Stack Ball MOD APK 1.1.78 (Unlocked All Skins)

Stack Ball MOD APK 1.1.78 (Unlocked All Skins)

CASUAL AZUR GAMES Unlocked All Skins

Stack Ball is a simple but extremely fun and addictive arcade action game. The player controls the ball, bouncing, hitting on a rotating spiral pillar to break the blocks and go to the bottom. Do you remember Helix Jump, a game VOODOO made by storm recently? In the game, the player controls a marble in a vertical spiral maze, overcoming various colored traps, trying to stay alive for as long as possible. Stack Ball has similar gameplay.

However, in Stack Ball, the spiral maze is replaced by a cylindrical block filled with colored bricks. Your task is to control the ball bouncing on the bricks, break them and go to the bottom of the cylinder. If the ball bounces in a bright area, the brick will break. But if you bounce into the black area, the ball will weaken and at some point shattered to pieces. The level will end, and you can replay from the beginning.

General Information

In recent times, the surprise and dominance of the mobile game Stack Ball for both the Appstore and Google Play markets are hard to imagine. Stack Ball is a game with simple gameplay but not so colorful and successful. For anyone who has tried it, we must admit that Stack Ball is as fascinating and addictive as Flappy Bird before. Because of its ease of playing, the challenge increases with level.

The rules of the game are straightforward when you can control a ball and crush the pieces of the puzzle that are on their way to the finish. However, the difficulty here is that the boards will have black areas that touch game over. And the other areas are comfortable. So just negligent negligence, the ball will touch the black, and you will play again.

With so many alternating layouts and arrangements, Stack Ball provides the entertainment feeling when you are rushing down but avoid the black part. After that, you just hung on the road. Stack Ball is an unknown phenomenon of mobile gaming when it is simple and easy to play, but to master it, there must be some qualities such as quick hands and eyes. Besides, it stimulates the player’s bitterness to play many times when he wants to complete the game. The above factors combine to give them an entertaining but no less challenging game.

How to Play Stack Ball?

Stack Ball is the latest 3D video game that is currently loved by young people. It is a simple game that gives players the best entertainment moments. Stack Ball is powered by AI GAMES FZ, a company specializing in the production of hot 3D games.

Coming to Stack Ball, go through a lot of challenges that the game requires. Your task is to smash and impact the way it drops the brick of the same color. But remember to avoid the black bricks if you do not want to. Play again from the beginning, with thousands of levels with different difficulty, and you will enjoy it. Download the game Stack Ball to your Android phone and iOS with only 32 MB you have owned this unique game.

In Stack Ball, the speed of the game will increase over time. You will control the ball to avoid it. The speed of the game can cause you to lose. Stack Ball offers hundreds of different levels, the difficulty will accumulate, and many levels will make you angry. Stack Ball creates a fascinating feeling when playing that you will like. With straightforward gameplay, you need to press immediately and control the ball along the way. But you can control it accurately or not. When you touch the black brick, you will lose. It will change the falling ball. Let’s play this game.

What are you waiting for without downloading this unique game right away? Thousands of levels are waiting for you. Stack Ball will bring you great entertainment moments, with only 32MB that you already own Stack Ball? This great game is indispensable to your phone. Do not forget to introduce your friends for entertainment together after tiring days.

Overall Assessments

Stack Ball 3D is a game that is loved for the fun and extremely addictive gameplay. Join the Stack Ball, you will conquer the spiral towers by using the ball to break its layers and bring the ball deep below to reach the finish line, don’t forget to dodge the traps. You will control the ball on the spiral tower and break the layers of the tower while sending the ball down to the finish line and avoiding the black parts of each floor.

If you accidentally collide with the black part of the tower floor, the ball will immediately shatter, and you will lose. As you continuously break the floors, the ball will gradually burn. And in this state, you can break the black parts easily. The state of ignition is only for a moment, pay attention so that the ball does not break when it touches the black part of the tower.

After completing each tower, it will promote you to one level. Reach enough levels, you can unlock new balls with unique and new shapes. The game has an Instagram button, so you can quickly make a record photo in the game. The ball effect bounces at a steady pace. As the ball dived, the ball was compressed and shattered a series of layers of the tower.

There is a diverse collection of balls with unique designs such as teddy bear heads, donuts, and more. They also design the towers with bright colors, creating a sense of excitement for the player. Stack Ball comes without background music. However, you can hear the beat of the ball on the tower, as it plunges to destroy the floors. The sound will be heard continuously, which is hilarious. When the burning ball will emit a sob that is simulated authentically, the ball will look much stronger.

If you are looking for a fast entertainment game, Stack Ball MOD APK is a perfect choice. Possessing simple gameplay with beautiful images, Stack Ball has been addictive for many players by interesting challenges combining unexpected pitfalls. Let’s challenge Stack Ball 3D together to see how far you can go!

Recommended Alternative: Color Bump 3D

Color Bump 3D belongs to a popular game with simple gameplay, but it is difficult to win. Move the marble towards the finish line, but touch nothing of the color along the way. There are 100 challenges with increasing difficulty are waiting for you to explore in Color Bump 3D.

Color Bump 3D has straightforward gameplay. Move the marble two up, push up, or back down to advance to the win. Along the way, you will encounter hollow holes or shapes of different colors from the marbles. Dodge those obstacles, use large blocks of the same color as a shield and finish your goal to the finish line. Win levels, collect keys to open gift boxes, get more coins, change the look of the marbles.

Final Words

To win each level, players must have a specific movement strategy, suitable for each challenge. Sometimes you need to stop waiting for the next chance to bounce, but sometimes the ball becomes a ball of fire, you can speed it down like a madman, reaching the bottom of the tower as quickly as possible. It is not only challenging but also fun every time you finish.

The higher the level, the more difficult Stack Ball 3D is to play because of the increasing game speed, the dense, alternating brick blocks. So you need to be focused to react quickly, touch, and release at the right time. Finally, complete the level quickly.

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