Sumikkogurashi Farm MOD APK 6.1.0 (Free Items)

Sumikkogurashi Farm MOD APK 6.1.0 (Free Items)

Imagineer Co.,Ltd. Free Items

Sumikkogurashi Farm is one of the games that has been built and offered by Imagineer Co.,Ltd – a Japanese company specializing in providing contents and services related to characters, games, education, … Sumikkogurashi Farm is available on both Google Play and App Store. The game is completely free to install. So you can easily download the games in your smartphones. In addition, the game will be supporting different languages such as English, Japanese and Chinese.

Fun farm management game

In farm games, Sumikkogurashi Farm is still considered one of the most loved games with many unique things for players. Entering the game, players will play the role of a farm owner in the countryside. Around here, everything is peaceful; Players will have a space to enjoy the wonderful farm life. Unlike previous farms, players are only allowed to do the challenges that the game requires, but this game offers a game with a different form of play.

Sumikkogurashi Farm is a farm game in a new form that brings a lively entertainment space to players. In a farm with many colors, players will have to manage and take care to make your farm more and more modern. Immerse yourself in the unique gameplay; The player’s job is very simple, just plant and take care of trees to create delicious food and immerse in nature. This is a cute style farm game with unique levels and offers great entertainment space for everyone.

Enjoy the cute farm life

Sumikkogurashi Farm is one of the most popular simulation game apps. In this game, you can enjoy growing and harvesting various crops and combining them to create delicious snacks. You can help the funny character sumikkogurashi grow crops and earn money. Set up your garden exactly the way you want it with beautiful plants and grass. There are various farming tools available that you can unlock and increase your efficiency. You can win daily rewards and coins by selling delicious snacks and treats that you make. You can buy Sumikkogurashi and his family new clothes and make them happy. Build large storage houses for your crops and make sure they are good. You can play this game in both offline and online modes.

As the level increases, one can expand the farm and get different types of decoration items. The idea is to make the farm cute. The in-game makeup function, allows you to dress up as Sumikkogurashi. The combination of decorations and costumes can be enjoyed according to the season as well as the mood of the player on the farm. One person has created a completely original Sumikkogurashi Farm, he can interact with its various elements using social features. There are many relaxing activities for you to enjoy at this farm.

Decorate the farm with lots of different items

Sumikkogurashi Farm is a cute farm project where players help funny fictional characters deal with different tasks and situations. The main characters decide to start and develop a small agricultural business, but their inexperience negatively affects all their efforts. So you should remind them about water and grass, clean them up, etc. We have to take care of their home. Simple repairs and decoration create the necessary comfort for all members of an unusual interest group.

Players will participate in challenges to make your farm the most unique in this farming game village. Your companion character in the game is Sumikkogurashi to enjoy farm life. You not only take care of the growing garden but also decorate your farm with many different items. Completing the tasks in Sumikkogurashi Farm is extremely simple, you just need to touch and select items to develop your farm as quickly as possible.

Accompanied by many cute characters

There are many unique characters that you will encounter on these farms:

  • Shirokuma – This is an extremely shy bear. He also migrated to the South to avoid the cold. He felt extremely calm as he was drinking hot tea in a corner.
  • Penguin – A character without any confidence. In the past, this penguin might have had a plate on its head.
  • Tonkatsu – This is a character ending. It is made of 1% meat and 99% fat. It was left behind because it was extremely greasy.
  • Neko – He is timid. It hides in the corner and is very concerned with the shape of its body.
  • Tokage – This is the last of the dinosaurs. It pretends to be a lizard to make sure it doesn’t get caught.

More characters are expected to be added in the future. Many crops will be grown to make dishes and snacks. It will help in decorating your farm with a variety of decorative items.

Sumikkogurashi’s outfit will also be tailored to your mood. There is also a new event being held every month. You just need to take care of the animals and raise them to grow up quickly in the game. Players will have many interesting activities to cultivate and decorate the farm on many levels such as harvesting wheat, baking bread, and making necessary items. Players can use those profits in the process of managing the farm to build more houses and other structures.

Fun and cute game

Sumikkogurashi Farm is a unique game and highly recommended for those who are looking to relax with some cute characters. Along with various characters that can be kept as pets, there is a rich variety of gardening games for you, here. All the different characters are cute and approachable.

It takes quite a bit of work to convert an almost empty island into a very cute farm. The game is quite casual and therefore playable on the way to work. Farming and room decoration are some simple activities that will be loved by young people, especially girls. The game promises many hours of fun and lots of laughter.

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