Stickman Dismounting MOD APK 3.1 (Unlimited Coins)

Stickman Dismounting MOD APK 3.1 (Unlimited Coins)

August 19, 2023


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Unlimited Coins

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Interested in doing incredible stunts on your vehicles or testing new tracks with interesting terrains rather than racing with other gamers? Want to explore the most fatal accidents that you can have on your vehicle? Looking for relaxing games like Turbo Dismount or Earn to Die 2? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Having said that, gamers in Stickman Dismounting will find themselves enjoying a relatively refreshing gameplay where you’ll take pride in having your driver breaking his neck or smash hit head on the ground.

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In the game, players will take on the role of a daring stunt driver who wouldn’t mind to break a few of his ribs or smash his face to the wall in order to pull off amazing stunts. Find yourself driving on multiple vehicles and riding on all kinds of vehicles that’re available in the game including cars, bikes, trucks, and more.

Feel free to plan your stunts and execute them on your own. And don’t worry, you’ll be automatically healed after each accident. So there is virtually no risk for you to put on mind on the insane stunts that’re available.

On top of that, with multiple levels featuring unique terrain and obstacles, you’ll find it extremely fun riding in Stickman Dismounting. Race with no one as you only compete with your own to deliver the best results.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive controls

To begin with, gamers in Stickman Dismounting will have access to the simple controls that’re extremely accessible. That being said, you’ll find yourself getting familiarized with the game relatively quick. On top of that, the simplified controls on the touch screen also allow gamers to focus more on creating stunts rather than executing them.

Realistic physics and smooth gameplay

And as you dive into the refreshing gameplay, you’ll find the realistic physics extremely enjoyable as they allow gamers to experience the unique ragdoll gameplay. Experience awesome stunts as you introduce smooth executions on your vehicles.

Stickman Dismounting screenshot 2

Explore multiple levels with different requirements

The game introduces gamers to a series of interesting levels that you must overcome. In addition, each of them features unique requirements for you to complete, ranging from giving your player a few bruises, break an arm or legs, to even smashing their faces up and down while rolling multiple rounds. Feel free to extend your creativity as you perform these awesome stunts and unlock incredible score bonuses.

Ride out in epic vehicles

With a huge collection of different vehicles that you can make uses of, Stickman Dismounting allows Android gamers to pick up multiple rides and experiences unique stunts. Ride on your bikes, motorbikes, cars, trucks, and even a rickshaw if you want to. In addition, you’re also allowed to customize your rides for more exotic experiences on it. Hence, there will be a lot of fun traveling on them.

Stickman Dismounting screenshot 3

A vast collection of unique tracks to explore

Along with that, you’ll also find yourself riding on a variety of different racing tracks on Stickman Dismounting. With each track featuring its own unique obstacles and challenges, you’ll have plenty of fun creating stunts on these awesome maps.

Experience a variety of level customizations

Together with the vast level system, you’ll also have the chances to experience unique level customizations. Feel free to add a few bumps along the way so you may roll harder. Give your driver a few wrecking balls along the way for a more challenging gameplay. The ability to create obstacles and opportunities for awesome stunts are all yours to make.

Create amazing stunts that’re out of this world

With all the supportive features that’re available, the game allows gamers to comfortably and interestingly create amazing stunts that no one ever is able to think of. Varying your vehicles, customizing your maps, and more. Time to deliver awesome stunts that’re simply out of this world.

Stickman Dismounting screenshot 4

Have your achievements recorded whenever you want

And since you’ve spent all the time and effort creating these stunts, it would be nice if we could record it somehow. Knowing this, the creators at ViperGames have also included the awesome replay option. That being said, you can easily save your incredible stunts, replay the videos, and save it with ease. And if you wish, you can also share the amazing stunts online for all your friends to see it. Find out who can deliver the best videos.

Free to play

The game is currently listed on the Google Play Store for completely free. So you can easily have it installed on your devices without having to pay anything. However, since the game does feature in-app purchases and advertisements, some of you might find it a little annoying.

Have access to unlimited coins with our mod

And if that’s the case, then our modified version of the game might satisfy you. Having said that, Android gamers can simply download the Stickman Dismounting Mod APK from our website. Simply install it on your phone and you can start enjoying the unlocked gameplay with unlimited coins.

Visual and sound quality


With the simple and interactive graphics, the game allows gamers to experience stunt making in its purest form. That being said, as you ride on the epic levels, you’ll also be introduced to the epic collision mechanics which make things a lot more believable.


And what could be more interesting than experiencing the epic riding simulation in Stickman Dismounting while listening to the satisfying crunching sounds of your character’s broken necks, smashed bones, and so on.

Download Stickman Dismounting Mod latest 3.1 Android APK

Those who wish to discover the realistic and satisfying riding simulation would certainly find Stickman Dismounting enjoyable.

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