but restrained himself with the element of extra purchases in the game.

Developed by Halfbrick, the founder of the once-storming Ninja Fruit series, Jetpack Joyride is completely incomprehensible with the expectations that players have set for this supposed Rambo 4.0 game since its release.

Launched for a long time, but the hotness that this mobile game brings is still very influential. It reflects that Jetpack Joyride has consistently been at high positions for a long time on the game charts.

The reason why Jetpack Joyride is called Rumbo 4.0, is that Halfbrick has built the game with somewhat similar details, along with a story that is very similar compared to what happened in previous Rumbo games.

Interesting Gameplay

You will transform into Barry and begin your adventure with a very advanced machine gun-jet system on your back. The exciting thing is that you will not destroy the enemy with usually guided bullets as they will be bounced down from your jet engine.

Therefore, flying up high will be the only way to help you neatly handle threats. There will be a lot of obstacles appearing, consider and keep yourself a safe distance to be able to perform the most favorable dodges.

Amazing Controllability

Regarding the control system, Halfbrick is minimalistic with just click and drop to help Barry fly in or out. There will also be plenty of protective items and accessories that give you beneficial advantages.

What makes Jetpack Joyride so remarkable is the infinite customization, the power of weapons, or the death threat system that appears in the game. Without these factors, Halfbrick is challenging to make an impression on players. But fortunately, when Jetpack Joyride converges all, compensate for each other and combine to pull the player into endless adventures.

Extra Purchases

Another factor worth mentioning is the paid item system in the game. Like other free games, the full exploitation of revenue through advertising is not too strange to anyone.

Jetpack Joyride is no exception, not even exaggerating to say that Halfbrick takes advantage of when more than 80% of the support items can be obtained through watching ads. However, spending a little time to have a chance to revive or get details is also entirely not too big, even profitable for gamers.

It is a great game, especially for gamers who love the action-packed fun genre. You can download for free this beautiful game on the Appstore and Google Play.

Final Words

ZeptoLab – the founder of blockbuster puzzles Cut the Rope, and Pudding Monsters recently released a new super product called King Of Thieves. The game is built in the direction of action and character control through a one-touch operation that couldn’t be simpler.

King of Thieves MOD APK has a one-touch control mechanism that couldn’t be simpler. Accordingly, your character will automatically move, each touch the screen once for your guy to jump high. King of Thieves is a unique intellectual game that has been available on both Android and iOS operating systems since the beginning of 2015.

The versions for Windows PC and Windows Phone were only released not long ago. It is a game that is combined between running games and confrontation between players. In general, the King of Thieves is exceptionally suitable for gamers who want to challenge their minds and may make them fall in love with these new bunkers.

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