Steel And Flesh MOD APK 2.2 (Unlimited Money)

Steel And Flesh MOD APK 2.2 (Unlimited Money)

April 20, 2022


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Have you ever wanted to be a part of an epic medieval story? Are you into the infamous TV series Game of Thrones, the video game series Assassin’s Creed, or the mobile game Clash of Clans?

If so, then Steel and Flesh will be your next best friend. It’s a mix of role-playing, strategy, and action mobile game published by VirtualStudio. The goal of the game, in a nutshell, is battling kingdoms and lords to rule the land and, finally, become king.

Before you click onto the Download button, it is important to understand and have some ideas about what this game offers. Keep reading our detailed review of Steel and Flesh down below and ready to enjoy one of the most adventurous experiences in your free time.

Concept & Story

The Steel and Flesh, in fact, has no actual story. But the whole concept is still based on the real background stories in history.

In the Middle Age, there were many clans, small kingdoms, and pirates that existed together. Each society has its own obligatory rules. This leads to conflicts between them, and thus, gladiators are the most important people. Although having many history and strategy attached, the game is still very well-conceived and a pleasure to behold.

In Steel and Flesh, you play a medieval fighter role and participate in epic battles between 12 major clans for the land. The 12 tribes consist of the Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Golden Horde, the Vikings, the Rus, England, France, Germany, Poland, Song Empire, Pirates, and Rebels. You will contribute to the opening of your territories, including seas, islands, and continents.

During this period, the pirates raged and rebelled as a dangerous force in the North, but Europe quelled these rebellions. You can choose either to be a normal robber, pillaging the villages with your bandit. Alternatively, you can dream of a bigger goal, build your own army, and engage in the real war with formidable enemies.

Being a fighter of a clan, you have the chance to become king. But it’s never been easy to hold such a powerful position. As a king, you will rule the land you gain by defeating your opponents and taking their territory.

Some main sites in the game are villages, towns, castles, and ports – these are also the primary location of a medieval kingdom in real life. With the help of your soldiers, you will engage in battles and conquer these sites.

Of course, your target territories have their own armies, and their soldiers are obstacles you have to pass through on your way. Your mission is to reduce their numbers to 0 to occupy the land, then your army can move into the site.

Each land you overtake successfully will help you acquire gold coins. Golds allow you to recruit more qualified soldiers and obtain high-quality weapons for your army. The in-game level also goes up quickly by increasing the amount of conquered land. Therefore, it’s important to maintain the invincible.

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The Steel and Flesh version 2.2 obtains 25,252,525 gold coins in-game and offers Chinese in the Setting menu.

Besides the modification, it also provides some prominent features that you can find at the bottom of the screen:

  • Optimize Global map
  • Set up base camp
  • Squad: assemble recruits for your squad
  • Clans: manage war-torn territories and their current political status
  • Invent: an inventory that allows you to purchase provisions (mostly food), baggage animals, weapons, ships, anything to help you complete your missions
  • Customization: Go to Player to check your rank and customize your characters’ visual, including gender, facial features, hair/beard styles and color, helmet, etc.
  • Hundreds of clans’ flags
  • Choose the formations for each troop of your army (archers, swordsmen, catapult): You can attack with all archers/ swordsmen/etc. at the same time.
  • Siege tower: Allow the attacking troops climb to the top of the castle and cover where the archers are shooting. Only be used when attacking castles.
  • Multi-player: The game allows combat with a third person


Amazing portrayal of the Renaissance Era

Steel and Flesh did a great job portraying the Middle Ages in detail, with vivid 3D graphics and rendition.

We can indicate that the graphics are quite impressive compared to the massive amount of mobile games on the market. The developers rendered landscapes and characters in an entire 3D animation.

The background music is also a plus. The melodious flute makes the players feel comfortable and goes very well with the medieval concept. It’s like taking you straight from modern times to the Middle Age.

Stable operation

As we experienced, the game runs smoothly without dropping frames most of the time. It also works well on almost every smartphone line.

Not just combat

Besides building troops and occupying new land, you have many tasks and things to discover the in-game world.

You can visit markets and taverns, believe me, it’s a brand new experience with the wine bars we used to play in other FPS games. You can also talk to the citizens, the townsfolk, and the villagers. Moreover, to challenge your own skills, you should join the tournament. These activities can contribute to your army building and gold collecting.

A great choice for hardcore fans

Why do we especially indicate this game for pro players? Whether you become a king or not, there are so many tasks that might challenge your strategic, logical thinking, combat skills, and problem-solving skills.

Unlike other games with specific and detailed directions when starting the game, Steel and Flesh provides little to no guidance. After spending time with this game, we’re sure you will improve these above qualities to win the game. Therefore, players who love the interpreting ambiguous gameplay of strategy games will definitely enjoy Steel and Flesh.


Lack of direction

The biggest drawback of this game, in our opinion, is the lack of information and guidance. You can hardly find any tutorials and reviews on YouTube or Google. Even in your first entering the game, there are a few instructions offered. Some players shared that it took them two hours to find the best way to start the game after losing tons of soldiers and currency.

But don’t worry. The game lets you select the difficulty level initially, so it fits both casual and hardcore game players. It will be a little struggle at first, but the developers know how to keep you in the game.

Moreover, we don’t think that any of you want a piece of cake since it will get tedious quickly. The more challenging the game is, the more fun you got, right?

Limited amount of territories

Another downfall of Steel and Flesh is that it does have an end. We mean, suppose you’ve already a master in this kind of game. In that case, maybe you will beat all the other empires and conquer all of the available territories before the developers update the new version and add new regions to the game.

The trouble with high-class mobile devices

The game might sometimes not fit the full screen for players who use high-end devices with extra-large screens.

Tips for Better Game Result

The primary things you need to do in Steel and Flesh include recruiting troops, navigating the terrain, and engaging in battles to overtake other territories.

As we mentioned above, there are only a few tutorials you can search for on the internet. Therefore, to help you achieve the goal more easily, we collected some principles and tips in the following:

On your first time entering the game, you should focus on increasing exp and avoid being shot by NPCs. Attack robbers first; they are weak and give out a considerable number of exp. Loot the items fallen out of them to sell. You can do that to other enemies and opponents you kill, too.

The perfect starting weapon should be a crossbow because your level is not high enough to use a sword to combat, and the NPCs cannot kill you if you move sideways.

There are three ways to get more valuable items: attack big villages to loot (you will become their enemy), create farms (costly but higher profit), or purchase the items you want in the market (pricey, but you can trade any other things here, sell your own items).

The lords’ only purposes are to protect their castles and attack other castles. The more lords you defeat; the sooner you will rule the whole territory.

To have more lords, try to occupy as many castles as possible.

You use leadership to control and command your lords. Try to keep your leadership high; it helps you hire more soldiers and build more troops.

Recruits are weak against strong NPCs. Some NPCs can defeat them in one hit.

The pirate castles are easier to conquer than rebel castles. You should use skillful soldiers to occupy the pirate castles and take their lords before attacking other castles. The pirate lords can help you to conquer harder factions. However, if you can easily take over the pirates, other enemy clans can do that, too. Therefore, after defeating, remember to send some of your lords to the pirate castles for additional defense against future threats.

Do not attack a castle if you don’t have at least one of these three features: siege towers, rams, and catapults. You can only use siege towers for castle-attacking. They work like ladders or bridges to access the top of the castles. Rams and catapults are multi-use, but they work best for attacking castles. The catapults are good defenders due to their range and shields. They are also good attackers when associating with the archers. Moreover, if a ram is killed, a catapult can become an alternative.

Final Words

To sum up, what you experience while playing Steel and Flesh is mainly building your army, going to war, and rising in power to become king. Watching your soldier die is not easy at all. Still, you need to overcome that feeling and go straight forward to become a true hero, a powerful ruler. That’s what the game teaches you.

Regardless of some small minus, Steel and Flesh is still enticing. It’s a feature-rich 3D RPG mobile game that is totally worth your download.

We hope this article will help you in your journey of winning this incredible game. Download now via this link to take the first step to turn your squad into an enormous empire.

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