BLOOD & GLORY MOD APK 1.1.6 (Unlimited Money)

BLOOD & GLORY MOD APK 1.1.6 (Unlimited Money)

August 1, 2020


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Hello, my dear friends! Welcome back. Historical stories are always exciting and fascinating, especially stories about the ancient Roman empire. Have you ever wanted to transform into Roman gladiators and take part in fierce battles? Blood and Glory will be the place to fulfill your dreams. Ever since I first discovered this game, I was extremely excited because I was interested in the matches of the Roman gladiators. If you’re feeling excited, join me to learn more about Blood and Glory!


Game Blood & Glory is a fighting game directly based on the history of the bloody arena of the ancient Roman Empire; the game depicts a war of survival and fierce battle among gladiators.

Additionally, the game also provides detailed and beautiful 3D graphics. It brings a very realistic experience like violent gladiators, with an impressive system of tactics and full of tactics, each opponent brings specific changes to bring appeal to the game.

When taking part in the game, you have to go through a lot of levels. Each level, you will face more robust and more tough opponents to win. You are only allowed to win but not allowed to lose, which is the fierce character of the ancient Roman arena when gladiators have only two paths, living or dead.

But the latest Game Blood & Glory will have many dangerous attacks for gladiators. In every battle, they will give you blood, and coins to buy your armor will help you more durable than your opponent.

Blood & Glory is a great fighting game genre, suitable for those who are passionate about martial arts and fighting games. The player conquers the pinnacle of victory.


Glu is a famous game developer with many famous games such as Gun Bros, Samurai vs. Zombies Defense, Eternity Warriors, Contract Killer series, and so on. Nearly three years ago, Glu brought to mobile gamers The game Blood & Glory: Legend with the direction to mimic the blockbuster game then was Infinity Blade.

Although the way they design characters, graphics, and sound in the game is also right still cannot overcome the Infinity Blade monument, so soon overshadowed. However, Glu still has not faltered there and continues to release part 2 of this series, with new gameplay and improved graphics.

Blood and Glory no longer follow the same old game mechanics as their seniors but are dressed in action role-playing (RPG) style. The game’s context is set at a time of prosperity for the Roman Empire, as Roman civilization became more and more powerful and became a thorn in front of the gods on Mount Olympus.

Zeus (king of the gods), Ares (god of war), and Hades (god of hell) fear that the power of Rome in the future will overthrow them, so they eliminated this threat. In the game, players will play an elite warrior side by side with the villagers to stand out to protect Rome from the mighty army of the gods.

Blood & Glory: Immortals offers three-character lines for players to choose: Gladiator, Warlock, and Barbaress; Each character will have unique fighting skills. The console in the game is not much different from the traditional RPG games: the moving button cluster on the left, the attack/defense button cluster, and special skills are located on the right of the screen.

Players can receive missions from the elders or can storm the battle on three significant battlefields, including Rome, Crete Islands, and Mount Olympus – the reign of the gods. According to Glu, the game has over 150 missions to challenge the player. Monsters in the game are also very diverse from the undead, hell dogs, monsters in Greek legends, and so on.

Loot (pick up items) feature is also indispensable in this game; players can pick up money, valuable items such as weapons, armor, jewels from monsters, or in the item box—side street.

Besides the variety of items, the game also offers a magnificent weapon and armor upgrade system. Character items can be upgraded with gems or can be assembled from other items to become stronger.

Additionally, the skill system is also invested more carefully by Glu. Players can upgrade skills for their characters to resist the aggressive army of the gods. The game also has a guild system (guild) for players to join with friends around the world, join events, and receive valuable items.

Features of Blood and Glory

Besides the basic characteristics similar to some other fighting games, Blood and Glory also have their own special features. Ever since I experienced this game, I have felt excited. From my experience, Blood and Glory has brought me a lot of entertainment, thanks to its attractive features.

The Plot Is Vivid and Constantly Changing

As mentioned above, Glu is the developer of Blood and Glory. Although this game belongs to the category of fighting and defeating opponents, it is not merely like that. The developer also creates a complete and engaging storyline.

As a leading game developer on mobile devices, Glu’s games are appealing to players. Especially the action games with high Octon, their expertise is highly appreciated.

Blood and Glory not only attract male gamers but also a lot of women love this game. So I just said that this Roman context game is exciting. Each stroke is released as a way for players to release stress after a day of fatigue and hard work.

Following today’s trends, medieval-themed shows and movies are increasingly popular. It is undeniable that this is because of the leading films such as Game of Thrones, Rome, and Spartacus. Games of this style, such as Glad Gladiators or Blood and Glory, have gained many players and positive reviews.

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Make Strategies and Bright Shots

Despite being in the fighting genre, Blood and Glory is not realistic and violent. The characters in the game are fictional products and bring superior strength.

I know this is funny, but these characters look like cute kittens when compared to real Roman gladiators or MMA fighters, footballers today.

Graphics in the game can make you feel too stressed, but actually, it is not so bad. All you need before starting a match is a perfect strategy and agility.

When taking part in Blood and Glory, you will transform into a gladiator with outstanding combat skills in your own way. After each battle, the system will give you a certain amount and experience points. Note that the accumulation of as many gems as possible because they are indispensable at a later stage. In addition, for defense and strength, players can buy additional weapons, potions and upgrade their armor.

Blood Glory also has an in-app purchase system for gold and gems. If you want your items to the maximum, you can try buying them! It does not require this.

Glu designed very realistic game space. The characters in the game speak Latin, and everything from armor, weapons to settings, corresponds to history. This is another plus point that I appreciate in this game.

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Simple but Attractive Gameplay

Let me tell you a little about the technical aspects of playing this game. The developer has claimed that the game is compatible with all touch-screen devices running iOS or Android. However, I have just experienced it on iOS.

By swiping your finger on any of the eight axes, you can throw combos and parry. The A, S, and D keys help you dodge enemy attacks and block dangerous attacks. It sounds a bit confusing but believes me; after only two to three matches, you can master it. At that time, you will become a problematic and strong obstacle to your opponent.

At a glance, many people think that Blood and Glory is simply a mess, and hitting around can win. But absolutely not! You need to have strategy and expertise when launching a shot. That’s why I say that this game requires ingenuity and sinisterness.

At the early levels, I felt a bit boring because I could easily take down the opponent. But when I got to the next level, I was really shocked. Because at that time, my armor and shield were just cheap tin plating. My opponent is powerful! And I need to fight more seriously.

This is also a test for the patience of the player. Although it is not a light game to play at any time, whenever I play Blood and Glory, I feel delighted. Partly because I was relieved of stress after a long day, and partly because I learned how to devise the right strategy.

When I was at high levels, I was a bit discouraged because the opponent could completely take me down in one blow. But of course, I didn’t give up. I practiced playing and buying gems and tonics to upgrade my character. That is to say, Blood and Glory challenge the patience and effort of the player. Keep practicing the combo hit regularly, and when reaching a high level, you absolutely can predict the opponent’s strategy.

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Some Notes When Playing Blood and Glory

  • You can download this game for free at the App Store or Google Play. But in the game, there are some additional items. If you want to own them, you will have to pay with actual money. The game will pay by charging your Google account. In addition, this feature is customizable in the settings of the device you play. If you want to turn it off, then adjust the settings offline.
  • Be careful with children when downloading this game on your device because Blood and Glory are not for children. It contains a bit of violence (since this is a fighting game).
  • If you want to buy items with actual money in Blood and Glory, then deliberate the amount you wish to trade.
  • When you are playing, the game will have ads. I know it is a bit uncomfortable, but it only takes a few seconds.
  • In addition, Blood and Glory allow players to interact with each other based on the features that the developer provides. For example, you can create chat rooms; players can text and chat with each other. For those who do not follow the current rules of social networking sites, it is not possible to connect this game to that social networking account.
  • To experience this game, your device needs to be connected to the network.
  • If you are not clear about Glu’s privacy terms and data usage, you can visit the developer’s website to learn more:
  • Do not worry if you have a problem with the game; use the online Help feature.

Graphics and Sound

As for the graphics, Blood & Glory is well polished and shows the fierce scenery of the war. The environment in the game is beautifully designed, the architecture and the environment are meticulously cared for.

The character’s movements look natural, but the execution of the moves is still rough and not epic enough. The sound in the game is excellent, with eloquent music mixed with the sound of weapons colliding on the battlefield.

Although taking the role of RPG is not too new in the mobile game market, Blood & Glory: Immortals still creates its own characteristics and offers an additional choice for gamers. The developer released the game for free on iOS and Android.

Final Thoughts

Overall, every time I see gladiatorial or fighting games on the App Store, I am really excited to experience them. Blood and Glory brought me joy after every stressful working hour.

Initially, the game was simple to overcome, but later the difficulty increased. When I got to 3rd place, I had to sit seriously. In addition, the graphics in the game are very realistic and eye-catching. You will feel you are in an ancient Roman world. The manufacturer also has a Bloody version for those who love honesty and reliability.

I appreciate this game because it has almost nothing to criticize. If you want to find yourself an excellent fighting game, do not ignore Blood and Glory.

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