Stickman Superhero MOD APK 1.7.2 (Free purchase)

Stickman Superhero MOD APK 1.7.2 (Free purchase)

October 1, 2020


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Stickman Superhero is a game that is no stranger to young people under a familiar Stickman series. Coming to Stickman Superhero, we all have a unique feeling. But the games about stick man always bring a unique and interesting experience.

Today, we will come together with a new game in this unique and addictive stick game category. It is Stickman Superhero. You will be on a mission to overcome the tough and challenging mountain peaks. Your character needs to rescue his girlfriend. Can you lend him a hand? Your task in this Stickman Superhero game is to measure the distance between the mountain peaks. You will build a bridge of the corresponding length for Stick Hero to pass.

General Information

Stickman Superhero is a role-playing game for kids about the theme of animated superheroes with exciting action battles and skills. Overcome over 50 challenges in a game mode with the ultimate skills like shooting the ninja heroes. Use your tactics and fellow robot warriors to battle against hordes of robots in the city and unlock other areas.

Stickman Superhero combines games and RPGs but is full of attractions. You need to fight continuously with monsters while protecting your Techno base. Collect and upgrade photovoltaic towers and magic towers to more firmly defend this important base. Become a master of action combat power with legendary equipment and weapons. You must collect over 12 types of guns and swords and upgrade them to make the battle to rescue the city of legendary warriors.

Then, create your team by unlocking new robot animated superheroes. Each robot superman possesses different superpowers, summons, and awakens all skills to own the strongest team. Finally, unlock the third giant superman so he could enjoy the spiked power of the other two superheroes. It is great to hold a gun, sword handle, and kill the monster in a few notes.

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How to Play Stickman Superhero?

Stickman Superhero is a stickman game that is rated as the best action game on mobile. Although it cannot be compared to super products on PC such as Dragon Ball Z Budokai X or Hyper Dragon Ball Z, the game is loved and appreciated by many people thanks to exploiting the Dragon Ball world under a new perspective of eye-catching cartoon graphics.

However, all the skills and styles of the characters in Dragon Ball are preserved, with familiar characters like Son Goku or Cadic. Join the game, you will play as a hero Stickman X to fight against the giant dragon bosses. They are the most dangerous enemies in the universe. Through each level, your enemies will become stronger, creating more challenges and more interesting. Players will need to try harder to win.

Gamers can face one, or even several enemies at the same time, and the goal is to defeat them. However, Stickman Superhero also has different energy levels for players to choose and upgrade. With this fascinating gameplay, you will crush Stickman Superhero and pour hours into the experience without getting bored. Remember to collect coins in each completed level and use them to power up your stick warrior, making them the strongest element of the team.

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Overall Assessments

Stickman Superhero is an action game with simple but beautiful graphics. The appearance of familiar characters in Dragon Ball will attract a lot of fans of this comic. The game has a diverse character system and is familiar with the characters in the famous Dragon Ball series, including Zoku, Vezita, Vezito, Berzus, and Gozeta. Each character will have unique skills. Players will have to use the skills to dodge and attack the opponent. Besides, there is a costume system for the characters, these costumes will have different power stats.

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The characters can transform differently, such as SSJ1 similar to the manga. The game goes through many levels divided into levels from easy to difficult. If you lose, you will drop to the level lower. The fighting with the enemies will gain you the useful items that help create shields, increase health and energy, take advantage of these items to restore your character, and counterattack effectively. Earn coins through the game screen to unlock new characters. Besides, you can also earn more coins through watching promotional videos, spins, or top-ups.

Stickman Superhero owns simple but beautiful 2D graphics. Simple character designs with only looks, including outfits and hair heads. Besides, each character also has a system of different costumes that are much cooler and more unique. The game has unique and colorful in-game effects. The skills when launched will come with colorful light effects. The background music in the game is quite vibrant and exciting, creating a sense of excitement and domesticity for players. Sound effects are made nicely when launching attacks. For skills that take time to cast, the character will have a sound similar to the sound of puffing.

Stickman Superhero screen 2

Stick Shadow: War Fight is a platform game with console game quality. In the game, the player plays a warrior to help him gain more powerful abilities to defeat wizards, monsters, zombies, and robots. Your hero’s name is Alex. Alex must save the world alone. So, you must help him gain more powerful abilities to defeat wizards, monsters, zombies, and robots.

The primary tasks are jumping, running, shooting, and fighting through the world of Alex. You can also enjoy 32 well-designed levels. Stick Shadow: War Fight is a platform game with console-quality. The game is an action platform legend. This legendary game can return to the retro roots of the game and bring you an action platform game. So, download and play Stick Shadow: War Fight now.

Alex has an adventure with fighter fighting monkey monsters throwing bananas, wolf monsters, and eagle monsters. So, use all skills, shooting, jumping, running and fighter to destroy the big boss is the king and overcome challenges.

In the Stick Shadow: War Fight, players will choose a variety of powerful weapons to fight. The game operation is very simple, easy to use, and the combat feel is very comfortable. You can also unlock a variety of levels through the new weapons. It is an interactive action role-playing game that is a perfect combination of great fighting games and interactive games.

The diversity of characteristic systems such as matches, ninjas, samurai, darts, and archery. They will bring you a fantastic adventure world. Like other fighting games, you will face many zombie monsters and powerful opponents. Besides, you will show off your reflexes anytime and anywhere in every moment of entertainment.

Final Words

Overall, Stickman Superhero MOD APK is a simple 2D game with unique gameplay and the appearance of familiar characters in comics. The game is currently free on CH Play and App Store. Please quickly download the game to relax after stressful working hours.

Stickman Superhero is a 2D-style arcade shooting game. The style of the game is very classic. It recalls the video games played in the hours. You can operate the characters with a few simple buttons. Various enemy bosses are waiting for you to challenge. Do not miss it if you love shooting games.

The most important feature of this game is the classic childhood gameplay, as if back to the age of hours. The game combines the eternal charm with the amazing graphics that you must believe in. You can use various powerful weapons to upgrade your way through multiple enemies and end the evil army leader and his horror world.

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