Stickman Downhill MOD APK 5.0 (Unlocked)

Stickman Downhill MOD APK 5.0 (Unlocked)

July 9, 2020


Additional Information
Djinnworks GmbH
48 MB
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Stickman Downhill is an extreme off-road speed bike racing game where you transform into a stickman. Your principal task is overcoming challenging trails, performing artistic acrobatics, and going as far as possible.

Stickman guys always create a unique attraction in the game. They are an endless source of inspiration for manufacturers to exploit and create new playgrounds. If you have experienced many Stickman games such as Anger of Stick, Draw a Stickman, or Stickman Base Jumper, try another unique stickman game, Stickman Downhill.

Stickman Downhill is an endless bicycle racing game on the mobile screen. However, instead of jogging like other games, you will ride a perfect off-road bike, crossing many tough roads, passing steep passes, and trying to go as far as possible in this playground.

General Information

The game has a relatively fast pace of play that requires players to concentrate. In terms of graphics, although they only build it with 2D graphics, the environment in the game is designed honestly, from steep slopes to trees, obstacles, and surrounding landscapes.

Stickman Downhill offers players over 15 different bikes, including full suspension, retro, or tram. Cycle through many other locations, from deep forest roads to high mountains, while performing beautiful acrobatics in the air.

You can choose from over 15 bikes (including front and rear shock absorbers, retro bikes, or even electric bikes) and race in different locations. It can be from the inside deep forest up to the high mountain roads.

These bikes are uniquely designed with realistic physical details. Stickman Downhill is the product of the developer who has released other top-notch games such as Stick Stunt Biker, Stickman Cliff Diving, Stickman Base Jumper, or Rope’n’Fly.

Players can invite friends to compete on particular roads, share gaming videos for friends to enjoy, and watch other players’ extreme races. Since its launch, Stickman Downhill attracted over three million players worldwide on both iOS and Android platforms.

The game shows the charm and attractiveness that the roads in the game bring. If you are a fan of speed games, racing enthusiasts, and thrills, there is no reason for you to refuse an attractive game like Stickman Downhill. Let’s download and experience right now.

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Background Story

Stickman Downhill is a free android game with over 10 million players. When you’re in the game, it’s your job to steer the bike downhill in a stunning environment safely.

With the game Stickman Downhill, you can choose from over 15 different designed super realistic bikes, dirt motorcycles, racing bikes, quads, tanks, and even kerosine rocket turbine electric bikes like nuclear-powered bikes. You can directly compare with your friends and all other players with built-in leaderboards and follow the tournament.

Each bike is hand-designed with its physics, realistic handling, and sounds. Besides, compete with your friends at special ranked tournament cups, share your gameplay videos, and see who others ride the best.

Perhaps you will never see the charm of the simple stickman in this Stickman Downhill game. All you do in Stickman Downhill is ride your bike and plunge down risky long slopes. These are the terrains that you will have to go through, from hills and valleys to beaches or deserts. Experience and compete with your friends on the leaderboards.

This work is not a top masterpiece in terms of story or gameplay, but such a small piece has the purest and simple fun, exuding a small and beautiful temperament. And there are no extra branches in the game. Just let the stickman ride a mountain bike down. The test is the player’s resilience and operation ability. There are no earth-shattering props to help, and it is the player’s actual ability to operate, so dare you to challenge.

As a small game, there is no need to create a high-end atmosphere and high-end screen. However, Stickman Downhill is not scornful. The full hand-painted picture style, the color is simple and generous, quite unlike the

early cartoons. Overall, it is very comfortable, much better than the 3D pictures of many masterpieces; and the music is not sloppy. Whether it’s the intense electronic soundtrack or the blast of wind during the game, it explains the game’s atmosphere well.

Outstanding features of the game Stickman Downhill:

  • Unique and authentic 2D graphics.
  • Over 90 beautiful roads with diverse surroundings such as forests, sea, night, etc.
  • Over 15 unique bike types include e-bike, retro bike, future bike, rocket bike, etc.
  • Perform beautiful aerial art acrobatics.
  • Earn respectable achievements for dangerous rounds.
  • Compete live with friends and other players to earn high rankings on the leaderboards and watch other players’ dramatic matches.
  • The system is controlled by tilting the device or using the control buttons.
  • There are no premium items that allow gamers to play freely without worrying limits. Everything in the game can be unlocked gradually during the game.

Different Versions of Stickman Game Type

Stickman Jump

Stickman Jump is a beautiful action game. With this game, players will transform into a stickman ready to kill monsters to avenge his wife. In this game, the task to do is climb the mountain as high as possible, destroy all the monsters on the way, and avoid the saw blades.

Stickman Downhill screen 1

Stickman Army: Team Battle

Stickman Army: Team Battle is an exciting fighting game. Here, we will form a team and control our stickman to fight with other stick players to get many gold coins. The game offers a variety of weapons with original powers to help us destroy the enemy quickly.

Stick Squad

Stick Squad is a beautiful survival shooter game. In the game, you will become a real gunner when transforming into a stickman to fight against enemies and complete the assigned missions.

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is an exciting light fighting game. In this game, we will have to control our stickman to fight other sticks by hitting them or pushing them down the cliff.

Stickman Downhill screen 2

How to play Stickman Downhill MOD APK?

Stickman Downhill is Djinnworks’ eye-catching stickman racing game. They design it with vivid graphics, engaging gameplay, dangerous but beautiful journeys, giving you a whole new experience.

Stickman Downhill is a sequel to the successful sequel to the first free version, the Stickman Downhill off-road racing game, which attracts over 10 million gamers. This game harmoniously combines off-road racing games and high-speed motorcycle racing games, bringing exciting challenges for players.

The game keeps the attractive, fast-paced gameplay in the previous version. However, this time, you will drive a large displacement motorcycle instead of cycling, capable of crossing the jungle and performing stunts in mid-air.

Join this motorcycle racing game. You will have a choice of 15 different motorbikes challenging dirt bikes, race bikes, quads, tanks, even diesel cars with powerful engines, and race cars on nuclear power multiplier.

More exclusive, Stickman Downhill allows you to go through many hard journeys in different locations that compete, from rugged forest roads to high mountains and throwing yourself in the air. They design each car with elements, and realistic sound brings an impressive experience for gamers.

However, gamers can also struggle with friends in uniquely ranked competitions, share your gameplay videos with friends, and watch experienced racers worldwide. If you are a fan of the racing game and dream of trying the acrobatics but do not have the conditions to experience, Stickman Downhill Motocross is an impressive choice. Join this off-road motorcycle racing game now!

Outstanding features of the game Stickman Downhill MOD APK

  • The picture style is beautiful and unique.
  • Sixty routes are beautifully designed.
  • Renew and upgrade supercars in over 15 cars, including dirt bikes, race bikes, quads, tanks, etc.
  • Perform beautiful stunts in the air, turn on the throttle to climb the top of the slope, and many other training activities.
  • Avoid obstacles along the way.
  • Landmarks, spacious surrounding landscape with trees, forests, mountains plus day and night systems.
  • Realistic, vivid sound for each element.
  • Earn respectable achievements for dangerous rounds.
  • Compare face-to-face with friends and other gamers with the built-in build and follow other gamers’ dramatic matches.
  • Record your gameplay and share it with friends via Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.
  • Mastering system by merely tilting the device or using master buttons.

There are no paid items that allow gamers to play freely without worrying about limits. Most of the things in this off-road game can be unlocked gradually during the gameplay phase.

Overall Assessment

After the outstanding success with the first version, here is the stickman’s sequel in motion, Stickman Downhill. If you are looking for a fun game to take with you on your iPhone and to cover those moments of boredom when you don’t know what to do, here is the new Stickman Downhill app, the sequel to the famous and daring black characters, ready to face any adversity.

This time on the bikes. About 42MB is required for the download. The app has been translated into English only and requires iOS 5.0 or later. For a few days, the new adventure of the famous characters known with stickman’s name has been available on the App Store, an app entitled Stickman Downhill.

As the name can easily guess, this time, the adventurers sit on their motorcycles and will have to tackle paths on the edge of reality. We will find 60 ways to attack and to conclude successfully. The first levels are relatively simple, and we can tackle them at top speed. In the following, however, measure your bike’s power to avoid accidents and various disasters.

Each level can be unlocked thanks to the results obtained in previous races, getting the classic stars attributed based on our skill in finishing the course. Besides the system’s difficulty, the time limit that we will have to consider if we want to get the maximum score will also come into play.

It is advisable to repeat the level sometimes, perhaps memorizing the strategic points where you can give the gas and others where you need to brake. This tactic will allow us to get higher scores. Through the appropriate in-app section, it is possible to unlock all the levels present and 15 bikers different and skill. The graphics are simple, but make a good impression, while the gameplay turns out to be very intuitive.

Also, this work is not without props. But compared to other games, it is very restrained. There are 15 uniquely designed bicycles for players to choose from in the game. There is nothing wrong with using bikes as props.

Mad Skills Motocross 2 is an adventure motorcycle racing game with many alternative models, realistic visual effects, and vibrant sound. Play the free Mad Skills Motocross 2 game on your device to show off your motorbike driving techniques on complex terrains and experience intense races!

Mad Skills Motocross 2 is the number one game in many countries with nearly 8 million downloads. Discover the most authentic motorcycle racing game that professionals, enthusiastic motor racing fans, and gamers all love and experience for hours.

Final Words

The image of the stickman is vivid and straightforward and can be outlined in a few strokes. What is strange is that this simple image has very high popularity in mobile games? There are many types of fun with it as the protagonist, covering various game types, and even exciting shooting and action classes.

The gameplay of Stickman Downhill is straightforward. Gesture actions are used together with gravity sensing. We divide the control area of the screen into two sides, deceleration, and acceleration. Gravity sensing is used to adjust the center of gravity of the stickman.

This work hopes that everyone will have no problems in operation. It is to say that everyone can know how to operate, but the actual process is profitable, that is not necessarily. The game has a lot of difficulties.

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